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Ok, this is another true experience, one that I found very intriguing, but it turned out very silly at the end. It had been occurring for quite some time in my office. In the cubicle next to mine, there is a phone (obviously, everyone has one).  

Recently, for around 5 days, my colleague S and I were the only two people in office as the others were busy in an exhibition. It was very quiet, there were hardly any noise, and suddenly, we heard the telephone in the cubicle next to mine go “Tring”. S went to take the call, only to hear the dialing tone. I told her it might have got disconnected genuinely. 

The next afternoon, when I was away for lunch, she heard it thrice again, and was genuinely scared, because each time she went to take the call, she heard nothing, other than somebody speaking vaguely and there was no reply when she spoke. She was worried, and as soon as I got back to office, she told me about this. And I happened to hear it too at the same time. I was taken aback, and wanted to investigate the matter. I changed the telephone instrument, thinking that the current one was faulty. For sometime things were ok, but I heard the telephone ringing and the voices again.  

This happened another couple of times before I decided I had to do something about it.I switched on some music and decided to simply ignore the sound. 

 The next day, the colleague who uses the cubicle was back to work. I told him about the weird phone, and he burst out laughing, and laughed till he had tears in his eyes.

 The reason: There was no issue with the phone. The ringing and the voices we heard were from a Windows Screen Saver he was using.  S was upset that she had been so gullible….I was angry that my attempt at “ghost hunting” turned out to be such an anticlimax, because this definitely could have been a plot for a ghost movie.  

So what began as a really thrilling experience ended up as a truly hilarious one.


I was a guest author on Bellur’s page recently.

Here is the link to the post.

Today is Madhva Navami

28th January 2007 was a black day for Hindi Film Music Industry. It has lost one of its geniuses, Music Director O P Nayyar.

O P Nayyar redefined melody in the film music industry. His songs were full of life and were soothing to the soul. They generated a sense of well being whenever I heard them.

He was a great man, and like most great men, was prone to eccentricities. It is said that he used to like or hate a person very passionately. He used to charge astronomical sums of money to work with a particular producer or poet. He also has the distinction of never working with another great of his time, Lata Mangeshkar. He has been candid about his working and personal relationship with his pet artist, Asha Bhosle.

He had a wide range of tunes, his Punjabi background was evident in a few songs, there was a mischief to a few tunes, some were classical based, some were full of love, and yet others, seductive.

The trio of O P Nayyar, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi perhaps gave few of the best songs Hindi Cinema has ever had.

A few personal favorites are:

– Woh Haseen Dard De do from Humsaaya
– Baabuji Dheere Chalna from Aar Paar
– Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein from Kashmir Ki Kali
– Aao Huzoor Tumko from Kismet
– Banda Parwar from Phir Wohi Dil Laaya huun
– Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra from Kashmir Ki Kali
– Chhupnewale Samne Aa from Tumsa Nahin Dekha
– Jaane Kahan Mera from Mr. & Mrs. 55
– Kahin Pe Nigahen from C.I.D.
– Kisi Na Kisi Se from Kashmir Ki Kali
– Yeh Lo Main Haari Piya. From Aar Paar

And the list goes on.

We have lost a gem in O P Nayyar. We will miss the old man with his stylish black hat and glasses, who gave us some of the best tunes we have heard. His songs are timeless. Many will come and go, but these will remain immortal.

Rest in peace, Nayyar Saab.

Who seems better? I do not want to judge, I am there to enjoy the show.

Each of them are good at what they are doing….

AB was very sophisticated and dignified,he kept his audience in awe of him….

SRK is working for the masses, he is trying to be as close to the audience as possible, he is trying to be one among them….

Overall, a great entertainer show is back. Lets have fun and also know those little things that were so far unknown to us.

I have been blogging for nearly a year now… I came to be, is another long story, which I will tell some other time.

During this journey I have come across several interesting people, all of who are very knowledgeable and multifaceted. Each person has a special talent and all of them are humble.

During this journey I have seen arguments and disagreements too, after all, no path is a bed of roses. But whenever an argument arose, everyone has decided to bury the hatchet and move on, letting bygones be bygones.

Among the interesting people I came across, I happened to meet Mr. P, who hails from my grandma’s native place. Since the native place was same, naturally there was a discussion about the families we knew and as would occur, Mr. P is from a very known family. I was very happy to know about this.

Things became subdued and the matter was rested. Mr. P meanwhile was speaking to another fellow blogger S, who also had associations with the same native place. I took up further on this issue with S, and voila! We both are some third cousins or so….!

I am very happy that I was able to revive a long lost relationship and it feels great to know that people I knew as friends turn out to be close relations of mine.

It is truly a small World. No wonder there is a saying in Sanskrit, “VasuDhaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning, “All the World is One Family”.

By Usha B R

Bangalore was once known as the “Garden City of India”… yes folks, it “was”…the name no longer fits now. Now Bangalore is more famous as a “Shopper’s Paradise”, it is more a  mall city with growing  multiplexes, shopping malls and  super bazaars .  There is an increasing-shopping spree  among the  young generation in the city. In the evenings all the shopping areas once that used to be filled only  during festive  seasons are fully crowded  everyday. Though I wonder what people need to buy everyday. In my childhood I remember  we  used to shop only twice or thrice a year for clothes, once monthly for groceries and home needs and  once weekly for veggies  and other perishable commodities. All other  daily needs were supplied  direct to our houses  by small vendors. I hardly remember visiting  any hotels in those days. Going  to watch a movie or a sport  was a  mega event  at home. 

Now everything’s  changed. A weekly outing consists of shopping,  a movie,  a dinner or a luncheon . It is compulsory to enjoy weekends, sometimes  more so because of competition among  known  circles than anything else.

 I am shocked to watch steep increase in daily needs day by day , I wonder  where this lavish living is heading. And how are these malls marketing their goods?  Display of luxurious items  in each showroom lure the  prospective  buyer. Expensive gifts and toys for the children are displayed in malls and parents  are forced to buy them out of competition than affordability.  Just an outing brings back the common man home  with a  minimum of 4-5  big carry bags , insignificant of whether what he buys is of use to him or not. Dining outside regularly is increasing,  which has created  health problems at  early age. Engaging themselves in parties regularly has become status symbol among  young generation.   Not only this, consumerism is also bringing in an unhealthy attitude of  indifference among the younger generation. Wastage of food and water  in gatherings is common.  There is a developing  indiscipline  among children, parents are  not educating them about  the value  of  money.  Display of latest  gadgets and lavish spending  is common everywhere. A Cell phone is no longer used as a mode of communication. It is more a fashion accessory. Because this so called  “Showkee” generation has emerged, the manufacturers and sellers have grown utilizing the opportunity and  Ironically creating a wide gap between rich and poor.  Poor are still struggling to make a decent living in localities of India with increase of cost for daily consumables . 

It is time to sit back and  think for a moment. When  our elder generation was able to manage the house, children’s  education, festivities, marriages and  other events,  seniors’ health care etc in one person’s  income (In most cases mother  was a homemaker) in those days and  yet lead a contented life,  why can’t  we?  Where are we erring?

“Aishwarya and Abhishek get engaged”

 This was the headline in most newspapers yesterday.

At the risk of sounding cynical, does our media not have anything else of importance to project as “headlines”?

 Why is it that these people are not treated like common janta of the country?

Maybe even in countries still ruled by monarchy, such issues do not make headlines.

As they say, “It happens only in India”.