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School Fees – Taxable Expenditure?

Posted on: January 5, 2007

Guess people will have to think twice about sending their kids to school. According to a news item in the TOI Bangalore yesterday, School Fees is just one of the several expenditures that may be taxed from the next fiscal.

Or is it a ploy of the government to “encourage” people to send their children to Government Schools?

Other expenditures likely to come under the tax net are hiring a lawyer, eating out, catering services, beauty parlor visits, transport services etc.

No more of those get-togethers and house parties, I guess.


5 Responses to "School Fees – Taxable Expenditure?"

WOW PC!!! Master stroke

Till date the tution fees spent on 2 kids or max of 10,000 was deducted in IT returns or tax free… its gone with the wind.

This service tax is a double taxation demon. First income tax is deducted and what ever is left is further taxed.

shame on you PC.

Parties & eatouts are taxed…
Mukta balaga treats gathi govindaaaaaaaaaaaaa… venkaTa raMaNa govindaa….
Attendance modle kadime eega kathe aayitu.

Just be grateful that PC is not taxing us a small sum for future incomes ….

LoL Shhh let him not see that!

tail piece:
saluting charles shobraj who said he can sell “air to indian police”.

He would have been taxed VAT 4% plus 12.4 % service tax if PC was around those days.

There will be day where utilities like parks , playgrounds usage , air, water etc will be taxed, people will start demanding taxfree or net salary 😉 OMG

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