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An Old Memory- Oh Susannah

Posted on: January 9, 2007

‘I come from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee
I’m going to Louisiana,
My true love for to see

It rained all night
The day I left
The weather it was dry
The sun so hot,
I froze to death
Susanna, don’t you cry

Oh, Susanna,
Oh don’t you cry for me
For I come from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee

I had a dream the other night
When everything was still
I thought I saw Susanna
A-coming down the hill

The buckwheat cake
Was in her mouth
The tear was
In her eye
Says I, I’m coming from the south
Susanna, don’t you cry

Oh, Susanna,
Oh don’t you cry for me
For I come from Alabama

With my banjo on my knee”

 I was passing by a school this afternoon on my post lunch stroll.I heard the music teacher teaching the little kids this song.  Immediately I went back to my school days.   We had a grand old piano in school, which was kept in the auditorium. My music teacher, MS JP, who was the most weirdly, dressed person we knew, came on a two-wheeler called “Suvega” every Wednesday. We used to have music classes every Wednesday in the last hour, and this was one of the many songs we sang. This song was composed in 1847 by Stephen Foster.


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You seem to have studied in Hi-Fi school.
We had some bhajan sessions after Mass PT on saturdays. One person called Sharadamma miss used to sing & we all used to mass follow. some songs which I still remember are,
1) Prema mudita manase kaho rama rama ram….
2) aadidella oLite aaytitu…
3) some rama & krishna related songs which was very catchy.!

School days are fun in their ways. We had one special session called ‘First Aid’, it went for 3 days. The guy taught us everything from snake bites to fire fighting. I even remember getting a certificate, had scored 69.. just because the exams were just in kannada. I don’t know why I scored so low in that exam!!! I was so disapointed.
Those Hindi exams like prathama, madhyama, rashTrabhaasha.. I never appeared for all these, it costed money & my dad said, if you want to do this then everybody at home will ask for this. I dropped the idea!!! I never repented for it too 🙂

ha ha ha

A good description veena. Does prashant sir know about your snake bite curing and first aid methods?


Never got a chance to learn these kinda songs – studied in a Govt school all the way till 12th 🙂

Instead of music (as we didn’t had a music teacher) we had a drawing class – what all I did whole 2 years was take a compass, make complex geometrical drawings.. 🙂


No hifi school, Veena…in fact we were the poor cousins of a really hifi school run by our management. (Incidentally, our Anant Nag’s daughter studied in that school., so also Vasundhara Das. By far the only “celebrity student” of our school is Anu Prabhakar.
We were given a lot of step motherly treatment too.

Because it was a convent, we had no other option but sing such songs, all the christian pupils were taught relegion separately.

Of course, I eat his head with all my child hood memories the same way I comment in everybody’s blog. Never explanied about this first aid exams though!! He keep teasing me for all my half-baked knowledge in many areas! I rate myself a -more-general-knowledge-infected-female with a smile on my face!!!

Vani, I like that female Anu prabhakar. Celebrities andre enO ontara maja, I don’t have any celebrities who studied in our school/college !! But looks like Mukta section & other bloggers one day will be.. Then I can say all that you said about your School.
Hmmm… Christian school/convent teaches their religion is what I have heard about! My dad never admitted to such school just because they were charging hefty fees(more that time) & they were quite far from our house. Our school gave seats to us for no donation etc., My dad were one among those who said ‘Odovru ell idru odutaare’ types!
Prashanth infact was lucky in that aspect, his parents admitted in very good schools & colleges. St.Joseph’s HS, Vijaya college were among top institutions in bangalore is what I heard!!!

Ever since I read this, that song has been ringing in my ears 🙂 We didn’t learn this anywhere, but I picked it up from somewhere….. really catchy tune 🙂

Prashant, me too studied in a till 7th, and in a private school similar to the Govt for the rest of my schooling. It was really fun. It helps us mingle with all “societies” of people. I really feel blessed for all the opportunities I got during the same.

In my school, there was a small temple at the prayer auditorium. Ganesha temple, where every Friday last period we used to assemble for the prayers and pooja. We used to sing Bhajans and learn some songs. There was no professional teachers, but the teachers who would take the responsibilities of grooming the next-gen with their religious values. It is the most beutiful memory I carry along today from my school. I dont know if my school has such practices today. If it is continued, its a blessing.

One more thing I need to share, I recently learnt that Masti Venkatesh Iyengar started his schooling in my school 🙂 I read it somewhere!! So, U can expect who is writing here :D:D LOL…

Schools andre tumbaa memories horage baratte. I better stop it at this one!!

School brings back lot of memories, primary was in rural bangalore where school ginta marakoti aata was important and took prominance 😀 high school was little serious and a new environment (bangalore) and of course studying in a school like JSS were moments to cherish under the guidance of PM, SBH etcenidhu ankondra namma meshtrugaLu …..innu list idhe , namma schoolnalli prayer jothe , newspaper odthaidru , evenings games period a compulsory one and after that Kayaka bhavana and crafts class were optional to attend , those two classes taught us basics of tailoring, decorations, pottery, painting,singing, story telling, library visit, indexing, gardening , creating science models for exhibitions and experiments etc i always enjoyed these extra curriculars as it helped immensely at later stages in my life. There was a special section called Sahana (a division for challenged children) we were allowed to spend time with those children, helping them and preparing study material for that section was an interesting job which we all enjoyed 🙂

Well I remember yet another such song from school days…”When u’re happy and u know it…” very catchy tune accompanied by clappings and snapping and stamping feet…Wonderful 🙂 We always used to have a bet on who would stamp their feet loudest and such 🙂

Thanks for reminding about the SAHANA section, even we had in our JSS saraswathipuram school. Those teachers had real patience, I used to cry for those kids sometime.. specially when their MOM’s hit them wrecklessly when they wet their pants. I know they did it for their good but still it was so dis-heartening to witeness those things.
I used to follow these children quite regularly !! No doubt they were very kind to each other, shared their fun not their agonies! 🙂

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