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Spending Time – Post Retirement

Posted on: January 10, 2007

Was chatting with my friend BRU today, and we were discussing what we could do if we decided to retire today.

Few of the options that came up were:

– Open a Library
– Join a Gardening Course
– Grow our own vegetables
– Learn Tailoring (Can’t sew a button!)
– Learn Ikebana
– Learn a martial art like judo or karate
– Take a holiday in Egypt
– Visit the Sahara Desert
– Take a River Rafting Course
– Climb the Steep Rock face of YaaNa in Karwar
– Go for a trek in the Himalayas
– See the Sunrise and Sunset on Indira Point, the tip of India

Many more on the list, but guess by the time I get round to completing this, I will be in my second incarnation.


9 Responses to "Spending Time – Post Retirement"

Just yesterday you went to rajasthan and reported you still havent found a match…..already thinking of retierment !! LOL

BTW, most of the things in list require physical strength including good eyesight but some learned friends may differ and say “mental strength is everything be positive”.

Also whats the number at which you are going to hang up the high heels ( pardon if you are using heel less )


Mohan, I think it is the Rajasthan experience that is making me think of hanging up my high heels.

No specific number yet, the day my old rattly bones feel weary and complain, maybe.

Nice list, Vani! If you are really persistent, you won’t need a second incarnation for this πŸ™‚

I think I should also make up a list like this – will put things into perspective!

Why to wait till retirement?! Why not now, during free time πŸ™‚

Planning for retirement needs to be seriously thought. I have seen MEN almost going for depression when they just stop working & one more time when somebody like their son starts taking up the household responsibility. Not because they are left without care, but still .. I rmember that statement we used to write in social studies, ‘Father is the head of the family’ which no more is 100% true!
Well, I read a recent article which talks about Men undergoing Menopause, which is quite interesting.

Vani, sorry for blog-hi-jack, I need to still think through that, first let me decide when I want to retire.. May be how about taking up some college studying? More fun.. if any of you can join πŸ™‚


Naavella mathe college seridre professors huchcu hididu Nimhans sertaareno…. πŸ™‚

Professor nammalle idaaralla.. Shruthi enantheera madam?

Nice Post Vani, I agree with Prashanth though that one needn’t wait till retirement πŸ™‚ There’s a site which has more of such ideas and ways to follow up: thefullerlife

I like an ad caption which says “retire from work, but not from life”


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