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An Adventure with Cough Mixture

Posted on: January 12, 2007

Once upon a time, not so long ago, lived a little girl in Malleswaram, Bangalore. She was around 3 years old at the time this story occurred, and had the good fortune of having her grandmother’s house right next to her own.


As can be gathered, she used to spend a lot of time in her grandmother’s house. Grandma (Ajji) was an old lady with not very good health, and she kept her medicines on the windowsill next to her bed.


The little girl was very curious about the different colored liquids in the myriad bottles kept on the sill and would always ask Ajji about them. Ajji had a tough time keeping the little girl away from the bottles.


One fine day, when Ajji was in the kitchen making goodies for her granddaughter, the little girl went to the windowsill, opened a bottle that was nearby, and drank up the contents. It was a cough syrup, with some chemical to make people drowsy on consuming it.


When Ajji came from the kitchen, she did not find anything amiss except that the little girl said she was sleepy. Since it was naptime, Ajji put her to sleep. After a little while, Ajji wanted to take the cough mixture, but found it empty. She was surprised because it was a new bottle, which her son had purchased just the previous evening. Some intuition told Ajji that the little girl had something to do with it, what with her more than usual willingness to go to sleep. The little girl would not wake up even on calling her loudly. Ajji was very scared and immediately called her daughter who took the little girl to the doctor.


Daughter took the child to the doctor who laughed and asked her to give the little girl salt water, drinking which she would vomit the whole liquid out.  Daughter followed that advice and the little girl was all right. Ajji also made a decision never to leave the little girl alone with any medicines, and on the same day bought a cupboard with a lock and key to keep her medicines safe.


Have you, dear readers guessed who the little girl was? She is the one writing this story. Yes, it is yours truly.


9 Responses to "An Adventure with Cough Mixture"

By reading the first senteance I guessed it was you vani.
yes at the end not disappointed.These things are very good memories and narrating and putting them here is really good as it will help lot of people. generally people may not be taking care of such small things and if medicines and kept at a place within reach of children it may be dangerous and sometimes it may take long hours for gettting back and casuing anxiety for so many near and dear. good in this case your ajji is very smart she has sensed the problem at the earliest and acted smartly on it.
more from the store can come out
nanna first comment on your post today

Same here, modalane saalu Odida tyakshaNa gottaytu adu neeve aMta 🙂

and this reminds me of shaktimaddu cartoon in balamngala children magazine 😛

he heeee Vani, very naughty…..;)

looks like some thigs are common ….. i mean … u drinking cough syrup… and me gulping … grape water kept for my small cousin 😉 i used to finish the entre stuff:D

You are a good story teller vani. Keep up the pen and not the bottle ( i mean the syrup).


Nice dose for the weekend!!!! (kemmu kemmu :-))

Sweet story 🙂 Throughout, I imagined a tiny version of you – made the story much cuter 😀

bahala channagittu odhakke. i love the taste of some syrups, specially ‘Benadryl’.

antu nammajji na bere avru hogaltaraalla
ajji was no doubt very intelligent
a fine example of highly developed I Q without interference of schools!! and teachers!! 😦

do WRITE-anecdotes,dreams,thoughts more than ‘dry’ chronicles on grahanaas and samskaaraas.
Ninna bareyuva flair ge neeru eri
I really enjoy the conversational style of yours.
Remember those letters we used to exchange when you were in college?

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