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Mall (a) Mall – Aam Janta Kangaal?

Posted on: January 17, 2007

By Usha B R

Bangalore was once known as the “Garden City of India”… yes folks, it “was”…the name no longer fits now. Now Bangalore is more famous as a “Shopper’s Paradise”, it is more a  mall city with growing  multiplexes, shopping malls and  super bazaars .  There is an increasing-shopping spree  among the  young generation in the city. In the evenings all the shopping areas once that used to be filled only  during festive  seasons are fully crowded  everyday. Though I wonder what people need to buy everyday. In my childhood I remember  we  used to shop only twice or thrice a year for clothes, once monthly for groceries and home needs and  once weekly for veggies  and other perishable commodities. All other  daily needs were supplied  direct to our houses  by small vendors. I hardly remember visiting  any hotels in those days. Going  to watch a movie or a sport  was a  mega event  at home. 

Now everything’s  changed. A weekly outing consists of shopping,  a movie,  a dinner or a luncheon . It is compulsory to enjoy weekends, sometimes  more so because of competition among  known  circles than anything else.

 I am shocked to watch steep increase in daily needs day by day , I wonder  where this lavish living is heading. And how are these malls marketing their goods?  Display of luxurious items  in each showroom lure the  prospective  buyer. Expensive gifts and toys for the children are displayed in malls and parents  are forced to buy them out of competition than affordability.  Just an outing brings back the common man home  with a  minimum of 4-5  big carry bags , insignificant of whether what he buys is of use to him or not. Dining outside regularly is increasing,  which has created  health problems at  early age. Engaging themselves in parties regularly has become status symbol among  young generation.   Not only this, consumerism is also bringing in an unhealthy attitude of  indifference among the younger generation. Wastage of food and water  in gatherings is common.  There is a developing  indiscipline  among children, parents are  not educating them about  the value  of  money.  Display of latest  gadgets and lavish spending  is common everywhere. A Cell phone is no longer used as a mode of communication. It is more a fashion accessory. Because this so called  “Showkee” generation has emerged, the manufacturers and sellers have grown utilizing the opportunity and  Ironically creating a wide gap between rich and poor.  Poor are still struggling to make a decent living in localities of India with increase of cost for daily consumables . 

It is time to sit back and  think for a moment. When  our elder generation was able to manage the house, children’s  education, festivities, marriages and  other events,  seniors’ health care etc in one person’s  income (In most cases mother  was a homemaker) in those days and  yet lead a contented life,  why can’t  we?  Where are we erring?


12 Responses to "Mall (a) Mall – Aam Janta Kangaal?"

The History repeats but with a different scale Vani….
Ask your grandpa to narrate the same story, ask your father to narrate his story.. now its your turn…

Shopper’s paradise is all there, but we have only one layer/strata of people visiting there, retailers are around to make noise..
Visit this link at ease, its quite interesting… I attended this survey!
It talks about IT Trends of spending !! 🙂 Quite interesting…

A great article and a very very good topic too.

Double income ( both partners working) allow them to have more disposable income ( at what cost??) and this extra money instead of going into savings as our elders did, goes to feed the “consumerisum” bhooth.

There are many ills and wells we have imported from the western culture ( forced?), this is one among them.

As veena allways points out, these are ( god bless) restricted to urbanites and rural india is still alive and hope does not go this way.

The first step to curtail this is to ensure teenagers dont get their hands on money including plastic cards. We still harbour and bring the kids up saying they are our childern, if we throw them out on the wild west attitude where there is a “moms day”, “pops day”, they will understand the vagaries of truth.

India GDP is growing at 9%…where do you think its growing from “consumerisum”, as long this is alive india shines on that angle.

First of all, there is a small confusion about the author…it is written by Usha, and I am only the publisher.

I was travelling through a little bit of rural India recently, like real villages in karnataka, and there was no village I saw where I did not find Lays and Coke and Pepsi…..when cell phones are reaching villages, I dont think it is too far for malls to reach there.

Yeah, let us , as parents ensure that we do not dole out money to children, and be firm about their wants and needs, maybe we can try to bring about a change in their mindset and make them understand the seriousness and value of money.

Mall mall dekho, hazaar mall dekho….. :p

And more malls to come – PVR took over Family mart @ Kanakapura and will be building a multiplex there. And another mall+multiplex opposite Sujatha theatre near Rajajinagar.

Thats really sad news prashnath, oh ya, i fogot to mention about the parking confusion big bazaars discount sale creates in weekends 😀

it is true the entire outlook of today’s youth has changed whether it is for good or bad time only will tell. most of the change appears to be heading for bad as the families are nucleus and sufficient purchasing power is there there is a tendeancy to spend or going on purchase spree. most of the purchases are made not because of genuine requirements. it is done to compete with neihbours or relatives and this will result in buying certain things which are junk in your house. habit of getting children what ever is demanded will also add to agony. it is making them adament and irrational in their requests. so at the end of the day

they become adament and become very restless if you dont get anything asked by them for any reason.
as you have said going to hotel etc., were not heard of particularly if you are a girl and yor are in relativly small place. may boys would have gone to hotels at least occasiionlly.
nice post keep; going

And the result…

One Adam Biddappa…. One Nikhil Gowda….

and the story continues………….

hope the future generation doesn’t think that MALLESWARAM was named so coz it had a lot of MALLS!

good post usha.

and hope people don’t make stories that RK NARAYAN named MALGUDI after combiningMALL and GOODY

with International Airport coming in North Bangalore North is going to have Maal of Malls in this area a place which was never ever thought by so many now you must see way the constructions coming up in this part right from Hebbal upto Devanahalli and it has opened fortunes for many who were owing land here they have become huge cash rich overnight.
many Malls multiplex office complex flats are all coming up and when it becomes really operative we dont whether it we will become another Hosur Road. let us hope it will not
right caption


Thx all for the inputs

City of malls and goody’s , hmm time for marunamakraNa i guess.

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