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VasuDhaiva Kutumbakam

Posted on: January 22, 2007

I have been blogging for nearly a year now… I came to be, is another long story, which I will tell some other time.

During this journey I have come across several interesting people, all of who are very knowledgeable and multifaceted. Each person has a special talent and all of them are humble.

During this journey I have seen arguments and disagreements too, after all, no path is a bed of roses. But whenever an argument arose, everyone has decided to bury the hatchet and move on, letting bygones be bygones.

Among the interesting people I came across, I happened to meet Mr. P, who hails from my grandma’s native place. Since the native place was same, naturally there was a discussion about the families we knew and as would occur, Mr. P is from a very known family. I was very happy to know about this.

Things became subdued and the matter was rested. Mr. P meanwhile was speaking to another fellow blogger S, who also had associations with the same native place. I took up further on this issue with S, and voila! We both are some third cousins or so….!

I am very happy that I was able to revive a long lost relationship and it feels great to know that people I knew as friends turn out to be close relations of mine.

It is truly a small World. No wonder there is a saying in Sanskrit, “VasuDhaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning, “All the World is One Family”.


23 Responses to "VasuDhaiva Kutumbakam"

some tangential thoughts vani…

a) Every organisum has cells as its centrepoint of activity and the life force within is the same across the spectrum – From the low cast virus/bacteria to the super human being. Remove this LIFE or CHAITANYA and its all over.

b) Every chaitanya is part of the universal god, a force which balances beautifully across time and dimension. Lack of one will upset others – biological studies have shown and proven this fact over millions of years.

c) We need to respect each and every organisum with the same entusiasum and warmth irrespective of caste,creed,colour, religion,name,region blah blah…

Note: When ever i take a course of antibiotic to survive the onslaught of the Rhino virus, it pinches me in the heart that am killing something for my own LIFE… thats a point to ponder about….or is it darwins theory of “survival”??

Hope you meet more of your cousines,friends, relatives and importantly MAKE new frineds everywhere.


P enO gottaytu.. S yaaru antha artha aaglilla.. there are few people starting from S!!
Nice post Vani, Vijay’s BB blog also features a post with this topic. What a great coincidence.

Keep going… Nice postivie thought.

Really its a small world 🙂


S is the Professor cum Hallucinator among us.

Well said, Vani! Here’s to more friendships and ties! 🙂

Vasudaiva kutumbakam and survey janaha sukhino bhavanthu and shanthi manthra clearly proves our people’s peace loving nature and our culture.

Nice to know P , Vani and S are now known to each other among family circles too. strengthens the friendship bond 🙂 apt name for the post Vani

It also happened that S and our Wikitakavi were close relatives tooo… we found it out when we first met!!

Check out this fact and try to research on that relative also… 🙂

Its a too small place to be in. Wonder where this technology is taking us!!!!!

No, Srik, Wikitakavi and I are related in another direction 😀

I wonder why Usha, Srik, Mohan are still not relatives ? All of them atleast come from the same family tree, those sapta rishis 🙂


Hudukidare yellaru yellarigu Balaga aagthaare…arent we all a BaLaga too…the “Muktha” BaLaga?


That was a good one. We are all the balaga members. But dont ask me why am “in absentia” 🙂

Probably you are too good at maths – maybe relational algebra…

mohan best way to become relatives is find a bride for srik either from your family tree or my family tree 😉

Hello…Hello…Where is Srik?

whats going onn here?!!
family trees and relations!!

Veena nimge yaru heliddu adella?

Ha ha ha… usha and for life long srik will curse you or me… dont ask me why 😉

Srik: Better be carefull…. suddenly some aliance may land at your doorstep and one shmile…everything phinish for you. ( this are not personal experiences but personal hullicinations)

Was it really so easy Mohan?

I must speak to your wife sometime……swalpa coaching togobeku….. 😉

Antisipating this question, have already answerd it in brackets!!!

BTW, vani what happened to your rajasthan outing…dont tell me you gave up so soon!

Smile is the most important “astra” one can use on a human being.

Neeve heLidralla Apprentice period one year alli antha……
That’s why fishing in different ponds…….

Yeah, as you say, a smile goes a mile in winning people’s minds…..illi vargu yaaru nann net nalli biddilla…. 😦

Dont worry madkobedi vani

Neevu “antharjala” net hakidderalla – biddru billbahudu.

Nodi bellur avara net ninda yenneno hiddidare…

heege baritha ire , nimma kanasina rajakumar bande barthane…

this other somebody is hijacking my name :-). we are defniitely not related (except maybe in the anonymous name!).

– s.b.

No issues….

Anonymi (Plural of Anonymous) are welcome….

Many “Somebody”s make “everyboy” acc my senior friend, Mr P.

nice post nice comments and at the end jounrney is going on and on and who knows where srik will end up with so many people on hunt for him. beware srik. but todays situation is grooms are more and brides are less in no. so finalise before it is too late

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idu gangavathi pranesh avara nage bhashanada ondu tunuku
hegide holike

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