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Posted on: January 24, 2007

Who seems better? I do not want to judge, I am there to enjoy the show.

Each of them are good at what they are doing….

AB was very sophisticated and dignified,he kept his audience in awe of him….

SRK is working for the masses, he is trying to be as close to the audience as possible, he is trying to be one among them….

Overall, a great entertainer show is back. Lets have fun and also know those little things that were so far unknown to us.


7 Responses to "SRK Vs AB Sr on KBC"

Great! The first sensible post on KBC that I have come across in since SRK took over. – The reason – this post doesn’t unnecessarily compare AB and SRK. What a relief! 🙂
They are different – let them be.

Oh, Is the show on.. ?
I sent an SMS last week & didn’t receive any call even the response said so. Let me try that out.
What time is the show Vani ? And Nice post…, Very Timely which is very important.

Same here, first sensible post that I came across… and better not compare…

ps: on a personal note, I prefer AB Sr., though I haven’t seen SRK anchoring 😐


The show is on Monday through Thursday at 9.00 M on Star Plus

wonderful as shruthi said it is a very sensible post
I saw this other day yes I was Impressed the way SRK conducted the show. he has his own way and with first one by a legendary great AB Sr. it is very nice putup by SRK
a nice post right on time vani keep going

AB is good in his own way and SRK is in his own way….:-)

Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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