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Reverse Robin Hood Tactics

Posted on: February 7, 2007

We have all heard the story of Robin Hood, who used to rob from rich travelers in Sherwood Forest to help poor people. As times change, the story also changes, as also the values associated with life. The latest in this is that Government bodies themselves are aiding the wealthy and influential.


Robin Hood here is our BWSSB, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.


My extension is a fairly old one now, it is a colony of a Defense Ministry House Building Society. Most of the residents are / were employees of this Defense R & D Center. All of us know one another very well, and have lived in peace and harmony for the last 25 odd years.


We had never faced a severe water shortage, till about 5 years ago, when the “Tanker Mafia” started to flourish. From then on, there has been an unhealthy nexus between the local BWSSB fellows and the Tanker people. Artificial water scarcity is created whenever business is dull for the Tanker Operators, and the spoils are shared between the two.


We have gotten used to this, and know that on certain days, we cannot but request for a tanker to fulfill our water requirements.


Recently there was an article in the Times of India Kannada version where one of the resident welfare associations complained about the water scarcity happening in the area. This association is quite strong, and is supported by many influential people living in the area.


Now, as a reaction, BWSSB has installed a valve on the main line that supplies water to the streets that are on a lower elevation, and diverted the water to the houses that are on a higher gradient. And this has not been done with the concurrence of the general public. It has been a shady operation and has taken place at night. The whole surrounding place was dug up to install the valve, and has so neatly been covered, that it hardly looks like the place has been dug recently.


We have taken photographs of this operation “water racket” and are planning to expose this issue. It so happens that the head of the welfare association who is behind this whole issue belongs to our friendly neighbor state that is demanding the major share of our water resources. Now this is funny. Not only are they snatching away macro portions of our resources, but also are slowly eating away into the resources of localites.


Who knows when this will end? Why resort to such unfair and cheap means to fulfill requirements? What, pray, is exactly the problem?



4 Responses to "Reverse Robin Hood Tactics"

Vani I think you should call Janangraha office or ask the resident association to call them and take their advice or help if required to find a permanent solution. Janagraha has a wing called Civic Discovery Zone attending or providing guidance to Civic problems. and their contact nos are (91) (080) 41277102,41277103, 22370092. They also have an ongoing project with BWSSB called jalamitra Hope the info would be useful


This is what TNS used to say that “influential people get away by doing anything they want” . He went onto potray the same in muktha too.

If the BWSSB lines man can collude with private tanker operator, why not divert the water seems to be logic behind.

No wonder it has been said that if there is a next world war , it will be not for land, not for gold, not for woman but for water

Your case seems to be “water water everywhere in mainline” but “not a drop to drink at our gradient”.

All of you form another association and give written complaint to the senior divisional manager about this and if time lapses get some body to turn the valve in such a way it can never be reused.

Mullana , mullindale tegebeku alwa.

We too have water problems once in a while. We run to the BWSSB office nearby & request them. They say, line man is on leave or sick or something. Gosh, if some employee is absent then project rescheduling/cancellation – what an answer!!
Sometime that line man guy talks to my FIL with a smile on it & our man gives him some bakshish.. I dont know what this bhakshish is for…
Our people at home says, he is doing his work paapa & we are getting proper amount of neeru on time, so swalpa help maaDoNa. Govt koDo duddu saalalla anthaana gottilla! 🙂
Mohan & usha have given you 2 best solutions to apply which are legal.. Nice that you have put this here..

these people are really have no mana maryade
yella bittavare idannu madaballaru
any how good work by people of your area
please go ahead and atleast show the resistence
and wish some thing good will happen
may god save this great country
this happens only in india
mera bharat mahan!!!!!

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