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Hindi Songs with Wacky Lyrics

Posted on: February 9, 2007

I was listening to a song from a not so old Hindi movie recently, and the lyrics were so wacky and silly, I did not know whether to laugh or lament about the quality of them.  Some of the old ones were melodious, and the singers lent a comic touch to them, and so they became popular. Others were heard once or twice, and vanished, never to be heard again. The filmmakers caught this trend in the early 90’s. It was a time when neither the movies by themselves were good, nor the songs, hummable.  A few that I can think of off hand are: 

  • C.A.T CAT, Cat Maane Billi
  • Eena Meena Deeka
  • Jaate The Japan Pahunch gaye Cheen, Samajh gaye Na
  • Paanch Rupaiyya Baraa Aanaa
  • My Name is Anthony Gonsalves
  • Amma Dekh, Aa Dekh, tera munda bigda jaaye
  • Stop that … Madhuri Dixit Mili Raste Mein
  • Meri Pant Bhi Sexy
  • Main to Bhel Puri Khaa raha tha
  • Meri Marzi
  • What is Mobile Number
  • Kisi Disco Mein Jaayein
  • Aaja meri gaadi mein baith ja


Among the songs listed above, I like all of the old songs. Though they were not so sensible, they were easy on the ears, melodious, and the singers themselves added life to the songs. The new ones are simply crazy, neither melodious nor sensible, and most of them are not meant to be heard by the family together.


The trend has again changed now, we do get to hear some good music in addition to some sensible stories being portrayed, of course, and every rule has an exception. But even the exceptions are stray ones, and so generally one can dare to say that there is no dearth of good music nowadays.


Readers, please feel free to put up your own list of wacky songs here.


25 Responses to "Hindi Songs with Wacky Lyrics"

Hilarious lyrics… he he…

and we have similar songs in kannada also – reminds me of this song of annaavru –
If you come toda, its too early,
If you come tomorrow its too late,
You pick the time, tick tick tick

Nice observation,
Among old songs, I recall one which used get played in radio. Where heroin teases hero “hey, Mistaaaar…” I found it very funny/silly and eventually irritating.
Among new songs, sometimes they are intentionally introduced for giving two meanings.

Sometimes a song gets silly by inserting expressions in between. Say, heroin is singing something and our hero inserts “ hahaan..??” “Hey hey”, “mum”, “hauda”, “ohoo” etc.
Have you heard “jotheyali… “a beautiful song. Poor she is singing something “preethi endarenu endu…” and our hero is like “ha Han? Hun? H aha ha …”

Most of the movie songs have silly lyrics. Lot to list here.

we cannot forget jahan char yaar mil jaye in that narration of tom and jerry chase hilarious..

Ek duje ke liye’s we r made for each other… my god the way it is sung by latha and SPB..

Aati nahin … was another silly song from movie raja…. everybody made fun of it.

the first song i mentioned is from Sharabi

Yeah…..I remember “Aati Nahin ” for all the wrong reasons… cousins used to sing a parody of that already wacky song and the lyrics were even more stupid…. 🙂

The song from Geetha , “Jotheyali” in which Shankar Nag was simply not able to emote the words SPB was singing….

Oh yeah, “Weee yaaar maaaade fooor eeeach other samjhe”

There are some more things to laugh at in “ek duje keliye” songs. In one song She sings “Come fast …come fast … don’t be slow “.
One more instance where He says “appudiyaaa…!” she is like “Aaahahahaaa… jaise ke saab samjgaya…” .

Oh yes, my chikkappa used to sing “get lost, get lost…dont be slow”

too much, those songs were….

How to write lyrics for bollywood movies

Vani at white phosphorous has written an interesting post on Hindi songs with wacky lyrics. Post listed some Hindi famous songs which dont deserve to be hits. Those songs never made any sense lyrically.
This reminded me my graduation days where we use…

This reminded me that Dr. Raj’s song. kannada anthaakshari aadovaaga, we generally run out of songs starting from La.. so this enlish song from a kannada movie is as below..
Love me or Hate me, Kiss me or kill me, oh darling pls do something to me…
Oh Man.. namma Da. Ra . Ku nodi full swing alli haadidaare.

Ek duje keliye song kooDa tamil, hindi ella mix up ide.. sometimes these songs are fun too.. astondu serious aagi keLilla andre ashTe.

i really like this song of Kishore for its madness, this song goes like …. “baam chik chik baam chik chik, bum chik bub chik bum chik bub chik”

i think its from a movie called “kahtey hain mujko raja”

Silliest possible lyrics but amazing fun

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some more might include

aati kya khandala
pappu can’t dance saala
bum bum bole masti me dole – initial lyrics some one please write it – the one ‘amir’ contributed.
barah mahine line maari, phir bhi laga na number
ay bhai zara dekh ke chalo
munna bhai song.

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