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My Dreams – Tagged

Posted on: February 26, 2007

Interpreting Dreams is a hobby I have always pursued, but have found little success with them so far. I dream in Techni-Color, and most of my dreams are comedies, they are very hilarious situations, and it is not uncommon for my dad or mom to wake me telling that I was laughing in my sleep. Many are old sorrows, some are my deepest fears and yet others are insignificant incidents of my life, some worth sharing, and yet others to be buried deep inside my mind.  

Fellow blogger Prashanth tagged me and asked me to reveal 3 of my dreams. So here goes:  

 3. This is one that I used to dream of when I was a child. Somehow it vanished as I grew up. Most of us have dreamt about this, we may have our own versions; I read somewhere that it is a manifestation of our insecurities. In the dream, I am traveling in an aircraft, and suddenly I fall down, and land on my bed. The dream used to be very powerful, because I always felt weightless and the wind rushing in my ears seemed very real. Thankfully I stopped dreaming of this maybe 15 years ago.    

2. I am not an atheist, but have never actually believed much in exhaustive rituals to supplicate my belief in the Divine. But I dream often of visiting temples, and being a part of the multitude ceremonies and Pujas the temples conduct. And most of these temples I dream of are figments of my imagination, I am sure I have never been to any of them.  

 1. I miss my grandfather a lot. It is now 10 years since he passed on. I dream often about him. And he always tells me he’s coming back, and he’d just been out for a walk. I love to dream about him, because this is one dream I know that will never ever come true. 

  Most of the people I wanted to tag have already been initiated into it.  The buck stops here. 


6 Responses to "My Dreams – Tagged"

good dreams for some dreams give fun and for some they creat fear. It is very difficult to predict what one will dream. some will have B&W and some will have techi color as vani and so on and so forth. It is good to dream and but never think what ever you have dreampt in sleep wil turn to reality. wheras some of the dreams you visualise there is every possibility for you to convert them into reality provided you dream what is within your reach.
good one and very good morning

Usually dreams are what we miss or what we desire… and thanks for sharing 🙂

En Vani ella black & white dreams(past).. No east’man’ colored ones?? 😉

First –Please tell me what tagging means.

I too have had my share of rereating dreams–
falling into a bottom-less pit
Being pushed under a screaming waterfalls
forgetting hall-ticket–

hello neel3,
when I was tagged for the first time, didn’t know anything about it….just like you. you can know more about it here:

thanks rk ji,
naanu tagging bagge odide
jeerna aaglikke innu swalpa time beku.
reading,understanding ,internalising–the speed of these processes are not of the high order that I desire.
Will try.
thanks again.

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