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Thyagaraja – Purandhara Aaradhana – Retrospect

Posted on: February 28, 2007

From Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, 1601:

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it…

The Masters - Thyagaraja & Purandhara Daasa

Gosti Gaayana 

 Muktha BaLaga - A Few Representatives

Music, is not only the food of love, it is food for the soul; panacea for a stressed mind. Music has no borders; it transcends language and culture, and is the one binding force of humanity. Nothing else touches a person’s soul more than melody.

 I had the good fortune of being a part of the Thyagaraja-Purandhara Aaradhana celebrations conducted in Usha’s residence. It had been her dream to host one such event at her house, and she pulled it off, quite successfully.  

After a lot of planning the event was scheduled to take place on 25th of February 2007.  The day began with a formal Puja to God and next to the two Pillars of Karnatic music, Saint Thyagaraja and Sri Purandhara Daasa. Students of Karnatic music would know and appreciate these two giants’ contribution to the upliftment of this style of music that is popular towards the South of the Deccan Plateau.  

The event was hosted at Usha’s residence under the guidance of Flute Exponent Sri Venugopal, who also happens to be Dwaraka’s teacher. 

 I reached Usha’s residence around 10.00 AM, right in time for the commencement of the program. Srik & Prashanth were there already, so was Shruthi with her parents.Praneshachar, Bellur, Chaitanya and his mother arrived shortly after me. Srik’s parents joined us shortly, and Veena, who was held up at home came along subsequently.

It began with a vocal recital of Sri Sundareshan, an octogenarian with a wonderful voice, who is Sri Venugopal’s teacher, and belongs to the lineage of Saint Thyagaraja, accompanied by young Varijashree, who has a strong hold over the flute as well.   

After this, we were in for a treat for the ears, with most of the disciples of Sri Venugopal giving short performances. It was great to see and hear kids show so much expertise in their chosen instruments or vocal recitation. We then had elders also showcase their prowess, in the form of Vidwan Shankarnarayan playing the Veena, and Vidwan Prasanna giving a vocal performance.   

Our BaLaga folks took over the stage next and we had the good opportunity to hear Shruthi’s mom render a couple of compositions. Next was Bellur’s turn, and he too entertained the audience to the fullest.    

At 12.00 Noon the Gosti Gayana, the main component of the program began, with most of us participating in the singing.   

The Gosti kicked off with the recitation of the “Pillari Geethe” a set of 4 small songs, but rich in meaning, composed by Purandhara Daasa.

After the Pillari Geethe, the Pancharathna Krithis of Sri Thyagaraja, which are the backbone of every Aradhana, were sung. They are 1) Jagadaanandakaaraka, 2) Dudukugala, 3) Saadhinchene, 4) Kana Kana Ruchira & 5) Endaro Mahanubhavulu  

The Gosti was concluded with a recitation of “Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram”.  

Here I must specially mention the excellent co-ordination of Vidwan Prasanna who led the group in singing the Gosti. He was effective in successfully bringing together the various voices and making all of us sing in unison.  

The accompaniment was superb, and the percussionists were competing with each other to do a good job.  

After this, a Maha MangaLaarathi was conducted, followed by a tasty lunch that made a fitting end to the program.  

Thank you Usha, for this wonderful day, and hope to be a part of it in the years to come.         


21 Responses to "Thyagaraja – Purandhara Aaradhana – Retrospect"

Good thala by thala account of the days proceeds.

This covers what i missed in the first half!!

If one picture is equivalent to thousand words, dont know how many pictures you would require to describe this music.

Thanks Vani for the wonderful update. I miss few, well.. even then there was lot to enjoy…
More than anything, our Mukta balaga & meeting his parents were exciting. We now have met everybody almost, Chaitanya & Mohan were the new entrants to me(personal meeting per se)..

Prashanth, swalpa pictures kodri…

Nice posts Vani madam…

PS: Check mail. Have sent selected photos to your id. Use them here if you wish 🙂

Thanks Prashanth…and please avoid the “madam”…makes me feel very old 😉

A kind of divine feeling scraped thru me as I was listening to “Yendaro Mahanubhavulu”. I was listening to it from outside of the house, along with Prashanth. We both were dumb stuck at the intensity with which it was provided. Great feelings those cant be explained in words.

Good recollect Vani. Hope we get to attend such events every now and then 🙂 [Bear with me…. Human nature that expects a happy feeling to happen again and again] 😉

Prashanth….Aaargh ! Now u r giving me hypertension… 🙂

Srik, why “bear with me”? U trying to say I am not human ? 😦

I share the same feelings as you. Just singing along with that group was so divine. Generally listening to Endaro…brings tears to my eyes, and as I was singing, it was simply exhilirating.

Srik, agree with you… and here it goes just started playing endaro mahanubhavalu in my machine… 🙂

Vani, tension madkobedi. BP raise agutte. BP raise adre kopa bandu office nalli iro PC odedu hakteera. Hagaadre F&L bandu nimmanna hidkotaare damage karchu kodu anta… 😀


Neevu F &L bagge bardiddeera…yellaru adara full-form keLidre yen gathi? F & L reads this sometimes. 🙂

F & L bagge heLtiddange nimge BP raise agoytalla Vani madam 😉

Hmmmm prashanth, playing yendaro mahanubhavulu which version do u have? Its the ultimate composition, I agree.

Srik, why “bear with me”? U trying to say I am not human ?

Vani, u dont want it to happen again and again? 😉

Kolu togond bartha iddini Srik….

noDI….gnapiskoli…madamgaLe kolu togondu barodu 😉

oh.. yenu pantulamma number two na……ha ha 😀

excellent report .. crisp and clear vani… Monthend kelsadinda nan report kodokke aglilla.. naley khanditha talupisuve ….Prashanth sahebre namma report ge kooda photos bekalla …

wonderful report very crisp and clear. Yes it was a day where we enjoyed the divinity to its core. no words to express and we are happy some of our members were also involved in helping usha thanks vani prashanth and srik
I comments innu cheennagide what is F&L Pll

TP aradhane on sunday was wonderful. reading this excellent report made me experience the day once again! thanks everyone.

sangeethada jothe thindi-panaka-oota-COFFEE was also top class!


F & L andre short form of Fair & Lovely, illu it is mentioned as the “Fairness” Cream. Sadhyakke ee public forum nalli ishte maahiti. Mukha-Mukhi bheti aadaaga idara bagge hechchu beLaku chelluve.

Thats a nice update Vani! Truly enjoyed that day!

Mikka photos ella elri? also bahala kasta pattu nanu srik video kooda tegdidvi?

yaar camera adu, vedio elli sigutte? 😉


A lovely recap of a wonderful day…Good work Vani . . .

Nice update, Vani!

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