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Summer Reminiscenses

Posted on: March 13, 2007

Summer is here in full spirit…summer brings with it fond memories of vacations when I was in school.

 Summer meant ice creams, juices, Watermelons, cucumber slices and not to forget, exams. My school had a policy of completing the examinations of the Lower Classes well before the Board Exams. Because of this, we were free by the second week of March.

 Summer also meant a trip to a small town Guntakal, in Andhra Pradesh, where my mama was posted, during his career with the Railways. I remember this place very well, because he completed a major part of his service in this little town.

 I used to wait for the vacation to begin, so that mom would pack our bags and we would hop on to the next available train and rush to this town. Mama would be informed by phone, and for this people had to go to the Railway Station to give him a call. This telephone was a special phone meant to speak to Railway employees, and so was situated in the Railway Station alone and nowhere else.

 Guntakal is a short distance from Bangalore, around 4 hours by train. I waited for this journey, because there was a train that left Bangalore at 7.00 AM and reached Guntakal around 12.30 PM, just in time for lunch. It gave me ample time to enjoy the train journey and to reach home and relax before it got too hot in the afternoon.

 Being a Government Employee, Mama was privileged to have a couple of efficient menservants. One of them would be waiting to receive Ajji, Mom and me in the station and we would walk the small distance to the Railway Quarters and settle down in the quarter.

 I loved the way the Quarters was constructed, with a slope roof covered with tiles, lots of windows and ample natural light. The flooring was simply too good, the floor always felt cool and it was a pleasure to simply wallow on the floor. Most of them were structures of the British Era, and new additions also followed the same architecture.

 Readers would know that Andhra Pradesh is famous for two things, the Andhraite’s love for spicy food, and the oppressive heat.

 In spite of the temperature outside the house being 40 Degrees and above, the houses would remain cool throughout the day and fans were seldom used. This is because of the wonderful trees surrounding every house. Each house had a couple of neem trees and mango trees. The employees occupying the quarter were free to add their own plants and I remember my aunt growing Drumsticks, Ridge Gourd, Pumpkins, Jasmine and a variety of roses in the garden.

Mornings were meant for indoor activities. The day would get hotter as time elapsed and so cooking would be complete before it was 10.00 AM. It was time for friends. I did not know Telugu, and my friends did not understand or speak much English. But we managed with sign language, and the morning was spent in playing games like Chowka-Baara, AlaguLi Mane etc. The neighbors came visiting at this time and the elders enjoyed a couple of hours of gossip before the men-folk came home for lunch.

 Then the siesta, and after that it was time to deck up and roam around the town.

 To be Continued…….


9 Responses to "Summer Reminiscenses"

Very nice account! Those lazy summer holidays – wow! This post brings out the whole effect so well. Waiting for the next part.

ಸೀರಿಯಲ್ ಹುಚ್ಚು ನಿಮಗೂ ಹಿಡೇತಾ?

see here for another serial 😀

holidays holidays are holydays too. iga yellappa sigutte
a maza good account and like TV serials keeping suspense
next part barliri bega

Beware of seralization, readers may threaten you!

Good recap though.

No Mohan…I promise not to go the Ekta Kapoor way…… 😉

very nostalgic recap of “Sammar Hhaalidays”. ee kaalda hudugru yen bareetharo mundhakke!?

** Chronicles everywhere ***

Besige Raja dinagaLa gaaLi, bisilu ontara chenna.. Also the begining of the rainy reason… narigu kaagegu maduve do you remember that one ?

Cool one Vani.. Thanks for the good flow.

besige raje, yeshtu madhura naenapu… exam agidh khushi ondh kade… aatagala samaya antha innondh kade…

Wonderful vani, thx for taking us to the lovely childhood, awaiting next part

narigu kagegu maduve
yes we do remember veena bisilalli male nari kage maduve
dum dum dol dol baje dol

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