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Bangalore’s Localities

Posted on: March 22, 2007

My friend Bru and I were recently discussing the names of some localities in Bangalore. While we could fathom the “HaLLis” and “Nagaras”, it struck us odd that several localities in Bangalore were suffixed by the phrase “Sandra”. 

We know that “Sandra” in Kannada is an altered form of “Samudra” meaning sea, it could be roughly translated here as a water body. As such, we were able to make out that Bangalore was not only a Garden City once, but also a lake city. Here are some of the “Sandras” We came across on this list. 

  • Bhoopasandra
  • Neelasandra
  • Jakkasandra
  • Devasandra
  • Thanisandra
  • Kavalbyrasandra
  • Doddabommasandra
  • Bommasandra
  • Nagasandra
  • Singasandra
  • Lakkasandra
  • Dodd Kall Sandra
  • Chikk Kall Sandra
  • Dyavasandra
  • Thippasandra

 Other than this, we also came across localities, which were named “Kere” meaning lakes in Bangalore. 

  • Mathikere
  • Challakere
  • Thavarekere
  • Arakere
  • Chennamanakere

  Ironic that a city with so many lakes is bone-dry and crying for water today. 

 I have deliberately omitted the names of lakes still existing in Bangalore lest some enthusiastic and enterprising bright headed city planner  or property developer decides to drain them and convert them to land for more houses and commercial properties.



46 Responses to "Bangalore’s Localities"

Thanks for the Informative post!
Idu “Anthe Kanthe” kathe. Yeshtu nijano sullo gottills:

Near Nagsandra Circle, in 1964 or so, one day a US lady was going in a bullock cart. She was pregnant. She conceived in the bullock cart near Nagsandra Circle. And her mom named the baby girl instantly (allella hange thane, thakshana hesaridodu):

adhe heladnalla….Idu “Anthe Kanthe” kathe antha. 😉

wiki says:
Sandra Bullock is an American film actress. She came to fame in the 1990s, after roles in successful films like Speed and While You Were Sleeping, and has since established a career as a well-known Hollywood leading actress, with the box office comedy Miss Congeniality and one of her most recent film roles, in 2005’s Crash, receiving critical acclaim.

She concieved or delivered?

Conception aada takshana hutto magu yaavdu antha heg gothagathe? 😉

Nice one, Will write and check with Sandra Bullock about this.

she delivered.

vani, also add Byrasandra to the list!

Yellide Byrasandra?

Pincode: 560011

Ha ha

Sandra Bullock -Lol

Vani -Tip-Sandra bitbittideera …nam Tipparalli baru doora nadyak bal doora 😉

Kempambudhi kere alias tuLasi thota alias eegina BTS bus stand.

By the way Mangala andre yenu???? Viz : Nelamagala -Jal mangala-Byramangala etc

This was a very witty post. Sandra I thought is a telugu word I don’t know why..
What about paaLya ? Gurugunte paLya, that paaLya this paaLya. During my bus travel to ITPL I had noticed one ‘TigaLara paaLya’ ! Uff…what a name!
There is a place called ByyappanahaLLi, where all the fathers(appa) there will be scolding always!

RK, Sandra bullock story was too good!

Byrasasndra is Nimhans campus- Jayanagar 3rd Block connecting hosur Road


Tippsandra has not been missed….also I am waiting for explanation on the “Mangalas”…we have quite a few of them too!

Kavalbyrasandra (near RT Nagar) – Pincode 560032
Byrasandra (near Jayanagar) – Pincode 560011

requesting for separate posts on Mangalas, Purams, Nagaras…

Hahaha This is exciting…

There are other Keres and Sandras with lakes still in existance, but unfortunately none are in good condition, for example, Hosakere halli…there is a kere, but no one knows about it or no one can clean it however. Its a garbage tank as of today.

And we write 100s of such blogs and laugh at these poor things 😦

miss aghoithu vani


Jhoraagi heLde irode oLLedu
naale rajkaarnigaLu yaavdo forgettable netagaLannu nenapu maadikoLLalu name change maadodakke nin list use maadtaare

Just wondering , what is behind “basti” and “paLya”.

Allallasandra – Near Yelahanka
Any clue on how they got to yelahanka? it’s a cool name…

lol @ Sandra Bullock!!

informative on Vani… please dont name still existing keres here in this blog world 😐

All, thanks for your comments.

Bachodi, Basti is an altered form of Vasati, meaning Shelter in Kannada; So probably in earlier times, people belonging to the same profession put up their dwellings close to each other, and so we have “Bastis”.

Coming to Palya, Every kingdom had divided small portions of their lands, which were ruled by chieftains, known as “Paaleyagaaras”.

As such, each piece of land ruled by a Paaleyagaara was called a “Palya”. Thus we have Munireddy Palya, Subedar Palya, Sultan Palya etc in Bangalore.

Feroz, welcome to my site! Thanks for noticing the omission.

Plan to write something on some other wierd sounding localities too!

One more Byrasandra is there near C.V.Raman nagar, One Annasandra is there near HAL.

divanara palya also
good one starting from sandra to palya
Bellur gooe one bullock cart story
comedy of errors devilery hogi conceive agittu
yake lassi mada yerisibittita hege?

Couple of more sandras near Banashankari II stage, Karisandra & Channasandra.

Am not sure of the hypothesis that lakes existed everywhere considering the number of sandras.

BTW, since the cat is out of the bag, when is the treat 😉

More SANDRAS to the list:
Chokka Sandra (near Jalahalli- Peenya) Blore- 560057
Hongasandra (near Begur mn rd) Blore – 560068


Unconfirmed reports say Bangalore was home to close to 400 lakes !

Anyways, treat will come after the official announcement………..

vani avrige kelsa sikka khushili ondhu hanigavana dedicated to vani:

Maadali Sarakaara
Vanige Upakaara
Sikkare bega Order nimage
Siguvudu namge Sweetu-Khara!

Chikka Bommasandra – Yelahanka Bazar, Bangalore 560064.
Chudasandra, near Sarjapura.
Junnasandra, near Varthur


Please keep adding ! Mohan is slightly sceptical about this.


Dont you think the hypothesis holds water now?

Mallasandra (one near Uttarahalli and another near Hesaraghatta Main Road)
Ramasandra (near Kanikanagara)
Veerasandra (near Hosur Road)
Kammasandra (near Attibele)
Dodda Dunna Sandra (near Whitefield)
Doddakanal Sandra (near Kanakapura)

Last but not the least
BLOG-SANDRA (near WordPress) 😉

comment no.28 varegu iro ella SANDRA illide:
Byrasandra (one near Jayanagar and another near CV Raman Nagar)
Chokka Sandra
Chikka Bommasandra
Mallasandra (one near Uttarahalli and another near Hesaraghatta Main Road)
Dodda Dunna Sandra
Doddakanal Sandra

My doubt is on the naming convention of sandra, not on the elongated list produced by RK!!!

And at this rate – its confirmed why bangalore gets flooded in rainy season – non existent lakes 😉

Vani madam
Neevu appoint agirodhu magistratege thane… nange lake dev authoritygeno antha doubtuuuuuuuuuu ?????


Ayyo! Innu magistrate level bandilla ree!
nangu annistu wrong posting antha… 🙂

I’m getting this odd impression there’s more lake than land in this town. Wouldn’t mind a flood or two in this weather, for that matter. Can stay at home and gripe in the cool breeze.

I have already booked long time back that in case I get booked like TNS court room scenes you will help me escape right. It is the right posting if you ask me!

I guess you guys are not considering “Chikkalla sandra” where gmp resides and “Doddakallasandra” somewhere on Kanakapura road.

Vani, nim party du nan mobilenalli video coverage madona 😉

Fees and taxes extra 😀

vani, super postu.. RK bangalore nella jaalaaDi ella sandra gaLannaa baDidebbisiddaare!
chikkaalasandra davaru bari magu chivotodu, amele tottilu togoke karedre pathene iralla. so modle avara avialability check maadibidi dates announce ‘maadlikke- just- before’..

Srik, Cell phone charge maadkobarod maribedi.. 🙂

blog sandra sari,Vani nin ee post comment sandra aaghoitu!!

Namgyaavaaga treatu??


BengaLoorige dayamaadisi madam !

Treat genu, party ne kodoNa ! 🙂

Chikk kall sandra davaranna marethare kallu thogond hodeeethare Veenakka ! How can I forget? 😉

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Miss Vani I have become your huge fan by reading your articles. Would you please consider me as your student and teach me how I can improve on my English . I would like to express my thoughts & opinions like you. Please guide me I should become like you.


[…] To find more information from the source here […]

where is shimshanagar in Bangalore, Karnataka

My house is in Sultanpalya (although I live in Chennai now). Some of these Sandras date back to very old and original parts of Bangalore. Kavalbyrasandra (very close to Sultanpalya) has a history which is hundreds of years old. Similarly other sandras also are old. Palyas are relatively new and nagaras are also new.
Did you know that Vasanthanagar was originally called Uttarahalli. I used to live in Vasanthnagar earlier and still know some families there who had farms in Vasanthnagar in the good old days when it was called Uttarahalli. This fact is relatively less known as compared to the common quiz question about Shivajinagar being called Blackpalli in the days of British-bangalore.


Sandra Bullock, ROTFLMAO.

Ayyo, Vasanthanagara was my favourite adda, I used to go watch all old Rajkumar movies in the cinema tent there.

Namma mane Nagasandra tava ne irodu, but I don’t believe “Sandra” is any kind of Samudra in this context.

Sandra Bullock is one the greatest actress in my opnion, she plays a lot of different roles ..

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