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Posted on: April 4, 2007

What ever you call it, it is the same. I often wonder what this mystery called sleep is all about. What happens in our bodies during those eight hours that we shut ourselves off from the world is an intriguing issue. In spite of the whole body being at rest, the brain remains active and conjures up images that we see as dreams. And the other issue, it is said that humans cannot see with their eyes closed, how is it that we can dream so vividly? How is it we are seeing something with our eyes closed?

 Wiki  says “ Sleep is the state of natural rest observed in most mammals, birds, fish, as well as invertebrates such as the fruitfly Drosophila. It is characterized by a reduction in voluntary body movement, decreased reaction to external stimuli, an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures). In humans, mammals and many other animals which have been studied, such as fish, birds, mice and fruitflies, regular sleep is necessary for survival. The capability for arousal from sleep is a protective mechanism and also necessary for health and survival.” 

Research maintains that eight to nine hours of sleep for adult humans is optimal and that sufficient sleep benefits alertness, memory and problem solving, overall health, as well as reducing the risk of accidents. Several experiments have demonstrated that cognitive performance declines with fewer than eight hours of sleep. 

Each individual’s sleep need and timing is different. I have heard elders at home recollecting that they went to sleep atleast a couple of hours earlier than the time I go to sleep today.

 Hindu scriptures too have references of sleep in most of the epics. In the Ramayana, we can see a character like Kumbhakarna and in the Bhagavatha, we find the character of Muchakunda.Both prayed for undisturbed sleep and the consequences of their being woken up were unpleasant. 

Our saints and philosophers have also written odes about sleep, we can come across numerous lullabies in praise of several of our Gods and Goddesses, composed by them. It is nothing short of a nightmare to have a sleepless night.

The very thought that everyone else around us is happily asleep is something we cannot digest. The poignant and silent atmosphere, the dark night, the dogs barking outside, the policeman’s whistle; it all adds up to make a person more sensitive to his sleepless state. 

Several home remedies are prescribed to end this sleepless state. Some suggest a hot bath before bed, others suggest a glass of warm milk, yet others say that a walk before bedtime. 

What ever, I view sleep as a tonic to my tired body and mind. I always wish that no one remains sleepless, for being so is the worst punishment a person can endure.


18 Responses to "Sleep…..Nidde…….Neend"


Rakshasaridaralla bhoomiya bere samayada bhagadavru.. Idna artha madkondre navu hayagi nidde madbodhu :d illandre kumbakarnana gathine namgoonu… niddeyinda yeddu woddata.

Well written post.

Once, hostel timesnalli, we were studying for our exams, not to mention it was late night already.
My room mate had instructed me to wake him before I go to sleep. I duly did my duty. Called him thrice, no answer. I pushed him hard….some movement, but no hint of waking up. I opened the cap of a water bottle and poured a bum on his eyes. He woke up, but rudely said to me “Sittu tarisbeda” and slept away.

I said “Hats off” to the Goddess of sleep and went to bed. Next day, as I woke up, saw him sitting nervously before the book. I asked him why he didnt get up, he said, “u fooled me up, didnt wake me out.”

I then wonder what this sleep thing is all about!!! He didnt have a slightest clue that it was his D day the next day, while he was sleeping?? He got nervous as he woke up in the morning, but while sleeping, he was as normal as ever. What an amazing thing it is!!

nidde or sleep is one thing which really gives you a refreshing
time. But sleep is not that easy thing which embraces you people who get sleep without any problem continuosly are lucky. particulary in your period of after 30 may be all will have some sleepless nights for various reasons. It will relfect on your work
next day. a common man with lot of hard work may get his sleep
easily because of fatigue but a very rich man may not able to have undisturbed sleep for various reasons.
nidde nimage bandre adu swarga
nidde nimage kai kotre adu naraka

I read somewhere once that when the world sleeps God is comparitively free to answer your querries and prayers!! That is the time when one can have a dialogue with him.
The author of that article had written that for that very reason he doesn’t panic when sleep evades him.He uses it to his advantage by conversing with Almighty.
I have a habit of going to theerthaatane if I can’t sleep.
My favourite place is Sonda.I simulate mentally a big pradakshina of anantaasana,swetadweepa and vaikuntha. before finishing two circumambulations I am sharanu to Praagna naama paramaatma!!

Even though we know so many pluses about nidde, why is it always connected with somaaritana ?

beLagina nidde super, sakkare nidde.. eddeLikke kashTa.. aadre bangalore traffic gnapaka maadkond takshNa eddu bidtheevi. raatri kooDa ashTe.. naanu keluvomme book odtaa odtaa or TV nodtaa nodtaa nidde maadirtheeni.

Vani, eega nidde bagge article aaytu.. next gorke bagge bariri 🙂

beLagina nidde super, sakkare nidde.. eddeLikke kashTa.. aadre bangalore traffic gnapaka maadkond takshNa eddu bidtheevi

correctaagi helidri.
and by the way, thumba gorke hodeyorge yen gotta hesaru?

“Thumba Gorke hodeyorige hesru Maxim Gorky”
bellur super
Yes if you visit places like Sonda you will realise what peace is
and defientely it helps to regain your nidde

Gorky……..sakkath as usual………………

paapa Maxim Gorky…..avru huttidaaga bahaLa gorke anthe…..

Gorke is an interesting topic….bareyona Veenakka….

I had a friend in singapore. He did not know cooking nor were any eataries near by. So he used to sleep on saturday night and get up by 1.30 afternoon next day – the reason – he would get hungry if he got up!!

Gorke reminds me of a self-centered person’s qoute-
He snores a lot. His snoring was often the point of discord/discussion among his near and dear(?) ones. His father told him to see a doctor(for a cure ).
He said : gorke is causing ME no trouble so why should I see a doc?
That nut doesn’t realise that it can be dangerous.
Hingu irtaare nodi.

MAXIM GORKI super bellur.. ! nimage neeve saaTi bidi 🙂

ok here’s a lateral thinking puzzle…

A guest is in a five star hotel and unable to get sleep. He picks up the phone, calls a number, hangs up immediately, and then sleeps peacefully.

Explain the situation…

Just to clarify, he hangs up even before anyone picks up the phone.

And btw a clue is that its very much in the same context of this post and the comments here ! 😉

Btw good post Vani – it reminds me of an old article I’d written on different states of sleep and I should see if I can dig it up and post it as well linking to this one!

happy i could crack it even as you were typing the clarifying comment.

Hahaha sanjay,
I knw he called up home and it has everything to do with the discussion point here!!

ondh kaaldhalli industrial era antha iththu. factory/banking/teaching professionals ithyaadhi – office kelasa saayankaala hoththige mugiskondu manege bandhmele adhra yochane irthirlilla. maththe haayaagi malagthidhru jana. eega IT industry antha ondhidhe, maneyindha kelsa maadboudhu antha ondhu flexibility bere – haglilla raathri illa aa flexibility-ge hehe.. so illi nidhdhe comments Odhidhre malagbidbeku ansaththe 🙂

Hi Ram,

Welcome to White Phosphorous!

hmm……nidde is very vital for all of us……as u say, it is not uncommon now to wait late at night for a T-Con with people on the other side of the globe, or work from home on saturdays…..

While USA has a fast life, in Europe a very different system is followed, they love to have siestas, are slow in their work, and have made the “slow” concept a way of life..

I like to follow European System U know….. 🙂

Many mornings as soon as I see my machine, my eyelids start to droop by themselves…… 😉

good to know about European way. naanu mostly europe-ge move aagbidbeku.

nidhdhe maadidhre magu thara maadbeku anthaaralla – my 2yr old is asleep – adhara thara malgakke prayathna maadtheeni eega. 🙂

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