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Posted on: May 4, 2007

Ok, this is again one of those “this happened to me” posts. “This Happened to me” was a regular feature in the Tinkle Comics I loved to read. 

Fine. Now, on with the story. 

This is not a childhood story; it happened some 8-9 years ago, in my current residence. 

There was an old man in our locality, who was an amateur tailor. He undertook stitching night-suits for kids, and general repair work of clothes, like replacing a worn zipper or buttons and so forth. He was called “Tailor Thatha” by all of us. His dress was always the same; White Pajamas and a White Shirt. He sported glasses enclosed in a plastic white colored frame.

He picked up clothes from our houses and delivered them when ready. All for a paltry fee.

He had a bad habit of sneaking in, un-noticed. Our gate is quite noisy and we like to leave it so just so that we know if someone opens it and walks in. This gentleman had an un-canny knack of opening the gate very slowly, so that there used to be literally zero noise when he walked in. Added to that, he walked without a noise. 

It was probably during summer. My aunt V, in a hurry to go out, forgot to switch on the light outside the house upstairs, and had not locked the house too.  It was around 7.00 in the evening. My Athe’s daughter A, told me to switch the light on at the bottom of the stairs and then go up to switch the light in the house and lock up the place.

I was feeling very brave and told her nothing would happen, as it was only 6.50 or so.  I went upstairs, switched the light on and locked the house and was singing and descending the steps………when I see a pair of white pajamas and white shirt climbing up slowly….advancing towards me.

 Since there was no light on the stairs, it was dark and now I was able to make out a spectacles frame too. All my bravado vanished; I stood rooted to the spot—started sweating, and my throat went dry. I tried to speak, but no words came out. With great difficulty, I said aloud “yyyy yyyy yaaru?” 

In response, I heard a familiar voice go “Nim Chikkamma ilwa”? It was then that I comprehended that it was Tailor Thatha, up to his usual tricks of sneaking in without noise. The relief I experienced is not something I can describe in words. I burst out laughing, told him she wasn’t at home and ran down the stairs, went inside the house and rolled on the floor, laughing. 

Till today, I am teased at home about this. In retrospect, it is a very hilarious incident. But the fear and the relief later is something I have never experienced later on in life. 

Why is that we have pre-conceived notions about the color white? White is the symbol of purity; it is the uniform of nurses, politicians and policemen in many parts of the world. 

 Why are we scared of white when dark? Is it because of its association with ghosts? Or are the people who wear white, ambassadors of ghosts? 



18 Responses to "“Shwetavastradhaari”!!!"

You should have called Ghost busters!!

These child hood memories dont die do they? But I object including politicians & Policemen in the list of purity. All nurses and doctors are OK.

I think the original creators of ghots used white as the colour stands out in darkness.

hilarious… And yes agree with Mohan. White stands out in darkness..

and the word ‘Shwetavastradhaari’ reminds me of my dad – during his 34 years as teacher, he wore white jubba & pyjama while he used to goto the school. No other colors.
Even after retirement still he prefers to wear white & white, but some light colored jubbas have sneaked into his wardrobe 🙂


Here I have tried to associate white with all those people who can send us to the next realm….there are doctors and nurses who are “Yamadootas” in disguise; and it is a well-known advice never to rub politicians and policmen on the wrong side;lest they “promote” us to the next birth. what say? 😉


Ghost who walked down the stairs………….

Hilarious exoperience vani … i know such things wiill be scary to go through but…

taatana kathe shuru maaDi, end alli devvada kathe maadidralla.. hmm.. was good flow, kept the curiosity till the end!
White stands out in dark is one reason.. and may be movies have put those notions into our head without our knowledge!!

Point taken on all white colour attaired people sending people to next relm but wonder why Yama comes on a black buffallo.

Veena haeLidhanthe trend chennaagidhe. tailor thaatha indha biLi aakaarada bootha. 🙂
I think it is the environment we grew up in – where people around us have told us the makkaLa kathe with those characters in, TV shows/movies, children comics, etc. Also this could be some sort of FEAR adults put in children’s mind to keep them away from their mischieves. And that kind of fear stays in our minds as we grow up – most of the time.
nanaganiso haage nimma experience bahushaha shwethavastrakkintha, something approaching me anno fear iddhirabahudhu – nanthara adhu known entity (tailor thaatha) endhu thiLidhaakshaNa relax mode-ge hogiraboudhu.
my $.02 🙂


About makkaLannu hedariso bhoota, its otherwise called as ‘Gumma’.. I wonder where our elders pick those words from ? I see that we have a separate language for kids, they have a entire set of words for oota(mammu), nidde(taachi), neeru(jeeya), aache hogodu(bovva hogoNa?)!!

hahha “gumma” padha marethu hogiththu 🙂
mammum, taachi, jojo, momo (for some more) etc namma dhina nityadha padhagaLaagi hogive eega. At times, i use the same words when i am talking others too 🙂

I wonder if someone can write in these “gumma…mammu taaachi” language and still win awards!!

I have not seen such a book/dictionary. Nice idea to have one!!

vani simply superb sariyagi world laughter dayge post madira
I enjoyed reading each line and word of it. simply hilarious at the end.

Vani: Good thing you didnt try and “throw” anything at Tailor Thatha.. else he might have needed some “mending”…

April: Bhoot – Movie Makers’ Tryst with Ghosts
May: “Shwetavastradhaari”!!!
June: ?

vani’s postu
full of ghostu
odhuvaga aagatte
bhaya almostu


next sikkdaga, nimage Navarang hattira nadeda Auto kathe hellebeku. (hope i dont’ forget).

why story only for vani? Tell us too….

Ooooh Bellur, My ears are all perked up…..
waiting to hear that one…and don’t worry,
I will remind you the next time we meet.

Basically this is one topic, other than food,
which interests me a lot. I used to be very very scared…literally petrified of the supernatural
is a favorite topic of discussioon.

And no, my tryst with ghosts is not over yet….
.I have another personal experience to share…
wait for that one.

Vijay…forget throwing anything at him….I was too scared
even to move an inch 🙂

It was that sort of fear which makes one feel paralyed….

Don’ t worry, I will share that story after I hear it from Bellur.

sadhadalle malleswarakke barthiralla, avaga nimgu helthini saar.

Bellur, yenidu? Mohan ge maathra aahvaana na?

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