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IVaLe VeeNa PaaNi

Posted on: May 10, 2007


Saraswathi Namastubhyam

 Varade KaamaruupiNi

Vidyaarambham Karishyaami

Siddhirbhavatume Sadaa 

Our Saints and Poets have sung eons in her praise and we continue to follow that tradition. No academic activity begins without a prayer to Goddess Saraswathi. 

It was a practice during my school and college days to have a Saraswathi Pooja every year in school just before the examinations. It was during some time off while at work today, that my colleagues and I went back to those lovely days and remembered the Saraswathi Pujas.

 Since I was just aware of very basic details about this Goddess, decided to do some research, and the result of that research is what I am sharing with my readers today.

Goddess Saraswati is the presiding deity of the spoken word. She is considered to be Lord Brahma’s ‘maanasa putrika’ though later events led to their marriage and they began to be worshipped as the primordial couple.

Mounting on her divine vehicle Swan, she plays on Kachchapi, her Veena and is worshipped as the presiding deity of all knowledge. She resides in Satyaloka along with her consort Lord Brahma. Narada, the celestial saint is their ‘maanasa putra’.The legend has it, that once Lord Brahma utters a lie of having sighted the nether portion of Shiva Linga and Lord Shiva, who, angered by the false claim curses Brahma that his speech (Saraswati) be converted to a river. It is believed that the dry parched region of the present day Thar Desert is at one time a stretch of River Saraswati. To this day, scientists believe that the river still flows underneath the Thar and attempts are onto trace the river. At any confluence of two rivers, Saraswati is deemed to be hidden underneath and thus the place assumes the nomenclature TRIVENI. A very famous example is of the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi as “Guptagaamini” in Prayaag, India.

Uniqueness of Saraswati:The term Saraswati envelops a vast expanse of meaning ranging from Vaagdevi, river, Veda Mata and to the giver of knowledge. The celestial mother Aadishakti manifested herself as Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati. Hence Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the very epitome of Sakthi or Cosmic Power.Not only mortals, but also even the celestial beings in Heaven are said to be the beneficiaries of Saraswati’s benevolence. Her shower of mercy empowers speech and all other fine arts.

 ETYMOLOGY:The word Saraswati means a string of rivers. The goddess is also known by synonyms like Braahmi, Bharati, Bhaasha, Geeh, Vaak, Vaani, Saarada, Saraswati, Maha Sookta, Kaadambari to name a few. All the letters in the alphabet are considered to be the different forms of the goddess.

APPEARANCE: Saraswati beams a very benevolent smile. She is often seated on a pristine white swan. Dressed in white she wears a garland of white pearls. She plays on the divine veena with a lace of beads in one hand a book in the other. She also adorns parrot in one hand and a lotus in the other.


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I dint know “bharati” and “kaadambari” also her name. How it is related to her

thanks for the lovely post. picture is fabulous.

Super post VaNi…

As far as i hav heard about our puraNas , She is the most non-controvorsial godess with no stories about her behaviour and who has always been immensely patient and mandasmitha , my favorite godess :).

Lovely picture,

Good one.
Saraswathi has the unique feature wherein her father Lord bramha fell in love and married her. Obviously she denotes Gnana or intellect and brahma took the wise decision!

So you agree with full facts that you are the veena pani!

Veena she holds represents the world.

A veena has six chakras incorporated within…the sound it produces is close to the divine sound of cosmic energy (Pranava naada or OM).

It also reprensets one who can fill the body with Omkaara, and win over the six chakras, then he will be so knowledgeful that he can master anything…that representation is Saraswati, the knowledge.

She also holds on to a book, representing all the knowledge present in the universe, it has only three pages in it. Contents are … some say it is Vedas, some say it is the basic arts….(I am not sure of this fact)

She holds on to a maala in her hand…that is usually referred to as “Akshamaala

Aksha maala represents the power of speach : from ‘A’ (the first letter in the sanskrit alphabet or varna maale) to ‘ksha’ (last letter in the alphabet or varna maale). So, it has in it all sounds, all scriptures, all knowledge, all languages….and so on.

So, in all, Saraswati is the Goddess of culture, art, thinking, knowledge, action and speach

Very thoughtful post Vani. And the picture is a great representation of Saraswati. Now a days we wont find such a picture of this Goddess. Thanks for this beautiful picture and article.

|| Yakundendu Tushaara Haara DhavaLa yaashubhra Vastraanvitaa
yaa Veena vara daMDa mandita karaa ya shwetha padmasana
yaa BrahmAchyutaShankara prabhruthibhir devaihi sadaa pujita
Samaam paatu Saraswati Bhagavati nih shesha jadyaapaha ||

Very good write up Vani, Nice picture too. Have this with me in my favourites on my yahoo album.

My favourite goddess & feels good to be named after her! Reminds me a story which was about a fight between Lakshmi & Saraswathi about who being the stronger.. & finally Saraswathi wins. Generally we try to put so much of stories around them alva ?

One common thing we hear about is, saraswathi putra/putri…

Recently received an SMS..
Bill Gates never worshipped Goddess Lakshmi, Einstein never worshipped Goddess sarasawthi.. still they are the geniuns most & richest in the world… The message doesn’t condemn the Goddess here but advices to work hard & believe in oneself.

Olle Postu.

Yes Usha,

Saraswathi is the most non-controversial goddes we have known…mascot for many of us.

Incidentally, the person who gave us these pictures, as in, projected Lakshmi and Saraswathi and other Gods and Goddesses as we see them today, is Raja Ravi Varma.

Mohan….yenri….Veene meeTakku baralla nanage…VeeNa PaaNi antha yelru tease maadthaare…neevu serkondra?

All, glad that you liked this.

hmmm… i am unable to submit comment here today. i wrote a lengthy comment and didn’t go through. trying a 2 liner.
@Vani: this can be deleted – sorry for adding this dummy comment.

regarding “She is considered to be Lord Brahma’s ‘maanasa putrika’ though later events led to their marriage and they began to be worshipped as the primordial couple” – i didn’t know about this.

referring to “Akshara – maale” – it is so true, i just realized although i have used the word as samskrutha aksharamaala, kannada aksharamaala for alphabets, it never occured to me as “a” through “ksha”

instrument – veena – is my favorite one – although couldn’t complete my classes several years ago.

navaraathri dhinagaLalli ashtami-ya dhinadhandhu Saraswathi pooje – antha bengaLoorinalli aacharisuvudhu vaaDike. andhina dhina pusthakagaLanna dEvara maneyallttu pooje maadi nanthara vijayadhashami-ya dhinda avanna thegeyutthidhdhu nenapidhe.

At times I try to figure out the significance of “navilu” there. prashaanthavaadha pakshi. nanaganisuththe, veena naadhakke navilu kuNiyabahudhu – haage saraswathi idhdhalli navilina ondhu picture kooda kaaNabaraththe.

thank you for posting this information.

This is by far.. by far… my favorite portrait… my grandad’s house in Mysore had a large framed picture…..

wonderful right up on godess of learning saraswathi
your research is reqally worth it and we have got so much details about saraswathi vudya devathe schollnalli term mugidaga before exams saraswathi pujemadodu vadike.
it will be a great day for students to celebrate and seek blessings of goddess saraswathi for their good performance in exams!!!!!!!!

navarathriyalli saraswathi puje hage eastnalli saha they celebrate saraswathi puja on a particular day

photo is simply superb.
keep your research on so that we get full filled posts

I remembered some of the artists in my school who used to draw some nice pictures of saraswathi on the black boards on the saraswathi pooja… just awesome.
I have got a small idol from goa, it glitters in the dark, when power goes off, the first thing I get to see in our hall is that idol.. shining!

ChannapaTna doll shops have some nice saraswathi idols too.

Nice informative post madam

mp3 for the shlokas mentioned on this post/comments above…

[audio src="" /]

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