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Changed Looks

Posted on: May 22, 2007

White Phosphorous has a new look! 

In the beginning, I was very happy with the initial look and had almost decided to retain that template forever. 

I was browsing through the templates to help another blogger make changes in her blog settings, and was attracted by this template. 

It has clean features, a white background and the picture depicts mystery. 

I loved this look, and may maintain it till something much better comes along. 

Just goes on to prove that change is the only permanent feature of life.


11 Responses to "Changed Looks"

Good one. Apt for your title, and genre.

well described.

btw, have dedicated another anuku geethe to u (and CTR fans) in maathukathe (naani post).

“suitable boy post haki immediately nimma blog get up super
agi madiddira wonderful nice picture on the top”

nivu changed look post hakadralli blog look bagge nanna comment hakidde. iga nimma explanation yell a odi kushi aitu
for everything you have got a reason and your perfection in
doing work is one thing I liked most. nice change and keep going

Super aagide hosa alankaara.
En hudugi different aagi kaaNLi antha full dressing, makeup ella change maadbiTTideera ?
so next time selection gurantee bidi! super aagi kaaNistaaLe eega nimma blogiNi 🙂

Thanks to all of you for your compliments.

Isht divsa traditional vesha haakidlu namm sundari…eega swalpa get-up change madkondidaaLe…entirely new wardrobe…nodoNa…new look work aagatha ilwa antha ? 😉


Super Geethe Sir! Thanq so much…..

I agree totally with veena. I too felt the hook,line, sinker is cast and just waiting for the ….. 🙂

Good change…


Hey…Great makeover 🙂

wow… Awesome … Good background… I am dreaming ..umm. evening stroll there with a hot coffee in my hand.

All the best for the changed looks….you know what i mean 😉


Good selection.

Cool and tranquil autumn looks.
Nothing better than sitting on a bench on the banks and savouring the natural beauty.

Good for the body,mind and the soul.

Hope you visit such places soon

I like this new look…. wish I could go there 🙂

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