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Ninnolume Namagirali Tande……

Posted on: May 28, 2007

The title seems misleading, as usual. Nowadays I seem to have developed a sort of “Title Block” and go around asking people to name posts for me. This is also one such post, where someone else helped me choose the title.

Back to business.

We have all traveled by train in India at some point of time or the other. In most of the trains, we would also have seen beggars seeking alms, some of them polishing shoes, some cleaning the floor of the compartments, and yet others, singing songs. 

They have pretty good voices, and have a fair hold on the language and can sing decently too. Usually the ones who sing well are blind, often accompanied by kids and a harmonium. 

 Some have atrocious nasal voices, and are very much in stiff competition with Himesh Reshammiya. 

Usual ones heard on Trains are: 

  • Aadisi Nodu BeeLisi Nodu  – Kasturi Nivaasa
  • Aadmi Hoon Aadmi se Pyaar Kartha Hoon  – Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai
  • Aawara Hoon – Aawara
  • Duniya Bananewale – Himalay Ki God Mein
  • Haalalladaru Haaku – Devata Manushya
  • Jeena Yahaan Marna Yahaan – Mera Naam Joker
  • Mera Joota Hai Japaani – Shri 420
  • Yaarige Yaaruntu Yeravina Samsaara – Gaali Gopura
  • Ramayya Vastaavayya – Anari (Not sure of the title)
  • Jagame Maaya – Devadaasu (Telugu)
  • Ninnolume Namagirali Tande – School Master
  • Maanava MooLe Maamsada TaDike – Bhakta Kumbaara
  • Jagapathi Rama Raghukula Soma – Lava Kusha

 Most of them sport a very deprived countenance. They are successful most of the time in making you feel guilty of your ability to do well in life.  

Though these people sing well, I am not very keen on encouraging them. Many are able bodied, but see this as a lucrative profession, without much effort.

Readers, what do you think of these beggars? Should there be some strict action against them? Should they be rehabilitated and trained to do some meaningful work?

Look forward to your opinions on this.


13 Responses to "Ninnolume Namagirali Tande……"

once a blind guy was singing “maanava moole mamsada tadike”. He was holding two pieces of a strange wood, making a peculear ThaaLa sound.

The background, his voice and expressionless face made me experience a hell. Nange hotte urdogi, huNNaagi, karuLella horakke band bittittu avattu.

I pleaded him to stop singing, and gave him 5 rs.

They make u feel guilty of being able to look after yourself.

This particular experience made me be dull for the next two days. It was when I was travelling from Tiptur to Bangalore in a train. I was a student then. 😦 Makes me sick even today, that voice…that face!! Oh! God! Why is this indifference? I virtually cried that day.

I’d like the Govt to rehabilitate these people, they shud not be allowed to sing in such a voice, spoiling the mood and being of other people.

Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi…..!!!! is the most heard song in trains. I do agree some of them are talented better then reshmiyya!! So titles are outsourced…..”Ninnolume Namagirali Tande……” Not bad. Wat could be the alternative..??

Here is the story, which featured some time back. An Old Lady from North Karnataka. Has an own House, Insurence Policy, Bank A/C, Been on Indian Piligrim tour(Freely)!! She is an Begger. She has Grand daughter who studies in school. Also The nominee of Insurence. Well all beggers are not like this AJJi!!!! It tells the Sad Story.

I like the way u end up the Blog and open for discussion. This seems to be like Forums/Discussion Board. Good!!!!

It has been ages since i have been on trains. however, aa dhinagaLalli naanu kELirO innondhu haadu – “shivappa kaayo thandhe mooru loka swamy dEva… kaapaadayaaa…”

anyways, The surprising thing is “…. fair hold on the language and can sing decently too …” at times I wonder if they are trained in any formal way, like if they have their own association or some sort? well, i guess that could be possible. (ondhu varshadha hindhe telugu movie nodidheera – pOkiri)
Nita blog-nalli ondhu similar post iththu – about beggars and one of the the tricks they use to make other people feel guilty.

I too had similar thoughts about children begging. Most bloggers pointed out that there is a cartel which hire and make these kids beg. The same is very much true in most begging cases.

BMP collects a cess while we paying property tax – dont know where the money goes.

Rehabilitation will not work on them. They need to “work” for any other profession. And any other strict actions will make them starve.
It is very difficult to decide if they are beggars “by choice” or “life is treating them like that”. Sometimes we act so cruel at them while in reality they might be starving. Sometimes our money (which was given with lot of sympathy) goes directly to booz.

as srik has mentioned sometimes their singing and their faces will make you so pathetic and sick but can’t blame them they are doing it for their bread and if they are working for others a gand then even their entire earning is not theirs they may get only khana peena thats all.
Your post is again unique in opening up a new area of concern begging for a discusiion as Naren has put it

“”This seems to be like Forums/Discussion Board. Good!!!! “”

I second your thought about
“Though these people sing well, I am not very keen on encouraging them. Many are able bodied, but see this as a lucrative profession, without much effort”

Its so much true, but they dont seem to be intd in looking at a alternative occupation which can get them to a better living.

I agree with srik, those songs make you feel depressed the whole day.

Few more songs like Swami devane lokapalane, Haadondha haduve nee keLu maguve, Musafir hoon yaro hage lively agiro kelavranna nodidaga train journey andhre seenu subbu ..subbu seenu , kadlekai garma garam kadlekai hadugaLu gnapaka baratte..

I think you missed the two most famous begging songs:
1) Kannada Naadina Veera Ramaniya – Naagara Haavu
Anybody who has traveled by Bangalore-Mysore trains would have heard this high pitched voice singer (he actually sings well) singing this song!
2) Shivappa Kaayo Thande – Bedara Kannappa
I think the king of all begging songs! It has the perfect “please-show-pity-on-me” feel to it. (And a great song to sing in chorus when awfully hungry! :D)

Shivappa kayo thande..
the one I have heard most commonly in bus stops.. It seems to be especially popular because of the lines ‘hasiveyannu taalalare..’

“Shiridi wale….. Sai Baba” is the all time top beggar number on mumbai local

i need the lyrics of “Ninnolume Namagirali Tande……” and “nirinalli aleya ungura…,” pls pls mail me…..,

Ninnolume Namagirali Tande
Kai hididu nee nadesu munde

Ninna ee makkalanu premadali nee nodu
Ee maneyu endendu naguvante nee maadu
Siriyu sampada beda yaava vaibhava beda
ninna karuyu onde saakenage tande

Nambidare bhayavilla nambadire baalilla
Ambigane nee nadesu ee baala nouke
Yaava nove barali edhe gundadirali
Satya maargadi nadeva shakti kodu tande

I hope I got it right. Watched this movie “Tande Makkalu” when I was perhaps 7 years old, cannot forget this lovely song.

It was the days when “Dil ke armaan aasuon mein beh gayi” was very popular, rendered by Pakistani singer Salma Agha.

I get to a bus in Kalasipalyam and a Muslim lady, with her young infant child, rendered the same nasal twang, and perhaps more passionately, imho. With the miserable child, with a running nose by her, it did appeal a lot to me but I myself was not much better, with Rs.2 in my pocket and a college student.

Makes you wonder, why some people get lucky and become the Himesh Reshamaiahs while others have to peddle their voices around bus stands in life.

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