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Bangalore’s Localities – Part III

Posted on: May 30, 2007

Continuing the list of Bangalore Localities, this time the focus is on the differently named areas of Bangalore.

Here is a list of them. 

  • Yelahanka
  • MadiVaaLa
  • PeeNya
  • Malleswaram
  • Nagavaara
  • Nagarabhaavi
  • Audugodi
  • Horamavu
  • HuLimaavu
  • Kadugodi
  • Anekal
  • Attibele
  • DoDDabele
  • Attiguppe
  • Kengeri
  • Kathriguppa
  • Whitefield
  • Agaram
  • DoDDakannelli
  • Kengeri
  • Hoody

Any idea why these places are named so? I know for sure that Malleswaram got its name from the Kadu Malleswara Swamy temple of the locality.

 Readers…please throw some light on this.


18 Responses to "Bangalore’s Localities – Part III"

Additions to the list –
DoDDanekkundi – near KR Puram

OT – When I say – I stay in Srinagar, people laugh at me & ask – do you travel from Sringar in J&K to B’lore everyday for work?! 😛

Oh yes, I forgot Hebbal…

Ooru post bere bareethini….

Yup..Srinagar….namm kade Singapura ide, also Nagaland….

Super Question and Answers session bidi.. naanu moolathaha bengaloorinbavaLalla.. aadru try maadtheeni, nanna creativity!!

Yelahanka – yelli yanka(yanka is a dull character)

MadiVaaLa – MadivaaLa means the washer man, may be all the washerman or dhobi lived here and hence the name. There is a stop called dhobi ghaaT in rajajinagar area.

PeeNya- this sounds in line with araNya which is forest, peeNya may be forest for factories…

Malleswaram – You have already mentioned kaDu maLLeswara swamy devashtaana.

Nagavaara – something related to nagarahavu, may be some temple of subramanya.

Nagarabhaavi – illenu bhaavi gaLu nagarahavu tara iratta ? I mean with well with more swirls..

Audugodi – Adu from aaTa aDu and godi from godown.

Horamavu – illi maavina haNNu sigalveno, so horagaDe inda maavinanna haNNu taristaare mostly.

HuLimaavu – Very obvious, don’t eat maavinahaNNu from this place, all will be sour.

Kadugodi – illi godown gaLu kaaDu tara irutte. athva adugodi ge idu twin extension irbahudu.

Anekal – kallugaLu Aneya gaatra iratte.

Attibele – atti haNNu illi bahaLa dubaari irbahudu.

DoDDabele – bele yaavude irali adu sadaa doDDadu.

Attiguppe – illi atti haNNannu guppe iTTu maarthaare(guppe means group)

Kengeri – kempagina + Eri – illiro Eri (the space next to toTa) ella kempaagi ive enO.

Kathriguppa – katriguppe alva ? kathri(scissors) annu guppe yaalli maaraTa maadthaare.

Whitefield – ondu kaaladalli illi field gaLannu white money le togobahudittu aadre idu eega black field aagbeku 🙂

Agaram – agaram illa vaNi, idu bari agara ashTe. kannaDadalli aagara andre moolastaana, avalambita jaaga anno artha ide.

DoDDakannelli – doDDadaada kaNNa iro haLLi.. swalpa aakaDe eekaDe hogi adu doDDa kannelli aagide.

Kengeri – repeat aagide idu.

Hoody – janaranna illige hooDi hooDi biDthaaranthe bus gaLalli olle dana tumbo tara.

Wah…lovely answers, Veena…take a bow. 🙂

wow! soooper name derivation Veena.

agaram – antha hesaru kELidheeni. namage goththirowrobbaradhu last name/middle name agaram antha. avaru agaram navaranthe. aa ooru ellidheyo goththilla.

bere kelavu…
gavipuram – gavi gangaadharEshwara swami devasthaana
hanumanthanagar – raamaanjaneya devasthaana idhe
byaatraayana pura – aali gaaLi hanumantha devasthaana idhe – byaatraayana pura yaako goththilla
shankarapura – shankara maTa idhe alli
NR colony – narasimha raja colony – narasimha raja wodeyar hesarindha aagirbeku 🙂
banashankari – banashankari devasthaana
it is interesting that jayanagara and vijayanagara are on two sites of bangalore (south and west?)

i came across the similar question when I said, I am from Srinagar. I remember somebody once asked, “are things ok in your area due to the border issues in J&K?” 🙂

Agaram antha ondu haLLi nam Kolar district nalli ide.

Agara antha kannada du mostly telugu versionnalli agaram agirbeku. Yakendre alli jana hechagi telugu ne mathadodu.

Aamele innondu “Kadugodi” andralla…
That actually is “kaDuguDi”….janara bayalli heegagide aste.

OT : There is one stop near ITPL called “O FORM”…its actually “HOPE FARM”, a farm of some Brtitish, long back, he had named it Hope farm. Nam janada bayindaa hinge badalagide aste.

HooDi hatra there is one kODi. kODi is a place where a lake’s excess water. hooDi might be a place where ‘hooLu’ (jEDi maNNu) of some lake existed.

White field analysis is superb Veena!! Nanna anisikenalli this also might have been named by some Phirangee during their times, like ‘o form’!!

wonderful post & really nice name reasoning by veena
white field is simply superb
benagalooru vishesha andre yerederadu names
Bytarayanapura mysre road bellary road
dasarahalli peenya agrharaa
bommasandra industrial area matte vidyaranyapura (near nagaland)

Lots of witty Comments!!!! Some of the true facts are.. Halasuru had lots of halasina trees so halasuru was named. HuliMavu no prizes for guessing!!!! Hora mavu may be a kind of Mango!! White field has got Big history the name is all Becoz of Britishers!!

It is like finding Nadhi mula… Rishi Mula….

To Vani akka,

If u find all the meanings of all Places in Bengalooru… Kindly do Publish a Book!! This Blog is Not enough!!

So many places..dont know how people could conjure up so many names for a single city itself. Just imagine the entire bangalore district, shudder to think of names in karnataka..

When i was in 7th standard, we used to play a game using the world atlas. I would open any of the countries map like europe or UK and spell the name of a small city printed there. THe opposition has to locate it within 10 minutes…


True Mohan

so many places, in theCity, if we imagine our vast nation.

Late PVN had talked about Singapore and mentioned there might be more than couple of hundreds of Singapur in India 😉

Most common ooru’s name found may be… Hosahalli any more additions? to the common ooru list.

Some interesting localities.

2. Akkithimmanahalli
3. Konanukunte


I know about “anekal”. It’s something about stones of the size of elephant. I recall reading it in a book called “shivanipalliya kappu chirate” by PuchmTe.

Your statement on singapore is very true. One of my friends told me that there is a ‘singapura’ near attibele and all my mails to singapore address was sent to singapura and i did not get my mails at all 🙂

perhaps, it is a case of ‘missingapura” ?

yeredu hesarig singapura koods ide alva ondu north innondu south bengaloorinalli
namma oorina hesaru hakbittidira navu Tindlu nivasigalu


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Excellent blog! Very interesting themes. I will regularly read it.

Sir, can you please give me the list of Area, Locality & Region of Bangalore.. waiting for your reply.

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