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Classification of Ghosts – A Small Study

Posted on: June 5, 2007

So this is another post I felt I simply had to share with my readers. I had a host of issues to write about, and had also finalized on a couple of topics, and was drafting them, when I happened to watch this program on TV, which made me stop all other things, and write about it. 

This is some local channel, whose specialty is Astrological Programs. Yesterday I was watching one such program on numerology. Now I have watched this program several times earlier. It goes something like this. 

The program begins with the compere, in this case, the astrologer/numerologist taking up one issue for discussion.

 He speaks of this issue for the first half hour of the program, the remaining 30 mins is spent taking calls from various people about their problems and how he thinks some Pooja can solve them and changing their names or whatever. 

The show on last Friday focused on the Supernatural. He spent some time analyzing why people become ghosts, and then he moved on to the classification of ghosts, yes, you read it right, classifying ghosts into several categories. Okay, now the classifications.

  • Devva
  • Bhoota
  • Pishaachi
  • ShaakiNi
  • DhaaKiNi
  • Mohini
  • Kutti Chaataan

 The first three of the list belong to the male species of ghosts; any man, who dies prematurely, i.e., without completing his complete life cycle, turns into a ghost. This may be death because of an incurable illness, murder or accidents. I don’t know why he took the trouble of making three separate classifications.

Harm Rating on 1-5 (1 signifying least and 5 signifying maximum) – 3

  Now the interesting part.The next three on the list belong to the female species of ghosts. I will take some time to define and explain each variety. 

  • ShaakiNi – This variety comprises of all those married women who die prematurely, because of dowry harassment or some accident or some other mishap.

         Harm Rating  – 3.5

  • DhaaKini – This variety comprises of all those women who die untimely deaths because of protracted illnesses , married or unmarried notwithstanding.

          Harm Rating – 3.0

  • Mohini – This is the most dangerous variety; All women who suffer a “love failure” and commit suicide or are murdered, become ghosts of this category. The Astro-Numerologist was emphatic about warning the unsuspecting viewers about them. He repeated this more than 5 times during the episode- this was the most dangerous category of ghosts.

          Harm Rating – 5.5 

  • Kutti Chaataan – These are child ghosts. They are the least harmless, and are pranksters.

         Harm Rating – 2.0

 Then he spoke of “Love Failure” and said that people who are born on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 27th & 30th are bound to be unsuccessful in love and he recommends breaking up if the boy or girl or both are born in these doomed dates. He also asked men to be wary of girlfriends born in these dates and warned them never to antagonize their girls, lest they commit suicide and haunt them for several births to come. 

Summing up, he said that before having an affair, it is better to check the prospective partner’s date of birth and then proceed. Does not matter if he / she is having other dreadful diseases. The main idea is that the girl should not die and become a Mohini and haunt the poor chap.

 So, all you guys and girls in love out there, beware…..   


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remind me to tell you the Navarang auto incident next time we meet.

isn’t it amazing that bhasmasura died becoz of mohini?!

Hmmmm…… Thats really scary Post…!! Am sure i will hav sleepless night……

I hav 1 question to all of u??? Why does Ghosts wear White Dresses…….??

Ghosts wear White clothes because….
they spend the whole day washing the clothes in Tide … dipping them in Ujalaaa … and starch ironing them… as in the nite is the Show time …..

“Why does Ghosts wear White Dresses?”

becoz ghosts use SURF EXCEL in large quantities.

Ha ha ha… So you had fun that day. Which channel was it? “Comedy central” ;-).
I have one more category to add called “koLLi devva”. They roam around holding a torch. Scary eh?. If you go deep inside villages, you’ll get innumerous.
I can tell some of Mangalore devvas: “kallurty”, Panjurly” etc etc. One pair is “koti chennayya” very famous (even movies have come on that )

@ RK,
As far as my knowledge, Only Mohini category of devva wears white sari. Rest of them varies with availability. I have heard about white chudidar/salwar kameez devvas. 😉

oHhhhhh!!!! rk,

Kalle Olleyadu… Male Devvagalu Ariel Use mada bahudu…… I hav one more query… if u find any Mohini(only) with Pink Dress let me know..!!!! :-)) Thats enough to fuel this Blog!!!

Hi bachodi,

Do u know Gudda dha Bhootha???/


Che che che….last time also you had told me….how could I forget on Sunday?

Now we have to wait another month atleast, or till next blog meet to discuss this… 😦

Bhasmasurananna saayisiddu Mohini…idu ond thara love failure alwa? 😉


Yeah, that was a local channel…definitely not Comedy Central…he was advising people with full seriousness……

Panjurl, Kallurty…I have heard of them….my athe is from Udupi and she has lots and lots of stories about ghosts….


Yaarappa adu Pink Dress Mohini?

Guddada Bhoota was the first serial I saw with special effects, like burning saree etc…

More than that I was scared of Qile Ka Rahasya….

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Dear Ms.Vani,
It was a pleasure going through your blog. I reached your blog through my website since I had large number of visitors coming from your site!. I am also shocked to find my details I had sent in your blog!!!
Inconviniences caused is very much regretted and would appreciate if you can take time to delete them. Probably visitors were due to this. I also request you to delete comment no. 8 since it was to be in Alexa and not your blog.

Thank You

All the weird things come up on this blog!!

People say when u believe in God, u must believe in Devva…
But I argue, when u believe in God, why worry who else exists!!

I dont care if people categorise these negative energies of nature as scare 1, scare 2…. What a pathetic show that must be 🙂

Bach, I am also aware of those bhutas, I know around Mangalore, there are temples for devvas and they celebrate one festival “KOLA” for these Bhutas!!

informative post vani.

During school days(primary school) I had a friend called Santhu a.k.a. Santhosh, team lead of our group. He said that one day he saw a “Devva” in his village. His grandfather was brave enough to ward off the ghost and told him that it will come back again behind you. He said that the “devva” might be here somewhere. Now imagine the state of other children sitting around him in the dark at 10:00pm(our usual meeting time on the house roof after completing homework). I was actually shivering from top to bottom. While going home, any object I see in dark it would resemble to a “Devva” standing. I went home hugged my father and closed my eyes. My father said with a smile “Aa tharle santhu matthe yaavdo devvada kathe helidna?”.


Yaarappa adu Pink Dress Mohini?

nodappa Vanigu gottagi bidthu nin opposite kooro pink dress hudgi kathe. Cafeteria dalli announce maadla?

Haudu, ivatthu yaav color dress haakidale?:)


Nan sutha nin sutha irorella Colour Colour devgale!! Adhu bere vishya…

Swalpa reel Bidi swamy… Click adhre Ram Gopal Vermage kodabahudu Madbahudu….. We will discuss in our kannada sangha meeting today….!!!!!!

White mohinigalanna nodi nodi bejar aagogidhe… Jana Change Kelthare…….. So Pink Devva…. Yella OK Pink Yaake??? Any Thoughts..???

Naren seems to be quite scared of Mohinis in pink dresses!

Paapa Mohini kaaTa joragide ansathe…. 😉

KaravaLi side nalli I have heard lot of ghost stories……

This program was ultimate. Planning to watch again on the coming Friday to check if the astrologer will shed more light…..

ohh no!!!!!!

Shetty Route Change madbitri… Pink Mohini is Reeel not Real!! If any1 knows abt pink mohini let me Know…!!!!!! I think bellur anna will design 1 in future…

@ Vani, Which is that Programme and on which TV what time?? Hope its not Ravi belegere’s Crime Dairy…

Kerala side nalli thumba devva galu ideyanthe… Bitre Nam Kollegala Famousu…….. How abt tiptur any Idea..?? I hav bit clue but no Idea… Any one???????

regarding “becoz ghosts use SURF EXCEL in large quantities.” –> i thought they use “Washing powder Nirma – kaalig bidre karma” 🙂

oh! koLLEgaala – heard a lot about that. during school days, we had someone in our neighborhood, said he went to kollegaala to learn few tricks and he said he could get god thru’ him –> he did some tricks at home as well. i don’t remember what he did… however, everytime i hear about kollegaala, thats the only thought i get in my mind 🙂

kutti chetan –> i thought that was a magician character 🙂

Tiptur andiddakke mugu turistaa irodu 😉

There is a temple near Tipur, at Dasarighatta. A Chowdeshwari temple, famous for “Devva biDisodu”!! Since there is this Goddess, no Devvas around Tiptur, I guess.

I stayed there for four years and didnt find even one 🙂

Trivia : In this Chowdeshwari temple, there is one idol that is carried by a priest, when bhaktas pose a question, this idol writes strangely over a bed of flowers, it seems….and what that writes would certainly bound to happen ‘ante’ 😉

Some one, who know more, please come up with details.

Suprised to see all these even in this IT Era/21st century what not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ destinationsrik,

Mugu irodhe adhake….. lol. 4 Years in Tiptur??? u must be KIT guy…

Nice story abt chowdeshwari temple… Would like to visit if its Nice place…. Any other places of intrest in Tumkur…. Plzzzzzzzz Let me know… Hav some Plans….

Pink Devvva… interesting… colour colour devva gaLidre …even i m interested to meet Mr Heman Devva… enri vani… interesting hero devvagaLe ilwa … how sad…

Colur codes ge aa devvagaLu TV serials na nodidre… Avu hege dress madbeku anno idea khanditha sigatthe .. especially the K series..:D

which ghost makes docs advertise on your blog??
ad ghost?

“Then he spoke of “Love Failure” and said that people who are born on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 27th & 30th are bound to be unsuccessful in love ”
he has covered almost all dates!! so if it happens then its a co incidence!

Is this the SK Jain program that used to come in Udaya TV?
It was one of my favorites, the sheer stupidity used to cheer me up from any bad mood.


A little correction the Mangalore ‘devvas’ that you mentioned about are Boothas, and we Tuluvas pray to these boothas, Koti & chennayya(twins) are the warriors of our community and we pray to them in garadi(s) which exists in almost all villages of tulunadu.

We do bootharadane to our warriors which is a parallel system of araadhane of tuluvas to Lord Rama, Krishna and other vaidic Gods. and there are more than 250 such boothas (good ones) that exist in tulunadu.

haha! That was interesting and hilarious!:D

Do u know any ghost stories?
When I was a kid my cousins and I would sit together scaring each other with the wildest devva stories!

White Power!!!!!

its really true wat i have heard about mohini but i want to know about kolli devva

reply me i want to know about kolli devva

highly stupid .. i wasted my time reading this…

Hi Vani,

I’ve been through this experience and all i can say is there is nothing called white, pink, grey nighties haakondiro devvaas. U can never ever see it! All you know is that something has taken control over you and u can do nothing about it. Strong will power and some prayers is all that you can do. Trust me i’ve been through this and couple of my friends were mute spectators. Thanks for this post 🙂

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