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KodbaLe in BendakaaLooru

Posted on: June 15, 2007

This is one of my Ajji’s recipes for yummy kodbaLe…it’s Friday, and I am hungry and waiting for lunchtime as I am writing this.


Rice flour (slightly coarse, gives more crispy touch)
Red chili powder
Jeera (cumin seeds)
Hing (asafetida)
Grated coconut
Dried & crushed curry leaves
White sesame seeds
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

There is no fixed proportion for the ingredients….if you decide to make half a Kilo of KodubaLe, for 500 gms of rice flour, salt and chili powder depend purely on taste….also asafetida must be just a pinch…too much of it is really really bad….the other ingredients are about a handful together.


Mix the rice flour, red chili powder, salt, butter and all the above ingredients in the dry form.
Knead with hand to ensure that butter gets uniformly mixed in the dry flour.

At this stage some people prefer to put 1 or 2 red chilies in hot oil, take out after 1 minute, cool, powder by hand and mix with the dry flour.
This gives a traditional flavor to KODUBALE. Frying procedure: The proper method is not to mix water to the flour all at once, but to sprinkle, enough to make a handful of wet dough at a time, finish that and proceed again.
So, mix water to a portion of the dough (preferably at the center), mix it to a semi-wet paste (not as wet as a chapatti/bread dough).
Take a lemon-sized ball and start rolling on a cutting board.

The consistency should be sufficient to roll, but not too wet/soggy.
If the water is less, the rolled rod breaks. If this happens, add a little water (coconut water if you have).

Remember, do not put too much pressure on the semi-wet dough, but gently roll to form a smooth natural rod, rolling sideways to get an even thickness of about the small finger on your hand.When the rolled rod becomes 4 inches long, slowly turn around the ends, join them to form a circle (like a bangle). The correct consistency is that at the points of bending, small cracks may appear, but the roll will not break.

Carefully hold it at the circumference and slide it along the Pan-edge into hot oil.
Use medium flame to heat the Pan (BaNale).
 Put in 5 to 6 Kodubale at a time and deep fry slowly till brown.
Use the back of stainless steel spoon or a wooden rod to lift them thro’ the center hole.
To test consistency, break one after cooling; it must be crispy with crumbs at the center.

If the butter is too much, the KODUBALE breaks into pieces after getting into the hot oil.

Mix every thing with water and roll and fry. I bet you know what to do after this!

If the water is too much, the KODUBALE becomes smooth and soft. Lack of butter makes it pretty hard, which, many people do like.

Adjust your proportion, Khara (chili powder) etc by tasting one, thenproceed with the further batches. It can be kept in bottles for 15 days to a month and eaten at tea time or any time….. 

KodubaLe brings back memories of my grandmother…. she was an awesome cook and made amazing KodubaLe…. that too on a traditional “iddilu ole”…this is again another great memory of Summer Holidays…. 


15 Responses to "KodbaLe in BendakaaLooru"

ummm… yum yum yum….
“eaten at any time…” –> is what I like; hehe…

avarEkaayi season-nalli avare kaaLu haaki kodbaLe maadthaare – sooper aagiraththe..

baaNale reminds me of type – aeroplane baaNale – aeroplane baaNale gives the right amount of heat and retains the heat for longer. ashtu kaavu barakke ashtE time kooda thagoLLaththe 🙂

naavu usually maLe barthidhdha time-nalli kodbaLe, bOnda maadthidhvi (school days) – horagade maLe barthiraththe – oLage bisi bisi kOdbaLe, bOnda thinnOdhu – usually shanivaara athava bhaanuvaara aadhdharindha, DD-1 movie with kOdbaLe – aha yum yum 🙂

Vani… samples are better than recipes… 😉

Still remember my Ajji’s kodbaLe…fried to the right consistency crisp brown on the outside.. the inside still whitish… you occasionally come across a nice “fried” meNasinaKayi…

Typically eaten in the afternoon with hot kaapi…

bisi kaapi + kOdbaLe is a very good combination I always enjoy

Kodbale Snacks Free with Kanglish tutorials…..?? Now i am ready 2 sit in front bench……


Ella Ok… Kod-bale na English nalli enuhelthare…
_ _ _ _Bangle

Grrr…. now I have to eat one too….. 🙂

From english classes to kitchen lessons 🙂

Vani madam rocking!! Continue… Thindi pothara gumpige yeshtu thindi madidroo saakagalla 😀

Veenakka innenaadru hesridtaare ashte…..she is in no mood to digest food or food related issues…..

Anyway, manege banni yellaru and I will supply all these desi goodies….

In these days of Lays and Pringle and their ilk, I suppose this is a fancy…..

Mohan…I will fry this in regular oil for you…no castor oil experiments……. 😉

Vijay, sikkaaga sample yenu…full quota ne supply madteeni…..

The fried items doesn’t interest me much..

well, Vijay anthu ella variety of tindi nallu experienced and maathig munche kaapi.
maduve maadkobekaadre madam koTTa kaapi(to be specific heNNu nodo shaastra) ruchi hegittu andre avaru uppittu jothe kodbaLe jothe kaapi combination enjoy maadthaare:-) and madhyaana kaapi kudiyovaru idaara antha??

Srik, Philosphy heLovru.. tinnokke anthaane baduk bedi, badukokke tinni annodu… aadre ee blog gaLu nodidre ondu kaiginta innondu kai melu…!

Vani, nimma readers ella manege bandaaga tiLi saaru plus kodubaLe kododanna maribedi.. promises are already in written format here 🙂

Well making of kodbaLe reminds me one thing we trying out to make different art using the kodbaLe hiTTu!!

Try coconut oil instead of castor oil…. Keep it closed for better effects 😉

On the bonnet of a smelly bus, Mohan?

gar-garyaagide post!

bellur uvacha:
ee programmersu ondh special dish maadthare. it is called:


Super..yum yumm… post

Veenakka.. kapigendaru hotthe-gotthe.. yavaga munditruu arishina kunkumada thara sweekarisabeku…adhu shashtra.. Innu intha kuruk mevu jothe kotre anthu… kosambari panaka value add iddhange.. beda annlebaardu…

Tindipotarige jai

|| bisi bsisi kaapi a jothe
gari gari kodbale koduva
madadhi iralu, swargakke kichchu hachenda sarvagna||

After reading through the article, I feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you suggest some more resources ?


I made kodubale today looking into a different receipe, it didnt come out very well. It was a bit hard. So, searched for soft kodubale recepiesand found yours. You have clearly told us how to make soft kodubale. Will surely try out your receipe very soon and will comment as to how it came out.

Many Thanks for the Receipe .. 🙂

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