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My Favorite Characters on DD Shows

Posted on: June 22, 2007

It’s a cold, wet day and I have not much to do at work. I yearn for some hot coffee, and my mind wanders…I go back to those golden days of childhood, and reminisce fondly about those days when the only entertainment during such weather, when friends could not meet, was good old Door Darshan.  And that prompts me to write this post on my favorite characters in DD shows.

  1. Renu from Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
  2. Mr Y I Yogi from Mr Yogi
  3. Kiran Juneja’s Character (Forgot her name) from Buniyaad
  4. Betaal from Vikram Aur Betaal
  5. Guru from Nukkad
  6. Khopdi from Nukkad
  7. Abhimanyu Roy in Fauji
  8. Sudesh Berry and Malavika Tiwaari in Kashish
  9. Kitty (“Sir, you are a genius”) from Karamchand
  10. Karamchand – Chewing a carrot (“Shut up, Kitty”) from Karamchand
  11. Jaspal Bhatti in Ulta Pulta
  12. He Man from He Man and the Masters of the Universe
  13. Giant Robot
  14. Devki Bhaujaayi  from Humraahi
  15. Byomkesh Bakshi from Byomkesh Bakshi
  16. Shekhar Suman (Don’t Remember his name) from Reporter
  17. Rajni from the serial Rajni
  18. Karan Razdan as Rajni’s husband  from Rajni
  19. Prannoy Roy from The World this Week
  20. Amol Paalekar from Aa Bail Mujhe Maar
  21. Anjan Srivastava from Wagle Ki Duniya
  22. Bharti Achrekar from Aa Bail Mujhe Maar and Wagle Ki Duniya
  23. Kavitha Chowdhry from Udaan
  24. Mungerilal from Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne
  25. Phateechar from Phateechar
  26. Krishna Deva Raya and Tenaali Raama from Tenaali Raama
  27. Jawahar Lal Nehru from Bharat Ek Khoj
  28. DiDi’s Comedy Show
  29. Telematches
  30. Liliput in Dekh Bhai Dekh

And I can go on and on and on……………….. like some one sang on TV “Koi Lautade Mere Beete Hue Din”


24 Responses to "My Favorite Characters on DD Shows"

Hi Vani, these characters brought back some nice memories about how we all used sit on the floor and watch in awe all these serials. I remember how Nik and I used wait for Byomkesh Bakshi (the locak poirot, to my mind) and Dekh Bhai Dekh. Another one we used to love to hate but still watch was Qile ka rahasya. gosh….

alla madam nam kannada dha charecters siglillva Nimge…

That office aayana, Pramila Joshai of thirugu Bana.. Prakash Rai of Guda dha bhoota… List goes on………

Aparna in ‘Meenakshi mane meshtru’

and Shekar Suman in Dekh bhai dekh 🙂

If you want to include movie characters – then my number one will be ‘Crime master Gogo’ – aaya hoon tho kuch lekar hi jaaoonga – Shakthi kappor in Andaaz apna apna

Oh, Andaaz Apna Apna any day! I love watching that movie… 🙂

Naren, kannada serials bahaLa kadime iddvu….we had conductor Cariyappa, Sihi Kahi etc…..remember very few… 😦

Su, yup, Qile Ka Rahasya freaked me all the time…..

OOh yes..the list is damn good. I can add The mickey show and renuka shahane of Surabhi fame!!!

Vaniiiii this could have been my list!!!
Same pinch ;))

Gopi (kallu maama) from Tehkikaat

Kannadadalli “Bisilu Kudure” antha serial – Prakash Rai, Uday Uthinagaddhe… anyone remember?

My favourite is : Stone boy!!

Betaal in vikram betaal….interesting….and I can understand 😉

Another fav. is Bhanupriya who enacted Menaka in Vishwamitra 🙂

Of cource the role I most enjoyed as a child was that Udaan’s super cop.

And there were Kannada serials, as Naren mentioned, Prameela Joshai’s tirugubaana is still afresh in the mind, her acting in that lonely big house is just fantastic.

Guddada bhuta i remember, but not a single character in it.
And, there was this ever smiling lady from Surabhi…Renuka.
She’s my all time favourite TV host!!

what about Shekhar Suman in Dekh Bhai Dekh ? much below in the list is it ? that was my fav in DD.

Honored to blogroll you

Kannada nalli
namma Nammalli- forgot the charecters-Novu nalivu ella idhe namma nammalli .. namma nammalli-very nice title song
Crazy colnel-Ramesh Bhat
Swara Raga Sudha -DR Balamuralikrishna.. one of very first introduction program on carnatic music and Ragas
Ajithana SahasagaLu-B V rajaram minching as Mr Holmes
Bisilu kududre.. Uday was smart in this
guddadha bhootha -Prakas rai at his best
Sihi kahi
brings back good memories

Of course DD nalli whole big list of serials like, mahabharath, ramayan, surabhi, bharath ek khoj, darpan, khashish, fauji, doosra kewal, buniyaad, humlog, wagle ki duniya, ados pados, street hawk, star trek, dekh bhai dekh …oh my… the list goes on….

Great list, good recap for all.
i wish the current producers get in touch with ur blog…

I simply loved them all. I regularly revisit the ’80s. And WHO SAID I AM NOSTALGIC??

Why no mention of Circus and the Lover boy in it?

I say thank you for this sweet memories of DD. when i read ur blog on Bangalore mirror i was feeling very nostalgic. those DD days were no doubt the best days where people never fought for the remote control, and the whole family ues to enjoy it………….

Hi Vani
Great work! I now live in the UK but still fondly remember the days before satelitte television…. it was jst DD all the way! simply loved Stone Boy…. do you knw where can I get a copy of the series?

Hi, i was searching for kannada serials and got in here!!

Topic chennagide.

Varagala Bete : – Idu thumbha haledu may be 1987 times

Premada karanji : Actor Ramesh was in this serial
Bisilu Kudure : Part 2

Asphota : T N Seetharam
Kaleju Ranga : T N Seetharam

most of the other serials are listed.

I remember one more serial called “Badukinalli ondu tiruvu” by Tara and 2 other guys, they are all doctors and some love story

Few years back there was one funny cable channel “Kalai Magal Sabha” or something, where i got a chance to revisit few serials

Ofcourse, how can we forget other movie based programs like ,

Chitravali :- Every week some actor/actress used to appear sharing their experience. Still remember Ramesh’s program. This guy is so modest. In his program instead of talking about himself he talked about other actors like Raj, Vishnu, Ambaressh, Shankar naag etc

Chitra manjari, Chitrahaar, Chitra mala : used to just wait for these programs

Also, those Sunday 1.15 award movies. I remember watching movies of almost all languagues 🙂

Finally, how can we forgetabout Malgudi Days !!!!

Here’s adding some more to the list –
Suman Nagarkar in the kannada serial “Kannadi olagina kanasugalu”.
Also liked Vaishali Kasaravalli and Malavika in “Maya Mruga”
Ananth Nag in Malgudi days – Mithaiwala
Aparna in suttha-muttha

I always liked the serial Arohan of pallavi joshi.
Good way of encouraging women….

I like serial like Namma Nammli, Biselu kudure, Crazy colonel and many more can .

If any one has any of the old serials video please forward me.

So nice to remember all those good old serials. Thanks to all of you. Any one knows where sihi kahi, crazy colonel are available to watch? I looked in videogirmit and youtube but couldn’t find them. I live in Uk and enjoy watching kannada videos like silli lalli on videogirmit.

Hi, accidentally stumbled onto your blog.
I remember a few more – Officaayana by T.S.Nagabharana , Kshamaya dharitri with Vaishali kaasaravalli and a few serials by Ravikiran.
Out of context, but Garva was one good serial telecast on ETV kannada in 2002-2003.

I remember a few detective shows from my old nostalgic Doordarshan days. I was a child then, but thanks to you tube, that I can continue watching them. Who can forget Jasoos Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Super six, Barrister Roy (starring Kanwaljeet), Reporter (Shekhar Suman’s first apperance on TV), Tehkikaat and Suraag (starring Sudesh Berry)? But the show stealer of those good old days was definitely Byomkesh Bakshi. He was undoubtedly the desi Sherlock Holmes.


aasegalu nooraaru..jeevaanake aduve usiru.
No. 55
Giant Robot
The Lucy show
natkat naarad
Parichay – Shankarnag/Ramesh

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