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Its time for a Break

Posted on: June 27, 2007

Its Six months since White Phosphorous became reality. Six months of glorious interaction with amazing personalities… It’s been wonderful to share my musings, cribs, favorite poetry, little tit-bits of knowledge, rants, culinary jaunts and anything I felt was worth sharing, with each one of you.

 I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading everything I wrote, and encouraging me to go forward. I have been fortunate to have so many people take interest and read everything I write.  

Now, it’s time for me to take a break………………I am in a transition phase, undergoing changes in my professional life and want to enjoy the little gap I will be getting, with family and friends. There are long due visits to relatives’ houses and temples, and I plan to make the most of this little holiday I am getting.

 I will not be able to blog as frequently for the next 15 days, hope to be back with a bang after that. Plan to get back fresh and rejuvenated, and hope to keep you entertained with more.

Ta Ta till then.


14 Responses to "Its time for a Break"

hmmmmmmmmm after me and Veena…its you taking the break!

Muktha gang on a break spree! (pun intended)

have a great holiday.


Have a whale of a time!!!

Get back soon.


N’joy maaaadi……..

Allllllllllll the Best………….

Vani @ her Best… Watch out Break na Nanthara…..:-)

Have a nice break.
Akkana manenu ide alva planalli??

Enjoy your vacation ma’am…

mera number kab aayega… longing for a vacation 😦

PM, aagaaga eraDu mooru dina hogtheeralla saalalva?
Anand Balaji calls it as Bloggers block..

Srik, I just didn’t post the pics but was around ree…. 🙂

great – enjoy your time… 🙂

Coooooool Yeanjaay

Cool Van, enjoy. Was nice meeting you in Bangalore. And good show reg your blog in Bangalore Mirror.

Congrats on your blog getting featured in Bangalore Mirror. Its another feather in your cap in a short 6 month span!

All the best Vani

Enjoy your holidays!!!!

Awaiting many more interesting articles and info on your blog…

have a nice holiday and when you will take up new assignment
enjoy and come back with a bang to share with us

All the Best Vani… Waiting to see u all rejuvenated after the break 🙂

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