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I am back……

Posted on: July 21, 2007

Its nearly a month since I logged off from the blog world.….I had to ensure smooth transfer of responsiblities at my former work place, and had a blast at the farewell. I had a hectic vacation that lasted exactly 7 days,which were spent getting ready for my new assignment…Couldn’t get time to talk to Su who was in Bangalore…. Couldn’t enjoy the stay at home I was yearning for…but that is life, and accept it gracefully, we have to.

 I am at my new workplace now…finding my feet in the maze….it’s 10 days since I started work…10 days of new experiences. I  had the company of  ten other novices and so I was not alone as I faced the dragons there… 

Recently I met an old friend who is actually my ex teacher.We got talking about people’s needless fancy towards English and the aftereffects of such a hangover.

She shared some rare gems. I thought I can share them here:

 She said,”Each  answer sheet I evaluate is a specimen in itself. Most of the applications are written in full seriousness, but being the nit picker I am, I only see faults in them, for example, I cannot accept bad grammar or bad spellings. Initially it is anger and then the sheer nonsense sends me to fits of laughter, and most of my colleagues cannot understand what’s happening to me. My only question to most of the people writing them is why trouble yourself writing in a  bombastic language that is unfamiliar ?Why make life complicated?

  “I  have requested  all  their goodself to search the buffaloes  and back them”( notice !!)

 “I have parked my vehicle opposite Park Plaza.. It was missing when I come back. I respect it has been stolen. Homes is near to Dr XYZ’s resistance. Please stress my vehicle for me”.(letter writing!!)

 “I was coming near to Centrle Libry at 9.15 PM, some robber attacked me near my Nix Lips….” (letter to the editor!!)……”

No doubt my ex teacher still looks young and energetic–laughter IS the best medicine.

Pray, can anyone tell me which part of the body “Nix Lips” are located? 

 I mean no harm or offence to anyone here, but is our education system so terrible? 


9 Responses to "I am back……"

Amazing letters.
Would be great if you can compile all the weird ones.

please check your mailbox

Hi Van,
Hilarious is the word. I just couldn’t stop laughing .Have fun machi!

Welcome Back !!!

Ha ha.. Nix Lips???
Did you finally figure it out?

welcome back mam,

“Nix Lips” ????? Dont know..?? Hope u will enlighten us in coming blogs. then whats up..??
all the best for ur New Job. then where is the treat for new Job..???

welcome back.

Nix Lips..?!! hilarious.


Thanks 🙂

Yes, you all read it right, it was “Nix Lips”…..and imagine my plight when I remembered it on the bus on my way home that evening….. I was probably looking like a fit case for NIMHANS….the looks I got…..I could not stop laughing for some hours after I read that…..

Vasuki, sorry, I cannot publish any part of those letters on this domain….

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