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Sporadic Visits to the Blog World

Posted on: July 30, 2007

I am guilty……. of not posting as often as I think I should, and of not visiting the blogs I read…..not commenting on good posts….

 Put it down to lack of drive, sheer exhaustion and most important of all, lethargy.

I come across many hilarious incidents in my workplace, and feel that I must share them with my readers, but unfortunately everything, every paper and every file I handle is classified information…. I feel very sad that I am unable to share those gems on this domain…

 I have a host of ideas buzzing in my head, and am mentally trying to sort out and prioritize them so that I can give you doses of my ideas at regular intervals. Hope I can get to do that soon.

These sporadic visits would probably continue for a month more.I hope I can sort out issues much before that, and get back to serious blogging at the earliest.

I will keep writing off hand. Thanks for being patient.


6 Responses to "Sporadic Visits to the Blog World"

Hello madam,

I thought u r from IT sector. Now u r telling Classifieds and all…!!!?? Dont know. U can tell me in some other domain thats mail !!!

Vani, I can take a guess of those hilarious incidents at office. With such a bunch of co-workers God only knows how will you spend ur lifetime?!!!!

hegide sarakari kelasa devarige prreethi antheera
yochane madabedi nimma kelasa nivu nishte inda madi
your experiences will be variety and we must arrange
one vani sanje to share your all experiences
keep going
modala salary bantha?
all the best let your work enrich your capabilities of writer
and a flow of posts without any break all the best

Certainly your posts are missed by the whole regular visitors here. Specially those ones you write on ghosts 🙂
Hope you get access to the laptop as a privileged person amidst the sarkaari files and folders.

“Thanks for being patient”!!!!!
thanks wont work .. write something.. we are waiting !!

Obviously this is a comment ;-)… So when are you posting the new thriller cases on your blog?

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