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First days at the new job

Posted on: August 14, 2007

Ok, so here goes. Most of you have been waiting to know about my workplace and surroundings. As I think of work, I smile. There are so many things I wish to say, but how to do that is the million-dollar question.

 Let me list out the positives first.

           Fixed working hours. Past 5.30 in the evening, you are literally shooed out by the establishment staff that would like to finish the cleaning up and lock up the halls.

          You need not be tense that you have a set target for the day. Work can always be kept pending. That is why the department I work is aptly termed “Pending Branch”.

          Fortunately I have a young set of colleagues with a similar mindset. So any amount of work that is assigned gets done in a jiffy and I feel I am back in college.

          Our supervisors are a cool pair; they withstand a lot of leg pulling by the guys and are cool about it. They do not try to show their seniority or power with us.

Now, the negatives:

           Lack of basic facilities. To be very clear, there are not sufficient toilets. And the ones there are, I can use two words to describe them – pathetic and disgusting.

          Indifferent seniors. No one wants to teach us anything. We cannot fathom why.

          Dust. Tons of it. Most of the records we handle are full of dust. To be precise, it is so bad that three days into work, one of our supervisors was admitted to hospital with Respiratory tract infection and had to take rest for nearly 15 days.

What ever, the positives outweigh the negatives. We are being sat on, rather hard. But it’s fun. Simply hilarious sometimes, very disgusting sometimes, utterly depressing at others. We learn to be clinical about things and not take issues seriously, as we have to deal with those files day in and day out. And hence I would say that it has been a nice experience so far, and hope to enjoy it in the days to come.


14 Responses to "First days at the new job"

sarkaaaaaaaaari kelasa devara kelasa vani!! 🙂

Wow… interesting… meet madona… innu tumba interesting things kelabahudu ansatthe!

Van, Quick, get a mask. And second, keep Savlon in office… know why!!

Vani Productions & WhitePhosphorous presents


cool – in a way – long hours at work anthaanoo illa – pending kelsa manege thandhu sanje maneyindha kelsa maadtheeni anno tharaanoo illa 🙂
helps to learn managing activities within a timeframe (time managementu?)

Sakattagide nimma hosa payanada explanation. Lets know more when we meet 🙂

@rk: super idea
Mira Nair aagidre : Dust
Ramu aagidre : Kasa – the movie (as against Dhool -the original aka aag against sholay )
Narayan aagidre : dhoolu sir dhooLu
Ektaa kkkkapoor aagidre : kkkkkasaaa

5.30 – out of office?!

madam, nangondu kelsa kodusteera??

Kelsa kodisodaadre nangu beku 🙂 BTW belagge yeshtu hottina varegu bartairbahudu office ge antha helale illa 😉 Hope to hear more about ur experiences, very soon . . .


oLLE description vaNi… looking forward to listen to “Sarkari Tales” soon

RK: sarkari officalli ili idhe antha ondhu award movie tegibodu (Documentary type)

the name of the movie can be:
Sarkaradalli Hegganagalu, Officenalli Iligalu 😉

Nice job, u need not to worry about extra working…..feel good for tht…..out it is hectic to work…..

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