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Nicknames and Aliases

Posted on: August 18, 2007

It is very common for people to have pet names and nick names. We all would be very familiar with names like sweety, munni, pinky, chintu, bablu etc.  (some of these pet names are literally those; “pet names”, You can find many naming their pet Pomeranians in the above names). 

We also find that most names that are more than 2 characters long are shortened to a more phonetically easy version…for ex, Madhusudan becomes Madhu, Parimala becomes Pammi, Pankaja becomes Panku, Srinivas becomes Seena and so forth. And this is not just an Indian phenomenon, in the West too, you get to see such shortened names, like Patrick becomes Pat, Jennifer becomes Jenny, Richard becomes Dick, Robert becomes Bob, William becomes Bill….and the list goes on.

 I get ample opportunity to read some really funny nicknames, which are used as aliases by a section of society.

 Here are a few samples. The name Manjunath alone, I have noticed, I guess has the highest number of “Prefixes” attached. I happen to read names like “Manjunath alias —“ the – can be filled up with any or all of the following aliases.

           Blade Manja

          Kathri Manja

          Razor Manja

          Deck Manja

          Don Manja

          Stone Manja

          KoLi Manja

           Anil Kumar alias Idli 

          Srinivasa alias Bhootha Seena

           Kumar alias Pambu 

          Sethu alias Phenyl 

          Raja alias Bikla

           Soma alias Kukka 

The first time I came across these names, I was literally rolling on the floor with laughter but now it is a matter of routine. But I still find it funny and at the same time sad to see some nice names being distorted like this. Most of the people with these nicknames are proud to be identified like this; it gives them a sense of importance. 

We have been so very influenced by these names that almost all of us have a nickname of our own. Now, if someone were to come searching for me, they would have a tough time finding me without my nickname.  

How many of you have some names like this? Let me know. 

Signing off now,  Ta. 


13 Responses to "Nicknames and Aliases"

that habit of feeling proud is misplaced glory.
they haven’t actually done anything to attain ‘name and fame’.
you know mine…..
I wish i knew what my kids call me at school though .
over the years I must have acquired quite some nicknames… 😉
vagz calls me maati
he is into this phase where he juxtaposes all words…
it has become such a habit that he sings pallavis of songs in this manner in a very fluent way.. like Nukidu Nukidu raabe…
domve domve raasi nakdumne raabe..

Funny post vani. when we short list names for kids one thing which comes to mind is that whether that name can be shortened to make it sound odd 🙂
KoLi manja is what I have heard in common and all other sounds like rowdy’s name..

Hahhaa… this is some stuff.. People call me differently at different places. At home some name, when i was in a hostel, people used to refer to me with a different name, now at work place, some other name, and in the blog world, its SRIK!!

However, there are some friends who refer to me exactly how I am called at home…all such things happen, and I can easily relate myself to all those names. No confusins…amazing stuff isnt it?

Dravid My current nick name among my team. Not much popular. I hav many pet names.

Whokey Now intresting facts.

Its “OM” which gave us lot of Kick with all the funny names like Koli manja
Bekinna kannina rajendra
Champa, etc. We enjoyed lot during school days.

Very recently TOI(let) carried an article related to all funny names of Crime world. Its very intresting the reasons behind the names.

Loose madha is the latest contribution from Duniya(Yet to watch)!!!!

Ha ha! Good stuff. I do have a silly sounding nickname, but don’t want to give to away 😉

I had come across some BaLe naaga antha hesru …sometime back , i felt it really funny then,

later i got to know that these nick names mostly are popularised by their friends and are named such during some situations/circumstances… i wonder their parents/family members reactions to these names… For ex Mrs/Smt baLe naaga……..

i have come across these gems

Hollywood Hanuma
(named after his attempts to look hep)

Single Battery (nick name of an one eyed jack)

Ha ha ha 🙂

Whats your nick name vani?

Srik, u forgot the name I gave you? and what about the one affectionately bestowed on you by Panthulamma?

Mohan, Srik has given me three nicknames, u can ask him the details.

in our college days, most people in the gang had some sort of nicknames – although i have forgotten if i had any, except my name was shortened in a way…

few people i remember
kaddi saththi
sotta (don’t remember his name)
kunta (he acted like a kunta in some occasion)
soda buddi
aane kivi
panta (there were couple of studious guys>

Auto manja
black ticket manja
pocket manja
acid manja.

One of my friends in school stole some petty thing. So everyone started calling him ‘kalla’. But some how it became ‘kalle’. I dont know the reason for this. Even today after almost a decade of our schooling, we call him ‘ kalle’

this is indeed a very funny post.. some of the nicknames that i ve come across

metal mahesha, bucket raja, powder, kalla pilli, purana,
boquet, huchha naga, kencha ravi, hippy seena, kaatu, tarkari manja, aboda, auto shankara, kulla seena, paati, bonda shiva, yediyur kaddi, korangu, kurup seena, mark madesha etc..

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