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Posted on: September 18, 2007

A long hiatus……Its time I made up my mind to write something. So here goes. 

I have to endure a long journey to work, coupled with traffic jams and bottlenecks (of course, which working Bangalorean does not endure that?).

Boring bus journeys can be very lively if one were to keep their eyes and ears open to their surroundings. 

In the mornings, I generally hear the same dialog “Ayyo….the traffic in Bangalore…..” this is mostly from the people who work for Private Establishments, and of course, our dear BMTC drivers. I now sympathize with most of the drivers for their patience in driving bus loads of people to their destinations.

There is another segment, that of ………. ahem …….. ahem………. Govt Servants, who spend most of the travel time discussing CLs, ELs, DA, GPF etc….then the bunch of School and College Students….this is mostly a giggly lot who isn’t very much bothered about being late or so. I think they are the ones who enjoy journeys most. Then the immigrant workers who come from the Northern states, haggling with the conductor for change.

 In the evenings, it is the same mixture of people, but the topics generally range from the day’s work to the evening cooking to the movie they watched in the weekend to the rising cost of living.  

There is a separate group of people, who are tight lipped and have a sort of “Touch me not” attitude. They look as though they have forgotten how to smile and the world rests on their slender shoulders. They keep aloof and snap at others at the slightest inconvenience. 

Many enjoy a much needed power nap and I envy those lucky souls who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. 

Then there are people who aren’t everyday travelers. Their discussion, if women, is usually about mother-in-law problems, children’s school or the latest soap on TV etc. The men usually keep aloof. I haven’t come across two men, complete strangers to each other strike a conversation. That art comes easily to us lady folk.  

Then there is me. I usually do not talk much, but once there is a familiar face, the ball starts rolling. Another habit of mine is to read all the sign boards and hoardings thoroughly. I like to find spelling mistakes and grammar errors in them, and I have a hearty laugh thinking of them whenever I recollect them. For instance, there is this sign board of some quack doctor who has pitched a tent near one of the signals I have to cross each day. I will try to give a verbatim account of the sign board displayed. 


Each morning, I read this and wonder what Red and Yellow may mean, and does Sugar and Diabetess mean two different illnesses? And what exactly do people with “Jeans Problem” suffer from?

  I enjoy my journeys and feel that they are the best time for people to observe their fellow beings, and a chance to connect back to themselves. My journeys also give me a fresh insight into my city. Each day is a new discovery, though the route and destination is the same.  

I know most of you travel to work by your vehicles, but would love to hear from you, your experiences. Do let me know.


15 Responses to "BMTC Days"

Really hilarious! Loved the advertisement from the “doctor”. 🙂
My favorite amusement in buses is listening to loud talkers on the mobiles. Its great to hear just one side of the conversation and imagine the whole story. The other favorite is the attention seekers – who pick up a reason to start a quarrel and look around for supporters in his fight (like why you dont give change or why you called me in singular or why are you pushing me)

Welcome back… I spend almost 3-3.5 hrs every day travelling.. a blog post on that is a long pending task :p

he he he… funny…
I noticed a different trend in my experience…
I do remember my bus ride in Bangalore. Getting to the bus stop 20mins early to be at the front in the Queue was challenging – to be able to get the Window seat. Yes – i enjoyed listening to CL, EL conversation too 🙂

I enjoyed my bus ride while in Singapore – 45mins one way after 10mins of walk and a solid catch up of my sleep. Biological clock worked so well, that I usually was able to get off bus at the right stop -hmmm although I woke up just past the destination stop and got off 2 stops after and walked back he he he… People in Singapore buses were always glued to the ear plugs – they wouldn’t respond to anybody’s conversation. hmmm… i bought one portable radio/player and got glued into that over the time 🙂

I still use the bus to commute at times and I see lot of people on their laptop computers either writing code or watching DVDs; some of them on iPods; some on smart phones doing their emails or reading eBooks.

ROFL at Jeans problem – and toilet, red and yellow 😀
Vani, you should really blog more often!

hi vani,
me too loves to read all the signboards and see film posters while travelling in bus/ car/ auto… and even while driving (all this while singing).

for some BMTC can mean: Bahala Mujugra Tariso Carriage

for some others, BMTC can mean: Bahala Maja kodo Carriage

best wishes

make the second one: Bahala Majaa Tariso Carriage

My commute to work takes nearly 1.5hours one way. One of the things that I hear the most on the way is people receiving phone to say exactly the following words..

“I am on my way.. I will be there in xyz minutes..”

It is amusing that some people talk so loud on the cell phones just because they don’t hear in the midst of noise inside and outside the bus. god bless the ears on the other side of the conversation.
“…kaeListhaa illaa jOraagi maathaadi…” antha ivare bus poorthi kaeLsO thara haeLthirthaare…. hehe

Vani, this is such a hilarious posts. I usedto enjoy my bus rides during college days and not any more!
Today I tried to read a similar board near that tent-cum-clinic while driving , another replica of what you wrote. aaga ee post gnaapisikondu nakkiddaaytu..

BMTC bus nalli aago experience bere bidi. enu maadlikke tochlilla andre kiTaki kaDe nodi hogo baro signboards nella ododu and by this I generally get familirised with different roads and areas in bangalore , they sound so similar jakkasandra, lakkasandra, wilson garden.. suddenly if somebody asks I can never relate and I remember one of such boards and recollect.

when I was young, I was thrilled to hear about double decker bus, naanu bangalore ge baro ashtralle adu ilve illa so still the dream of travelling in dd remains.. now volvo bus is a luxury but it holds too much space on road and clogs the traffic 🙂 and those jodi bus too…. adu cross maadtha idre hedrike aagatta elli aa madhya haakiro connect cut aagatto antha haage jana tumbisikondu prayaaNa maadtha irthaare!

sakkattagide BMTC payana vani you must write more so that we can enjoy why are u taking such long breaks. now you must have setled well drawn your first,second salary etc., why delay
come on keep up your blog with posts which are really enjoyable on various topics

have a wonderful week end

Hello everyone,

I am overwhelmed by the response…..thank you all so very much. Yeah, each day is a truly new experience, one to savor.

Pranesh Sir, Shru, yup, serious blogging is very much on the agenda. Yes sir, 2 salaries draw maadiddaythu.

Pranesh Sir, now I am on official duty at Head Quarters, and also undergoing some training, and my Promotion exams are coming up in a couple of months….so everything else is taking a back seat. But I will blog off and on. Thanks for the motivating words.

Miss Vani I have become your huge fan by reading your articles. Would you please consider me as your student and teach me how I can improve on my English . I would like to express my thoughts & opinions like you. Please guide me I should become like you.


Hello Thejesh,

Well, I am no celebrity for you to become a fan!

I dont think I can be a teacher, because there is so much I myself have to learn!

I suggest that you join some English speaking class. There are several institutes that help in improving spoken and written English.

I suggest you read an English newspaper and listen to atleast one english news bulletin, it would go a long way in helping you.


Thats tooo gud!! 🙂 It has been very long time i traveled in BMTC!! But, i couple of days it could be the Prestigious issue in coming days once IPO of BMTC Hits!!

Note: To catch up the Local Politics Do travel in vidhansauda bound Bus during morning. am sure it can serve all political News and Gossips!!!!!!!

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