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Yet another Valentine’s Day……………….and no, my views about it haven’t changed from last year. I am tired of all the hula-hoop made by the RJs and TJs (TV Jockeys) about it, and add to it the “Oggarane” of the newspapers. Today I saw an entire page dedicated to this nauseating stuff. I know that there is usually nothing much to read in the newspapers, but this took the cake. People, aren’t we fed up of this utter nonsense?  Then there was the article about “Love foods and Aphrodisiacs”…revolting is one word I can use to describe it. At least in India, with the population bursting from the seams, do we require such pretexts to procreate?  

Yes, I understand that teenagers look at love from a very different point of view than ourselves, but isn’t this the right time to lead them into becoming sensible, mature and responsible human beings and ensure that they don’t go astray? Well, people may argue that it could be an occasion to spend time with your loved one, but what irks me is that by loved ones, we have been psyched to believe that it is only the beloved. Why so? Would we spend even a quarter of the same time with our aged grandparents had we a “Grandparents Day”?

 God knows when the change will occur.