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Utter Nonsense

Posted on: February 9, 2008

Yet another Valentine’s Day……………….and no, my views about it haven’t changed from last year. I am tired of all the hula-hoop made by the RJs and TJs (TV Jockeys) about it, and add to it the “Oggarane” of the newspapers. Today I saw an entire page dedicated to this nauseating stuff. I know that there is usually nothing much to read in the newspapers, but this took the cake. People, aren’t we fed up of this utter nonsense?  Then there was the article about “Love foods and Aphrodisiacs”…revolting is one word I can use to describe it. At least in India, with the population bursting from the seams, do we require such pretexts to procreate?  

Yes, I understand that teenagers look at love from a very different point of view than ourselves, but isn’t this the right time to lead them into becoming sensible, mature and responsible human beings and ensure that they don’t go astray? Well, people may argue that it could be an occasion to spend time with your loved one, but what irks me is that by loved ones, we have been psyched to believe that it is only the beloved. Why so? Would we spend even a quarter of the same time with our aged grandparents had we a “Grandparents Day”?

 God knows when the change will occur.   


5 Responses to "Utter Nonsense"

Oh.. Already Feb 14th ? cool.. marthe hogittu…

In a way its a change from your routine ansatte.. Atleast people who keep asking occasion to have dinner outside, its a nice reason to quote alva? If I were in bangalore, ide ondu kaaraNa antha hotel nalli oLLe ooTa maadi cinema noduttidde… 🙂

Its just my perspective! and about your question .. US nalli ide Veteran’s day antha .. illu irbahudeno nanage gottilla….!

grandparents day – it is celebrated a week after labor day (september) in USA:

However, I am still curious to know if there is a reason to remember or celebrate this only one day a year. Is it like say “happy valentine” to a beloved one once a year; say “I love you ajji, thaatha” once a year; say “I love you amma, appa” once a year (apparently mothers day and fathers day on two different days). I kind of still don’t understand the principle behind the specific days in a year. 🙂

neevu haeLidhanthe, take time off and relax for a day eating out and having fun – would recharge our batteries for few more days.

note: naanu US barO vargu, ee V’day,M’day,F’day,GP’day hesarugaLe kaeLirlilla, nanage nenapirO haage.

we are blind follower be it from british or from us. we should not loose our identities. hype created by media to too much and so much commercial it has become. in uS fathers das mothers day etc., required because atleast on that day can remember the parents and meet them or greet them culture is different as by the time they grow parents may be somewhere and even father may be with someone else so also mother. so to remember the people who brought you to this world it if fine.
to take off why wait for feb 14 u will have so many reasons it is just one more day. we never heard all these days when we were young. but now everything is an issue and religious colour given protest for and aganist it is sheet madness at its peak and media is solely responsible for this hype.
we think u must remeber youa parents everyday they are given status of matru devo bhava pitru devo bhava
love is so special & it should be purely a personal not for public show u go out on v day even if you are not lovers people think so they forget there are other relationships.
good post vani when u come u come with a bang

Things will change..for the worst..
As long as card manufacturers, gift manufacturers, resorts, hotels exist they will continue the hype…

The media is largely to blame…
Herd mentality is difficult to understand but it is visible everywhere….

I feel the hype is also due to the way some political parties protests against such celebrations. This indirectly helps people sell the idea. We need not wait for an occassion to spend time with our loved ones (including beloved and be-loved ones).

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