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And they parted………..Happily Ever After

Posted on: May 12, 2008

Sameera was a bright, bubbly and vivacious teenager who saw the world as God’s gift to her.


Vivek was a fine young man with dreams of making it big in the world.


One fine day, Sameera met Vivek. Vivek and Sameera studied together, were good friends and for a long time thought that they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.


Work took Vivek off to a different city but both continued to be in touch over phone and long mushy “love letters”.  It was fun initially to wait for the letters and the phone calls and Sameera always looked forward to Vivek’s visits to her city. She was very attached to him and always dreamt of their future together. On his part, he was affection personified and would run to her each time she even so much sneezed.  They were a confident pair and felt that nothing in the world could prevent them from being with each other forever.


Was that it? A “happily ever after” love story? So what’s new, do you ask?


No, said Destiny, “you forgot my existence, and I’ll tell you how I can make or mar your world.”


And so things went wrong in Sameera’s house. …………………They discovered about her affair with Vivek and started pressurizing her to get out of the relationship. Sameera was under enormous tension and felt very confused about things. She had nowhere to go to, no one to ask advise from and had to make her own choices.


At the same time, Vivek faced problems of his own at work, and was unable to devote as much time to her as he previously was doing so, and there started a small tussle with Sameera, which was a consequence of his being pressurized by his higher-ups at work, and the small tussle became a major rift, which was fired up because of an email written by Vivek in haste to her.


After shooting off the mail, Vivek realized his folly and begged with Sameera not to read it, but Sameera’s curiosity overtook her and she just wanted to casually find out what he had actually written. When she saw the mail, she was horrified at the anger he had put out, and mentally decided that she would want to opt out of the relationship, and on one of Vivek’s visits, bluntly told him it was all over. Vivek was also at a very crucial point of his career and wanted support from her, and instead got this. He was shocked, he pleaded, tried to reason out with her, apologized and did everything he possibly could to make her undo her decision, but she did not budge.


They both parted ways and life moved on.


But fate had something else in store for them. After three long years, a common friend introduced Sameera again to Vivek at an official get together. They had both grown professionally and reached a high point in their careers. They had some initial discomfort but that was soon gotten over with, and they became thick pals again.


Sameera felt that Destiny had given her another chance to get over her past follies and so was with Vivek at each and every opportunity that they got. She even began dreaming of a future together, and just as she was thinking that life is good, destiny struck again. It was Vivek’s turn now, to take things apart and again fate played a cruel game in separating them.


Life again went on for the two of them without major hassles and they kept in touch very sporadically.


One evening, Sameera received an unexpected call from Vivek who informed her that he was getting married.


It would be wrong, probably, to say Sameera was not offended. But yes, it dint strike her as she thought it would, she was quite casual about it, and even congratulated him about it.

It was a revelation………………… Sameera took as a good omen to move forward in life.


Why was Sameera’s reaction so? Is it because she actually had never felt anything for him? Was it because she had matured enough to understand that life is not always how she wanted it to go on?


I can never understand. Answers, anyone?


17 Responses to "And they parted………..Happily Ever After"

Human mind is a monkey at best – Our heroine typically thanked the fate for deciding something atlast for her – no more ex boy friend.

Thats a cool story.. You shouldn’t have titled the way it was.. I read it with the tragic end in my mind.

For the first part, I felt Sameera was little hasty and could handled things better (Poor Vivek, even he had pressures from his family)…

The next part, I don’t know why did she still had dreams to continue the relationship at all? though she knew it was all ended..

About Sameera’s reaction — hmm.. probably she didn’t want her EGO to let go.. !


Aptly put. I guess “Out of Sight is also out of mind”….

But personally I felt Sameera would rant and rave and cry and behave like they show in the movies….u must surely remember those B-W heroines with broken hearts……………Amazed to see her reaction.


Tragic end antha yaake tiLkoteeri? A new beginning for both of them annisalwa? Maybe she has someone better waiting in the sidelines…………I wanted to give the whole bitter episode a positive turn, and so the title………….

I think that however the human mind conditions itself to accept reality and move on, at some corner, there is a pin-point of hope that the unexpected may probably happen.

It is only an incident like this that shakes off that possibility and the mind accepts that what was a ray of hope was just a mirage.


Those are only for the movies – histronics for wonderfull effects and dramatisation in real world the girl would just suffer silently – not knowing to express her feelings lest people think bad about her!

enO appa nanage annisiddu heLide ashTe, I am a very simple girl who cant think of all those..

Well, what you say may be true.. ! ‘Ray of Hope is just a Mirage’ – I just don’t like this… 🙂

first age is in college so they are not clear on what is what
next when sammera house people come in the way she takes the acts of vivek made her not even to think about him it shows her immaturity so more than real love I am of opinion it was physical and attraction of teenage. when they meet after couple of years it is just another meet and another seperation as vivek has decided about his future once seperated which perhaps she has not understood and she accepts this as there is no choice and she realises she only spoiled her chance when he pleaded his love and sought her co., as fool she turned him down. so she is a weak minded girl who can not sustain much and force the issues in her favour. this is my assessment
comments welcome no matter what u think please express

Hi Mr P,

Probably what Vivek had written in the e-mail was quite bitter………………u never know…..not that I want to justify Sameera’s actions.

But, different people, different opinions….its just how one wants to analyse the situation……

Sameera looked at it as one chance to redo her life, and, her wish was, to an extent fuelled by Vivek, who did not make it clear right at the beginning of the second chance that he wanted just a friendship with her, which, probably she would have not agreed to at the very first meeting……..

lots of ifs and buts to this story…but the bottom line is that Sameera went about happily in life, whether or not Vivek was present in her life….probably it was a blessing for both of theme because the mind changes each day and three years is a very long time………………………

Cannot say. You know, life would have been very predictable had both been together, but since the two are apart, life has so many different possiblities and surprises for both of them……

Hi vani,

The way you are defending sameera it seems u know her.
Also, nowhere in the story it is written wat vivek had written in mail (so we cannot assume things).
The way u want sameera to be happy in the end , clearly suggests that either u are sameera or very close to her.

We must also look from the angle of vivek as well as sameera to do the true analysis and the focus shoul be on value creation for both of them. It should not be like sameera becomes happy at the cost of vivek or vice versa.

We must also consider the fact that, in the second part none of the parties involved have expressed their future intent. If sameera was interested in vivek den she must have spoken to him in the begning.

Jisa susan baji

Hey Jisa,

defending,true analysis,future intent, interested, clearly suggests …. ???
your “report” sounds like your working with CBI. All most all of the people who have these kinda approach will never love. ironically most of you are women.. lol


Hahaha The story and the comments further are very interesting. I am laughing because, Cannot say. You know, life would have been very predictable had both been together, but since the two are apart, life has so many different possiblities and surprises for both of them……

But what I strpngly feel is, Sameera had been a bit hasty in coming to a concluson based on a few days’ happening, whereas what she thought she forgot, and couldnt forget was their years of togetherness. She understood that fact, and behaved sensibly in the second half of the story. She was infact more mature in those three years, than she actually was when they first parted.

Second, again, after all these, now she is really relieved of the fact that she was responsible for the parting of this friendship. Now she must really be feeling light. On the other hand, Vivek’s life is in a danger of half completion. She did that to me, and I did this to her… this will be running in his mind. I’m just taking a guess. He must write something (to anyone, need not be Sameera) to conclude the relationship so that both of them are left complete about how things went, and dont blame each other for the turmoil.

And on her part now, Sameera must never ever blame Vivek over anything, including their parting. She must passe that phase peacefully. She should stop thinking about him. There is nothing that is left and she would get thinking of him. If she thinks bad of him, again it means that the relationship is not complete yet!

I am just writing somethings that i feel, I might be tooo young for the comments 😛


cool story,

The first half has typical bolloywood turns with heroins dad objections etc and second half having the hero trying to teach the heroin a lesson. 🙂

Good one, as srik said, the comments too are intg.

Sameera and vivek have behaved like this generation youth who are moving ahead in fast life. Who show impatience at times but also show maturity of handling things at times . These two give an introduction to what our society is or heading to today. nanna anisike

When you look into my eyes..
what do you see?

When you look into my eyes..
what is it that brings you close to me? it the love i have for you?..
or is it just me?..

When you look into my eyes..
what does it make you think of when you are near me?

When you look into my eyes..
What do you want from me?

When you look into my eyes..
why do i always get a feeling that you are always going to be with me?

When i look into your eyes i see myself there..

… when i look into your eyes i feel so free

When i look in to your eyes i feel love like never before.u dont even know me j….every moment of my life u r matter how hard i try.u always haunt me.its been many years nw.u would not bileave once i felt ur prescence so intense that i knew u were there.u had short princess diana.will i hear your beautiful voice again.your beautiful smile.your joks.the way that u make me happy.people cannot move on.its not possible. once
i was litrellay cursed by a girl for not loving her.i cannot even think of anyone else.i may stay forever like this.

After reading this it appears that , you are deeply wounded and the memories of your loved one is still haunting you. You might consider visiting a therapist or a psychiatrist.
Also i would also inform you i dont know you either, nor wish to know you v…. viz m…..
As far as your curse is concerned, please visit local priest

This might sooth ur damaged heart MR M….. viz V…

Watching You Walk Out Of My Life Hasn’t Made Me Bitter Or Cynical About Love, But Rather, It Has Shown Me That If I Wanted So Badly To Be With The Wrong Person,

rather rude.but your jokes are still there.i never thought you would see this.could not even delete.You are thinking way too much J….
I have no expectation and pray that you never know me.
my love is just simple and pure.ull never understand it.
I am happy you told me”nor wish to know you”.now i have something to tell myself to forget you.thanks for that.
ok about curse.joke!!

you never completed the sentence J…

ok let me tell you this have no clue about me .i never was in you life much to walk away.never expressed my love,even for once to you because i know..
maybe i am the wrong person so ll keep away from you.
ok.really cant bileave someone walked out of your life.hope you are fine now.

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