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No Cricket or Politics Please!

Posted on: May 14, 2008

How would India be without its two most spoken about issues?

A. Cricket

B. Politics

I cannot imagine how people could go on without harping about the sad state of Indian Cricket and the sadder state of Indian Politics.


Last evening, I visited a watch repair shop which had this board displayed prominently “Politics and Cricket must not be discussed here”.

Wonder why the shopkeeper developed so much of an aversion to these two topics, and why the board itself. The shop hardly looks like a “HaraTe KaTTe”, add to it, the shop keeper’s forbidding stance, no one would go there if not necessary.

Ideas anyone?


8 Responses to "No Cricket or Politics Please!"

I guess the shop person had ‘better things to do’ ๐Ÿ™‚

THe answer lies in what one of my teachers used to say ‘Crime,murder is comparitively better than politics – so dont waste time talking about it’

He would go on to the extent of quouting Winston Churchills father who exclaimed reportedly the following on hearing that his son had decided to take up active politics – “I would accept fate had you been a rouge, a theif, a criminal but not politics’

Our Indian system is a perfect replica with rare exceptions and also the key indicator of urban voters in Bangalore with 18%. High time the constitution was amended and these politicians taught lessons – maybe corruption taming can begin at home!

My kind of shop.. address kodi please!

Vani, good to see you back.

gud to hear! But avanige Biz full dull agthuthe!

anyways am for BJP (waiting for 25th results).

will Dravid Endorse Kingfisher…..??

harate katte type angadige idu shobhayamanavalla adu hege avana businee nadiutte may it be a trick?
no doubt politics is a game and optly I take this quote from mohans post
โ€œI would accept fate had you been a rouge, a theif, a criminal but not politicsโ€™
speaks volumes about politics and todays politicians in india are best suited and all are jokers

Hey you know? Sacin bought a house for 39 Crores recently in Mumbai.

And Kumaraswamy’s wife bought a property of 100 Crores value on Airport road, in an anonymous name, soon after the gaNi hagaraNa was floated on.

Advani believes he will be the prime minister of India from next year.

Rahul Dravd believes he still has three years of cricket left in him, and wants to play in 2011 cricket world cup!!

Sachin hopefully will play till 2020, when India becomes a super power.

Nanganthu IPL matches nodadagella sathya harishchandra mathe nakshatrika gnapaka barthane .

Harajnalli konkondu, ondhe sama avra hinde biddu kelsa tegesthanalla sala vasooli madakke adhe style ๐Ÿ™‚ 4-6 athva wicket ๐Ÿ˜€

nammajji heLovru harishchandrange bandh kashta yargoo barbardoo antha papa eega nam deshdalli cricketnavrige aa kashta bandbittidhe …. duditaaane irbeku…….

Indian political league /Indian cricket league tumba diff enilla bidi ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eega swearing in ceremonygoonu hinge harajnalle togondirodhu …. innu league matches mathe vasooli kaadhu nodbeku ;0

He must have fed up with RCB’s performance in IPL and non-single party in the state (Thank God! we have one now ) ๐Ÿ™‚

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