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Chudi nahin yeh mera…….

Posted on: June 19, 2008

During my journeys by BMTC each day, the usual practice I follow is to plug the radio on in my phone and surf the sundry radio channels. It’s a surefire medicine for the boredom endured on journeys that are usually made long and tiresome because of traffic snarls.


Most of the time I am successful in finding a frequency that plays my kind of music and settle down with it.


But sometimes, the same songs are played on two or more stations, and the jarring notes get on my nerves and I switch off the radio. It is moments like these that give me ample opportunity to observe the sea of humanity around me.


And one of several such occasions is when I noticed the different variety of bangles worn by women surrounding me. An old song talking of bangles that was playing on the radio in the bus triggered it off.


It’s really amazing to note that at least 99% of the women would be wearing bangles. Rare are exceptions like me who keep hands unadorned.


I find different sorts of bangles on each hand………. Bangles of different shapes and sizes, different colors and different textures. By observing the bangles, one can get a fair idea about the women, however their clothes may blend with the others.


The college girls wear plastic bangles and wide metal bracelets, in myriad shapes. The workingwomen’s wrists are adorned with a couple of glass or metal bangles, usually matching their outfit.


I did a bit of research on the different sorts of bangles and came to this result………..


The most common type of bangles: Glass (usually red or green in color)

I find a lot of newly wed women wearing black glass bangles too.

Lac Bangles: Usually the college set’s choice…. what one may call “chunky jewelry”. Very fragile, and need delicate handling.


Metal Bangles: Worn in dozens…I’ve seen and know women who own a dozen metal bangles in all the color outfits they possess.


Gold Bangles: Adorn mostly slightly middle-aged wrists…not that youngsters do not wear gold bangles, but more commonly seen in the elder set.


 Wiki  says, “Normally, a bangle as worn by people around the world is simply an inflexible piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. However, in many cultures, especially in the Arabian Peninsula and in South Asia, bangles have evolved into various types in which different ones are used at different occasions.”


I wonder what the significance of wearing bangles is…is it purely an ornamental feature? Or is it some sort of tradition?  Whatever, they look good on the hands they are worn, and the sound of the bangles is one of the most melodious sounds ever produced.


PS: Most of my seniors and lady co-workers keep harping that I have to wear bangles….can anyone please give me a logical reason why I mustn’t leave my wrists unadorned?


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co-incidentally, we having a similar discussion with my parents last night. I was told many times even before that all the traditional rituals have their own meaning, and reasons from shastras/puranas, also has scientific reasons for most.

Is there an online resource where we can find the reasons for such…

As far as I know, it’s related to accupressure. There are accupressure points in wrists & ankles which links to uterus. A mild pressure on those points is needed on a day-to-day basis for a better health.

Most of the rituals that we Indians follow has a scintific reason behind it…

my two cents…


Am concered about the long ear plug usage. Recently Ipod folks have confirmed long duration listining of sound – ensure deafness and found so in their users. They toning down the volume in the recent versions i believe. So take care – ideally its good to avoid it – dont know what is really LONG… Even bill clinton got operated for inner ear problems as he used to love and listen to songs.

What prashant says is perfectly true. Traditionally village folks use gold , silver or even iron in that order of availability to use in 5 differnt parts to help in controlling and easing the rampaging powers in the human body – more so in females.

The nose ring, ear ring, bangle, gejje to legs and one at waist called dabu.

The beauty of a woman enhances due to these and also helps her to control the pressure points. The same is true for men too – you can see most villagers wear ear studs etc.

Hmmm very faminish topic, nicely compiled.

Mohan, I think the stud in men are becoming more of a fashion now a days. The clock is coming back to zero?


yeah….these topics usually are rather controversial…..I avoid raking up issues like this at home usually……….


That’s a cool observation and logical explanation.


Long trnaslates into 45 mins in the morning and 1hr 15 mins in the evening….after that the earphones are used again only the next morning………..

And then Srik,

If it is a feminine topic, how is it that only the opposite gender have replied? Surprisingly not one comment yet from the women………..

Vani, Such a nice topic to discuss.

I just love bangles and I wear it almost at all times. I generally wear according to the need/situation ie., Every day, very simple & easy to handle types and when I wear saree (weddings and pooja) – the matching glass bangles.. So my bangle stand is full with colorful bangles..

What prashanth M says sounds very logical…
You know what? when I was young, I used to spend lot of time collecting these bangles and arranging them with orderly manner (Generally, glass bangles and the golden ones, then I can arrange them in various fashion like alternative ones or let go the gold bangles over the end and wear it )..

Bangles brings back some good kannada films songs too.. like Hasiru gaajina baLegaLe, hoovu cheluvella nandenditu…

and as a tradition these bangles are considered as good omen for sumangalis(read as married woman) and we do this bangle pooja(baLe shashtra) on our marriage day as a ritual.. and as Mohan said, woman look beautiful with these ornaments like bangles.

Let me end my bangle story now!!.

Only thing I dislike about these bangles part is, Women are not allowed to wear glass bangles after her man is dead. Does the accu puncture thing not hold for such women folk? such an unfair logic…!

PM has given most logical reason why u should wear bangles think over seriously. bangles of may types are nicely explained and u must see them in hyderabad near charminar wonderful collections.
all our tradition have a scientific reasoning but over the period some have been made difficult to follow or more colour and tags attached which becomes difficult to follow.
all men are concerned about women and her health so first comments have come from them dont worry who comments but take the cream out of it have a nice day monday workge bale readina? ha ha ha

Actually when a woman becomes widow in olden days, they used to shave her head, make her wear white colours and ensure she did not fall into the graze of men… I dont want to start off another debate but thats a fact you can agree.

Accupressure is definetly required more in that phase and other things help her out. I have personaly seen this happen in close proximity about 30 years back – now a days its difficult to find such widows. THe point is those other features make sure she doesnt look beautifull anymore – sorry i dont take responsibility for those barbaric things.

It’s a wonderful chance to continue my drilling (read as ಕೊರೆಯೋದು :p) —

Mohan/Srik, about the studs/rings – if you observe the ears, it’s in the shape of human body. To be precise exactly the same position as a baby in a womb (inverted position). The lower soft lobe corresponds to head (in accupressure). Ear piercing was done to stimulate the corresponding points for the brain – too keep the head calm/cool. Usually (personal experience, atleast once a day), people touches their ear lobe just to ensure that the ring/still is still intact. Indirectly stimulating connected nerves or whatever which links to the brain.

PS: nannnadu ardhambardha benda jnaana. correct me if I’m wrong

To continue with what Prashanth was saying… The ears of a baby are pierced at a young age, as it is believed that this would instill a sense of humility, right from then. The nerve which is stimulated at the point is believed to connect to the region of the brain associated with ego.

The toe-ring is worn after marriage to enhance the strength of the uterus. The second and third toe on each foot have the accupressure points related to this.

As for bangles and wearing a chain around the neck… It is believed that the water which runs down these ornaments helps maintaining a better balance in mind. Generally girls are made to wear a gold chain and a gold bangle sometime in their teens. In homoeopathy too, medicines with gold and silver components (Aurum Mettalicum, Argentum Nitricum etc) are used to treat patients with a very volatile mindset, noticed especially among teenagers.

PS: I second Prashnath’s last PS 🙂

so many MB’s are here diya welcome back how is life in second phase with all toe rings etc., hope you are enjoying this phase throughly. hats off to you all for the logical reasons indicated
simply great. swalpa sanajay’s mukta blog kade tale haki
vani nice you have raised an interesting issue and all are here.

veena I second what mohan said about old rituals which were relevant to that time. but you can see people now have changed lot of water has flown.

PM and Diya ibbara ardhamharda ondu sampoorna

we must pool what all we know so we can establish good links

choodi nahi teraa aushadhi hai yeh..
dekho, dekho pahn lena..
kabhi kabhi, atleast..

get the free phones

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