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Urbanised Village House?

Posted on: June 23, 2008

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, Dad was out on work that emerged all of a sudden, cousins out to fulfill some social obligations and mom’s the only company I had.

Since I felt jaded being home all day, I felt the need to go out and take a long walk to clear out the cobwebs of the brain and get prepared for what is going to be a hectic week ahead.


As we are in Malleswaram, it’s easy to persuade mom to go out with me, since we both love walking down 8th Cross and window-shopping, making a mental list of things that we feel we need, but never really get around to buying.


So off we went, on a long walk from 11th Cross to 3rd Cross in Malleswaram.


The Walk made us hungry and we decided to head for a snack at one of the sundry eat-outs of the area. We have visited the usual haunts like Janatha, CTR, Asha Food Camp and New Krishna Bhavan umpteen times, we decided to head towards Halli Mane, another famous eatery in the area, one that we were visiting for the first time, in spite of having lived in and loafed around Malleswaram for so long.


Now here is where I would caution people not to expect much, going by the name, which literally means a village house. We had expected some rural food items that we wouldn’t usually see on our plates each day, but were thoroughly disappointed to see that the menu consisted of the usual Dosa-Idli fare, to mention nothing about the large array of North Indian items on the menu. Are the traditional village homes in Karnataka serving Vegetable Kadaai and Chana Bhatura to their visitors? Beats me.


The only additions were Akki Roti and Ragi Roti, which are now served in most of the Darshinis lining the city.


Mom ordered a Rava Idli and I had an Onion Dosa, both being nothing different from the same items served across other hotels in the area.


What I didn’t understand was the hype associated with the place…. and there were people eating there simply because the name meant something.


I wonder how these restaurants are rated…. are there journalists who actually sample the fare and then write about it? Or there are other ways to get your name promoted?


I don’t know. I felt that the customer must be the judge of whether or not an eatery is good, and the best publicity is by word of mouth, because it is the taste that ultimately lingers in the mind.








4 Responses to "Urbanised Village House?"

navu saha malleswaram 8th crossnalli idve missed you. our visit to hallimane was looooooooooooooogback not much impressedd more hype than real taste.
yavaga vidyranyapura kadege prayana banni bega sigona

Have heard a lot about this.. ooTakkiMta uppinakaayi jaasti haagidda haagide.. News paper nalli oLLe reviews bartithaare.. Specially on habba.. but nammanelli ooTa biTTu habbada dina hotel ge hogodu hege? omme hogbeku..

ps – Have you noticed, Bangalore emba maha nagaradalli ee haLLi mane, haLLi tindi anno haLLi padagaLu bahaLashTu seruttive..

This new look sucks!! cheeee…….

This one is whokey!! 2.2/5

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