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Losing it?

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Last Week was hell……….first I lost Cash, and the next instance, within just a couple of days, I lost my cell phone L.


Both times I had been distracted, first time when I lost cash, it was because of the incessant ringing of the phone, and then when it was the phone, I was called by my higher-ups and so had been to answer the call of duty.


I had been utterly careless on both occasions, and felt that it was a fitting alarm for me to be more careful about my belongings in future.


It’s been really bad. I’m not able to digest that my phone is no longer with me, considering that I had purchased it after waiting quite long to update the previous instrument, which was nearly 4 years old. I wanted some particular features that were available on the particular model that I had chosen, and the black color was very elegant.


And the worst thing is that all my important contact numbers are now gone for ever. Of course, I did get my SIM blocked instantly and had a duplicate SIM within hours, but the phone not working depressed me no end.


One of my co-workers has been kind enough to lend me his spare handset to use until I get another instrument, and the instrument is not one that I am comfortable handling. But since beggars cant be choosers, I am making do with it.


The Phone Company no doubt gave me a duplicate SIM, but to add insult to injury, they said that the new SIM was not “matching” the old one and I made endless calls to Customer Care who did not guide me correctly as to the remedial procedure.


Anyway, finally, after 3 long days, I found that my borrowed phone had a network connection and was working. Now it is time to store numbers, which is a huge task in itself.


Anyways, that’s my story of being incommunicado and feeling helpless. It’s not been long since Cell phones entered our lives, but just an hour without them makes us feel that we’re hopelessly lost.


I’d like to use this post to caution all my readers to be more careful with their belongings and not repent for lost stuff like I’m doing right now.





14 Responses to "Losing it?"

I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

felt sorry for what u have lost but u have also gained out of the loss you can not be careless anymore these are lessons in life and take it easy you can earn money back you can buy your choicest mobile may be much better one see the the other side there was some one who immediately lent you a hand set so you can communicate and you got ur sim back with some hiccups you are fine forget the past look for a wonderful days ahead. start with new day on your birth day happy birthday
loosing mobile is very common don’t worry about it. it happens not body does anything intentionally it happens
what ever you lost is petty and what you have gained is plenty

Firstly praneshachars last sentence is worth in gold i suppose but pls leave this sad things and enjoy your happy birthday!!!


well… even I lost some important data y’day.. my camera’s memory card got corrupted & lost some 250+ photos from my last weekend’s trek 😥

Thanks to Mr P, Mohan and Prashanth……….

I’m going to get a new instrument very soon………….

Mr P, thanks for the words of encouragement….my mom doesnt know about the cell phone yet 😉 I told my dad and he’s promised a new set in this week…so as you people said, I’m on the way to getting a new better one!

So that loss was the beginning of a new hope!!!

Funny that prashanth mentions corruption of memory card, my blog has a similar experience though of negligence…


happy you are getting new hand set or you have already got it. you have done a good thing by not informing your mom it will unnecessarily create tense moments and certainly your dad is great he has understood the reality and and that is what is expected
world of caution ensure you will more vigilant now that you are in court seeing such things day in and day out. still in M when u will be in V looking for your shifting soon

Hi Mr P,

Amma suspects something……….she hasnt bought my story of the mobile being serviced……….anyway, naaLe D-Day for buying the mobile hopefully…………

And we will be shifting to V-pura by this month end if all goes well……..looking forward to meeting you!

I know what it means..

Its another word of caution, better note down all the numbers in the phone book otherwise when ever you receive an SMS or a missed call from a number.. you need to send back an SMS saying.. sorry who is this? and the other person would be puzzled 🙂

One thing is great… innu appana hatra togoskoLLodu.. The fun in that is endless though you might be earning a lot..


So M was FORCED to give you a costly gift for ur bday!! 😉
Jokes apart..
Nimmale isthu kaLtana andre…. 😦

Yen Maadoddu Neela Akka…………naanu irode “criminals” madhye!

Yeah….dad was kind of forced to buy me a phone……….but it was a sort of reverse bargain becos I had bought him one just a couple of months ago……………

He did crib about it though………………..

Veena….aa unidentified numbers phajeethi sikkapatte aagthide……… 😦

It happened to Neela herself! Now I’m jotting down all the numbers in a book for safekeeping………………..hope I dont lose the book 😉

You can purchase a cheap datacable for 100 or 200 RS and using software automatically can save the contencts of your mobile onto a PC!!

Umm.. Just curious, which mobile phone did you purchase 😛

Hi Naveen,

Welcome to WP. I purchased a Nokia 2600 in place of the Nokia 2626 I lost. But I’d rate the 2626 to be much better than 2600 any day.

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