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Channel Surfing

Posted on: July 21, 2008

If I were asked to list out things I hate about the people around me, I’d probably put one vice more prominently than anything else, and that would be Channel Surfing.


I am not much of a TV person, and my average TV time in a day is around 30 minutes, sometimes stretching to an hour. But most of the time, these 30 minutes are punctuated with arguments and disagreements about why a particular show must or must not be watched, because of the men around me who are particularly fond of this hateful exercise called Channel Surfing.


Wiki  says that Channel Surfing is the practice of quickly scanning through different radio or television frequencies in order to find something interesiting to listen to or watch, and is also linked with laziness, inattention and hyperactivity. Wiki  also says that it’s a very common feature among men, though women are not immune to it. I myself am no exception, but my Channel Surfing is limited to the radio on my phone, and I guess I’d be only disturbing myself in the process.


What irks me is that the men in my house pick the exact moment to surf  channels on TV when a show would just about be getting interesting, and no amount of protesting stops it.


Worse, there are uncalled for and unrequired comments about the stupidity of the show, and how the anchor or the artistes are sloppily dressed, their drab and emotionless dialog delivery, and ultimately how we women are hooked to silly shows, and how they men are very “intellectually inclined”.


At this stage, we generally give up , and tell them we’d be happy to watch anything they want to. Then they don’t stick to one channel….I think their attention to each channel is hardly 5 secs, and I cannot fathom for heaven what conclusion they can draw about a program in 5 secs.


All they like is the 1500th rerun of some program on Discovery Channel where a tiger runs off with the carcass of a deer, and the gory scenes of the tiger ripping the deer apart with some silly monologue is repeated and repeated again.


Then the news channels. On them, I can write reams……………..the same news, repeated in quarter hourly intervals, in different versions on different channels. So are they satisfied watching one of  them? No. They want to go to another news channel to find out if someone is telling them the same thing in yet another version.


Why is it that they are unable to actually sit through a program for 30 mins?

Is it that they feel they aren’t being given enough attention? Or the very thought of interrrupting what others are watching gives them some sort of high?


I wish we had only good old DD, and everyone would then be compelled to watch one program at a time, and I could throw the remote away. But what with the advent of more channels, I think I’m fighting a losing battle. And I’m sure several of you out there agree with me.










11 Responses to "Channel Surfing"

In a way, I think channel surfing becomes boring at some point.
We don’t have a cable TV at home so not much observed however, when we are out and in a hotel room, I often flip through the channels and I finally leave it at one of those cartoon shows. my wife and Vidya have given up on me on this and at times V- starts fighting with me and we lose the remote somehow.
At home, we occasionally get the vdieo tapes from the library. L usually doesn’t watch the movie with me around, since either I tend to make comments or I have figured out the button “>>” (fast forward) – watch beginning and the end and few scenes in-between while fastforward and say “oh! I have watched the movie”. She says, “watch the movie as a movie and keep your brain away for some time.”

Vani.. So True.. but illi Gender bias yaake? Its just the way ashTe, probably fast life adakke and mainly the ‘long time Ads’…

Thanks for nice article

You know what, fr one year now, TV remote at home is not working… And how.. its a blessing in disguise.

No one would like to sit besides the TV and keep shuffling the channels, so, all of us are relieved that no channel surfing happens. Whatever comes, we see, the whole programme. Whether its a great one or a shitty thing.

Also, this has drastically reduced our average TV time…. And we are all happy for that too 🙂

Dear eshwarappa and gang have helped us much better so there is zero TV watching at home.
They switch off power for 4 hrs atlernatively for my house so there is no benefit at dark times.
The next 4 hours when we have power, the Cable wallahs repeter does not have power and so its full fun..

Wondering how much DISH, SUN etc cost?

I too C surf whenever the remote is in my hands.
Probably becoz I am not a fan of any particular channel / program.
C is great at C surfing too .
That is the reason I guess Vageesh has got TV vairaagya very early in life !!

I was laughing so hard at this…I completely understand. And have the same problem…men! ugh. Why do they have to do it? I read in a magazine that it is related to some natural instinct to “hunt” for different things-similar to how they are always spectating at different women. Women on the other hand are less likely to do it because of the natural tendancy to “nest”-we can be settled and content with one channel. The men are afraid they might miss something. I have to to a speech for my class on pet peeves…I am using your blog as a source. Thanks

I am one of the “they” you’re talking about (except the ‘like the 1000th rerun on Discovery’ and the ‘change channel when amma is watching serials ‘ parts) 🙂

Don’t you feel compelled to just go click click click when you sit in front of the TV? :O

and these news channels! dodd boru! esp headlines today and aaj tak.. can’t believe they treat wwf as real news!!!

Cable TV is great specially if you got those digital cable boxes that is coupled with TIVO *

cable tvs these days are rapidly being converted into a digital service which offers more value added services :-‘

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