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Wise ? Or Otherwise?

Posted on: September 21, 2008

It is said often, that Ignorance is bliss. While it pays to be wise about many things in the world, it’s also equally true that half knowledge is dangerous.


I was watching a quiz show on one of the Kannada Channels on TV, and one of the questions involved completing a proverb. It went something like this “ A person with half knowledge makes a great noise about himself.”


I recollect an incident where such half knowledge made me worry about myself needlessly and give more attention to myself than necessary. It’s quite an embarrassment in hindsight; but I wish to still share it.


It was 2 years ago, around the time of Krishna Janmashtami, that I suddenly started experiencing a curious burning sensation in my palms.


I ignored it for quite a while, thinking that I was probably hallucinating about the whole thing, but it refused to go away, and only got worse day by day, ultimately one such time came when I could not ignore it any longer. I was unsure about seeing a doctor for this, and felt that since I had the Internet at my command, I would try to find out more about what was causing this peculiar problem. And so, I googled this. I came across several sites that gave me lot of possible reasons for this, and the most common feature or explanation on most of the sites was that this could be a symptom of Diabetes. Genetically I am a high-risk candidate for this condition and so I felt that probably Diabetes was making a presence in my life too.


I needed to find out if Diabetes had set in, and for that I needed to take a blood test. Again, I didn’t get the courage to see a doctor to get a requisition for a blood test. I was starting to worry about how I’d tell my parents if I really was diabetic and how I’d manage with it the rest of my life.


It took me another week or so to get the courage to go ahead and take the test.

We have a glucometer at home that is used by my mom and uncle to check their blood sugar levels from time to time, and I decided that I’d take the blood test at home.


It was the day before Janmashtami, and all the elders were in the kitchen preparing for the festival, and so I felt it was the right time for me to face the demon. I took the test and waited for a whole agonizing minute for the result to show up. Believe me, that was the longest minute of my life.


The result came; my random blood sugar level was some 69 or 70. Now I was again not sure whether this was an ok value. I then took a very fast decision to call dad’s cousin who is a doctor at NIMHANS, to check if everything was all right.


The first thing she told me when I told her the whole story was, “There’s nothing wrong with you physically; mentally I’m not sure, you can drop in anytime to verify.”

Then she went on to assure me that what I experienced was caused more often by simple calcium deficiency than anything else and that I had to drink a glass of milk every day to bring up the calcium.


The relief I experienced at this is something I cannot describe in words. But the only good thing about the whole episode was that it made me aware of what I was eating, how I needed to change my lifestyle and how I was wrongly analyzing information.


Have any of you experienced anything like this? Do write in.









11 Responses to "Wise ? Or Otherwise?"

What’s with the new look??? Well I dunno about half-baked knowledge but I agree wholeheartedly with “Ignorance is Bliss” 🙂

Loads and loads less to worry about when we are ignorant…


Hi Diya,

Liked it? I felt that the old one was not so easy on the eye………this looks more catchy and lively……………….

Hi Vani,
the new design/theme on your page looks great.

huh! glucometer! Yeah I was afraid of Cancer at a time when I was in hostel. I was unaware of what was happening to me, until I finally opened my mouth before my mother. The moment I told her, I got what was wrong…..Absolutely nothing!

We need to be open about such things, I believe.

great topic. It made me write a long story here in the comment window; and i don’t think such a long story would be appropriate as a comment post. Deleted and would say:

“Ignorance is still a bliss”

I have also learned (upon several experience instances) “When in Doubt, ASK!” 🙂

[…] Vani posted about her experience related to not having enough information [wise? or otherwise?]  and the thought process around it. It was a great topic that made me write so much into […]

Hey Vani… I preferred the old one 🙂 It was so much ‘U’… I’m sure I need not elaborate…


agree with diya.
diya nice to see u in full action. how is life the new life with new outlook
ignorance is bliss hagantha sumne kuthkobardu better talk to some one who is close and get yur doubt cleared.
helodu sulabha madodu kashta anthira it is true. u need lot of guts to ask as your mind will always think of negative result. so it experienced by all sometime or the other

Thanks for the warm welcome Pranesh Sir…..



Liked the new look of your blog very much. Earlier it was squeezed and there were no widgets with details. and white color is more pleasant to eyes.

About the experience you narrated, had a hearty laugh and had guessed the ending like you said.

I can’t remember any such recent experiences though, I can just think about some two decades back when I was feeling so low thinking about my death.. I was thinking like, ayyo naaLe enaadru sattu hodre, I have so many things in life to do antha… so silly!!

Hi All,

Yeah…………in hindsight I laugh thinking of it.


thanks, in fact the reason I changed the looks of the blog was because in the old theme there were no widgets and basicallyI felt that it was too drab and dull.

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