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It had been another usual hectic day at work.  I happened to finish early thanks to the help of my colleagues who couldn’t bear to hear me sniffling because of the cold I had caught.


As I got off the bus, I remembered the second hand book shop just behind the bus stop and so I went there to pick up a couple of titles at a good price.


Where reading is concerned, I have different moods; depending on my mood, I pick up titles. Today I was in the mood for reading a mushy romance and so I deliberately went to the M & B section and picked a couple of titles.


Just as I was about to pay, my eyes fell on a couple of Enid Blyton Famous Five series. Without a moment’s hesitation I picked both the books and at some corner of my mind I was very happy that I could get those books. I got a couple of strange looks from others at the shop but I chose to ignore them.


I loved those books when I was a kid and they had this magical quality of transporting me into a different world altogether. It was like those kids were ideal children and had all the qualities one could possibly want but did not have.


Is it necessary that we stop reading such books as we get old? I’d like to hear from u guys.