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Another of the “this happened to me” posts. This is one such incident that makes my mom endlessly angry even today, because of the harrowing time she faced, all thanks to me.

 I was around 4 years old at the time and used to be curious about anything I saw. My grandmother was ill most of the time and she had a huge collection of different medicines near her bed. And that was my favorite hunting ground at the time.


The routine went like this. Everyday, I used to finish playschool and immediately run to ajji for my afternoon nap. My mom says that I was a docile kid and generally dint trouble her to put me to sleep.


 One afternoon, ajji made several attempts to put me to sleep, but failed. Since she was tired, she dozed and that was my opportunity to put my searching skills to test.

I was particularly curious of all the different colored liquids in Ajji’s medicine bottles and so I went on tasting one after another.


I dint like the taste of the first couple I tried, but the third one interested me and I poured the entire bottle down my throat. It was a harmless cough mixture that ajji used to consume. I was playing for a little while and then the medicine started to take effect and then I got knocked off and slept. Ajji, meanwhile woke up and saw that I was sleeping, almost dead to the world, and so felt that I must have got exhausted and slept. Initially she did not find anything amiss, but soon she found that the cough mixture was empty, even though she had opened a new bottle just the previous evening. Immediately she realized that there was some connection between my sleep and the missing cough mixture. She understood that I had consumed the entire bottle and was shocked for a moment. She recovered soon enough and called my mom who took me in the same sleepy knocked off stage to the doctor who assured her that it was common for kids of that age to do something like this and I would be all right soon enough. I woke up, feeling terrible and not aware of what havoc I had unleashed.


The relief Ajji and my mother experienced is something that cannot be bound in words.


It was from then on that all medicines were kept away from me, and even today, it is an unwritten rule at home that I inform someone about any medicine I consume.


Have any of u faced similar situations? Do write in.