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Good Bye, N Maama

Posted on: September 6, 2009

I write this with a heavy heart……….I am unable to stop the tears from streaming down my face, but I have to do it to come to terms with my loss.

Person with the greatest will power I have ever come across, A born fighter, a dynamic personality, his amazing memory, his love for travel, his enthusiasm…… who was able to be a 3 year old with a 3 year old, a 30 year old with a 30 year old and 60 year old with one of that age……………

How can I describe this dear uncle of mine? He was all of this and much more that I cannot find words………

His never-say-die attitude was his biggest strength……anyone speaking to him would never get an inkling of the deadly disease he battled…..he never ever once cribbed that he was suffering, I never heard him pity himself that he was unwell……

Each time I went to his house, the first thing I would do after saying hi was to run to his room, dig under his pillow to find his diary…………it was my source of news from the time of my previous visit ……… was just not a record of his day to day activities…… would be filled with snippets of philosophy, jokes, and anything he found out of the ordinary…………

I found that diary today, lying orphaned, without its owner…….the last entry in that diary is on the 1st of September 2009………I was tempted for a moment this morning to scream “maama, why havent u updated your diary?” and then suddenly I peeped out and saw his mortal remains lying in the hall, and realised that that diary would never ever be updated again………..

He just left us suddenly and went away to his maker…… leaving us with a huge void and memories to last for ever…..

I will  miss you, N Maama, rest in peace.


5 Responses to "Good Bye, N Maama"

Just as intuitively as I visited Million Quotes, I came here..


One thing which always strikes me when I visit them is the amazing memory of the couple.
They remember minute details of events as old a 20-30 years -effortlessly.


Your blog almost made me feel being present there last morning

I still remember the “Mama Kathe” story in Guntakal which used to make us laugh so much each time we heard!!!! 😦


Hi Vani
You have given a lucid account of nagaraja. You have studied him very nicely. I also admire their practical thinking and way of maintaining good relation with all.

Dear Vani,
i was moved by ur account of “en Mama”. while reading ur account, i was reminded of my own personal loss. thanks.

visited your blog after a long time. may the departed soul Rest In Peace. It is indeed a great loss for family. more so for those who had closely seen such person.

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