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26 Responses to "About"

Swalpa nimma bagge details haaki madam πŸ™‚

Prashanth, have no clue whatsoever to write about myself. Throw some light.

Hey Vani, Suryange torch haki antira πŸ˜‰

Vani… congrats on starting your blogging “career”… As suggested by Prashanth.. details beku… πŸ™‚

Srik: Good one… I had forgotten about this saying…

Due to “Janaagraha”, here goes……

Dreamer, love reading, visiting new places, observing people and lifestyles.

Favorite Pastime : A book, a cup of coffee and a radio playing oldies.

Van, good beginning. Start some interesting topics, like your T(r)iptu(o)r story, how the Muktha friends met up, etc etc

Hey TIPTUR story????

Tiptur andre I have a lot to know,since I spent there four precious years of life. Tell me more….me getting restless!!!


Patience……Will write about it soon. It is nothing to do with the town, per se. Just my visit there.

Daal me kuch kaala nazar aa raha hai πŸ˜‰

However, will wait to know more πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Wow… You dint write anything here, and ten comments.
Enadru baredidre… eshtu barthittho eno ?

invitation buntu

naanu barodu late aaytu-tubelight alva

amma illidaale
everything else has taken a backseat
surfing/chatting/even newspapers and sudoku
that is the maaye of the ammaas presence

Van, Finally, I got the time to check out your blog kane. Superb. Feels so nice to read them… I liked the cough syrup one the best. I am glad you are blogging, otherwise no one would ever have known a talented girl like you! πŸ™‚
Keep up the good job.

Neela & Su,

Thanks for visiting….hope to see you more often. Neela, Hope your amma is also reading this…..a couple of lines from her please…..

En Vani idu.. nimma linkgaLu nodide, description anthu super..
I am really elated ! πŸ™‚

yaak vaaNi, blog update aagilla ? Pls present your ideas lady!

Alright .. 18 comments and nothing is written.
I demand justice. ….!!! πŸ˜‰

Please tell me what to write? I am clueless… 😦

You can write about what is the blog about? What will you are writing in it? And why β€œwhite phosphorus”. But do write something. Because β€œabout me β€œ is one of those pages where a new visitor decides , if he should subscribe your blog or no.

If you are comfortable, you can write something about yourself. But ask veena about it.


Point noted. Will give you something to read about, very soon.

Wish u all a happy, properous and wonderful new year.
I thank thy ladyship so much for mentioning my name n our meeting as important!! I always like to catch up with relatives as I know they r the ones who stick till the end.
I m so proud to see people admire u so much n everyone holding u in such high esteem. As a cousin I m always there for u, just a phone call away and thy ladyship’s slightest wish would b my command!!

hi vani…
pls nimma mail id kodi…
Mujh se dosti koragoi?
sandeep kamath

kaorgi hogbittu karaogi aytu…..oh god..:O hengappa delete madodu commentu??

Hogli bidi Sandeep,

Ee medium nalli e-mail ID publish maadodu ashtu safe alla. Will mail u later. Good to know you.

Hi, Vani, enu ayithhu. Visitors kadumai agibidthare.

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