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Sameera was a bright, bubbly and vivacious teenager who saw the world as God’s gift to her.


Vivek was a fine young man with dreams of making it big in the world.


One fine day, Sameera met Vivek. Vivek and Sameera studied together, were good friends and for a long time thought that they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.


Work took Vivek off to a different city but both continued to be in touch over phone and long mushy “love letters”.  It was fun initially to wait for the letters and the phone calls and Sameera always looked forward to Vivek’s visits to her city. She was very attached to him and always dreamt of their future together. On his part, he was affection personified and would run to her each time she even so much sneezed.  They were a confident pair and felt that nothing in the world could prevent them from being with each other forever.


Was that it? A “happily ever after” love story? So what’s new, do you ask?


No, said Destiny, “you forgot my existence, and I’ll tell you how I can make or mar your world.”


And so things went wrong in Sameera’s house. …………………They discovered about her affair with Vivek and started pressurizing her to get out of the relationship. Sameera was under enormous tension and felt very confused about things. She had nowhere to go to, no one to ask advise from and had to make her own choices.


At the same time, Vivek faced problems of his own at work, and was unable to devote as much time to her as he previously was doing so, and there started a small tussle with Sameera, which was a consequence of his being pressurized by his higher-ups at work, and the small tussle became a major rift, which was fired up because of an email written by Vivek in haste to her.


After shooting off the mail, Vivek realized his folly and begged with Sameera not to read it, but Sameera’s curiosity overtook her and she just wanted to casually find out what he had actually written. When she saw the mail, she was horrified at the anger he had put out, and mentally decided that she would want to opt out of the relationship, and on one of Vivek’s visits, bluntly told him it was all over. Vivek was also at a very crucial point of his career and wanted support from her, and instead got this. He was shocked, he pleaded, tried to reason out with her, apologized and did everything he possibly could to make her undo her decision, but she did not budge.


They both parted ways and life moved on.


But fate had something else in store for them. After three long years, a common friend introduced Sameera again to Vivek at an official get together. They had both grown professionally and reached a high point in their careers. They had some initial discomfort but that was soon gotten over with, and they became thick pals again.


Sameera felt that Destiny had given her another chance to get over her past follies and so was with Vivek at each and every opportunity that they got. She even began dreaming of a future together, and just as she was thinking that life is good, destiny struck again. It was Vivek’s turn now, to take things apart and again fate played a cruel game in separating them.


Life again went on for the two of them without major hassles and they kept in touch very sporadically.


One evening, Sameera received an unexpected call from Vivek who informed her that he was getting married.


It would be wrong, probably, to say Sameera was not offended. But yes, it dint strike her as she thought it would, she was quite casual about it, and even congratulated him about it.

It was a revelation………………… Sameera took as a good omen to move forward in life.


Why was Sameera’s reaction so? Is it because she actually had never felt anything for him? Was it because she had matured enough to understand that life is not always how she wanted it to go on?


I can never understand. Answers, anyone?