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This was one visit I had been avoiding for the last six months…….I had dreaded visiting Sanjaynagar ever since we decided to permanently move from there, because of the utter grief I had experienced when we had taken the plunge to move. We had lived there for a quarter of a century and it was a part of our identity. I felt that a little bit of me had stayed back, while the remaining had moved on, saying, “This phase of life is over, it’s time to start afresh”.  I had been successful in not going there at all for all this time.


But then, it was time for me to actually face my demons, because a very dear friend of mine, R, who lives in the US, had come home to India, and yes, she too lived in Sanjaynagar before she got married and relocated there. R was quite concerned actually, knowing me, and wanted to know if she could come over to where I am, but I decided that I needed to make that particular journey and told her I’d go over to see her.


On one hand, I was very anxious to meet R whom I had not seen for the past couple of years, and the mail exchanges between us had become almost nil, but on the other, my mind started making excuses about why I must not go there, like R being not at home when I visited, the now on now off rains, all were making me think if I should actually go at all, if I could postpone it for some more time and things like that. It was Amma’s insistence and the thought that R was leaving in a week that gave me the courage to go there.


Through the whole journey, I saw myself trying to see if anything had changed, and was looking for some familiar thing or face, and yes, all of it was so familiar, I was feeling like I had not moved out of there at all. But I’m still not able to go anywhere near my old house. That’s something that will take a little more time, I feel. I had a good time with R, and everything was fine till the time I had to get back here, and it was then that the whole grieving process began to show up again. I had to come back home, and as the rickshaw started moving away from the area that was so familiar that it was actually me, I felt torn yet again, and the hurt and pain I had experienced six months ago came back, though less intensively. But I’m still wondering if six months away from a place is not enough for us to go back there without attaching any emotional significance to it. Why did I have to feel so disturbed about a short visit, though I very well knew that my life there was over? I’m clueless.






How would India be without its two most spoken about issues?

A. Cricket

B. Politics

I cannot imagine how people could go on without harping about the sad state of Indian Cricket and the sadder state of Indian Politics.


Last evening, I visited a watch repair shop which had this board displayed prominently “Politics and Cricket must not be discussed here”.

Wonder why the shopkeeper developed so much of an aversion to these two topics, and why the board itself. The shop hardly looks like a “HaraTe KaTTe”, add to it, the shop keeper’s forbidding stance, no one would go there if not necessary.

Ideas anyone?

Continuing the list of Bangalore Localities, this time the focus is on the differently named areas of Bangalore.

Here is a list of them. 

  • Yelahanka
  • MadiVaaLa
  • PeeNya
  • Malleswaram
  • Nagavaara
  • Nagarabhaavi
  • Audugodi
  • Horamavu
  • HuLimaavu
  • Kadugodi
  • Anekal
  • Attibele
  • DoDDabele
  • Attiguppe
  • Kengeri
  • Kathriguppa
  • Whitefield
  • Agaram
  • DoDDakannelli
  • Kengeri
  • Hoody

Any idea why these places are named so? I know for sure that Malleswaram got its name from the Kadu Malleswara Swamy temple of the locality.

 Readers…please throw some light on this.

Continuing the series on Bangalore’s localities, here is a list of localities called “PaaLya”. PaaLya is an area of land, ruled by a PaaLeyagara, meaning Chieftain, in Kannada. The origins of this word can be traced back to the time when Bangalore was ruled by the

Wodeyars and the Muslim rulers of Mysore.

Here is a small list of PaaLya areas in Bangalore.  

Here is a small list of PaaLya areas in Bangalore.  

Ø       Annasandra PaaLya

Ø       Ane PaaLya

Ø       Bhovi PaaLya

Ø       Dore Sani PaaLya

Ø       Diwaanara PaaLya

     Ø       Gori PaaLya

Ø       Gorgunte PaaLya

Ø       Gowdana PaaLya

Ø       Kalaasi PaaLya

Ø       Kadirena PaaLya

Ø       Mannarayana PaaLya

Ø       Manorayana PaaLya

Ø       Mesthri PaaLya

Ø       Moodala PaaLya

Ø       Munireddy PaaLya

Ø       Nagannana PaaLya

Ø       Papa Reddy PaaLya

Ø       Sait PaaLya

Ø       Subbaiahana PaaLya

Ø       Sudda gunte PaaLya

Ø       Subedaar PaaLya

Ø       Sultaan PaaLya

Ø       TigaLara PaaLya

     Ø       Ukad PaaLya 

Please include if I have missed out any.

My friend Bru and I were recently discussing the names of some localities in Bangalore. While we could fathom the “HaLLis” and “Nagaras”, it struck us odd that several localities in Bangalore were suffixed by the phrase “Sandra”. 

We know that “Sandra” in Kannada is an altered form of “Samudra” meaning sea, it could be roughly translated here as a water body. As such, we were able to make out that Bangalore was not only a Garden City once, but also a lake city. Here are some of the “Sandras” We came across on this list. 

  • Bhoopasandra
  • Neelasandra
  • Jakkasandra
  • Devasandra
  • Thanisandra
  • Kavalbyrasandra
  • Doddabommasandra
  • Bommasandra
  • Nagasandra
  • Singasandra
  • Lakkasandra
  • Dodd Kall Sandra
  • Chikk Kall Sandra
  • Dyavasandra
  • Thippasandra

 Other than this, we also came across localities, which were named “Kere” meaning lakes in Bangalore. 

  • Mathikere
  • Challakere
  • Thavarekere
  • Arakere
  • Chennamanakere

  Ironic that a city with so many lakes is bone-dry and crying for water today. 

 I have deliberately omitted the names of lakes still existing in Bangalore lest some enthusiastic and enterprising bright headed city planner  or property developer decides to drain them and convert them to land for more houses and commercial properties.