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Bollywood Marriages

Posted on: January 16, 2007

“Aishwarya and Abhishek get engaged”

 This was the headline in most newspapers yesterday.

At the risk of sounding cynical, does our media not have anything else of importance to project as “headlines”?

 Why is it that these people are not treated like common janta of the country?

Maybe even in countries still ruled by monarchy, such issues do not make headlines.

As they say, “It happens only in India”.


9 Responses to "Bollywood Marriages"

I too thought in similar lines. I think Media targets on the more common janta who would be looking forward for such news. We ourselves talk these things better than the Budget, IT rules, new sections(kaanunu kaayde) .. so it has the answer.
But making every news a nuisance can be avoided. Like when Abhishek & Karishma broke & the abhisheks & aishwarya’s marriage was still a Q.. Media tried interpreting in their own ways, these kind of personal things should be left to them as their private affiars.
We ourselves may get so irritated if somebody makes our daily affiar a news, they are afterall humans!
One thing we need to note here, we have lot of people around, who would want to be notoriously famous, may be Media is hunger for such news too !! Its a double edged sword.

And there was this news clip in Udaya news – “People of Mangalore are happy” – reason, Aishwarya is getting married! and she is originally from M’lore!


Oh ,i got to watch few clips in couple of channels about their engagement , i was shocked to see an hr hour interview telecasted by some channel with their astrologer….heights..!!!!

I have always wondered WHY
Youngsters get hooked to TV for watching latest gossips of hollywood and bollywood and other woods( only virtual) , i wonder what they get in knowing who married whom and who will marry whom and ditch whom??


Its all fun.. just feed your mind, the way you feed the stomach.. one hunger for information & other for food!!
sometime the information gets converted to GOSSIP with uppu khaara masala…! 🙂 Anthe kanthe…

Mangalik andrenu ? sorry again for starting another gossip section. Is it something like that movie Sakashaatkaara, which was very good with some social message about all these.
I myself don’t beleive in all these, so asking.. sorry if I am hurting anybody’s sentiments here.


Manglik andre ade something to do with “Kuja Dosha”. Since I am now a commodity in the marriage market, I hear a lot about all these things.

Supposedly a manglik getting married to a “normal” chap would endanger his / her spouse’s life.

Ade if one manglik marries another, they are supposed to enjoy “Rajayoga”.

Great logic, huh? 😉

Oh.. thanks for the explanation. I am not too sure whether they always come true. But may be some logic like -ve & -ve is +ve while -ve with any other combination turns out to be -ve in the results 🙂
kuja is Mars ?

“It happens only in India”… Nope!!!!

Media is crazy everywhere.
Examples: Brangelina wedding (Angelina Julie, brad pitt). Jennifer Aniston break-up, etc etc…

btw, aishwarya’s marriage to abhishek will be her second marriage. gotta?
want to know who she married first? well, with a banana plant.

What is this story about banana plant ? I am totally out of touch with the media past 4 days.
The logic may be, her first husband will have trouble so conviniently make the banana plant her first husband & abhishek who is her second spouse would be safe ? Is this the understanding ?!!
I remember one more thing, hasu daana koTTu maduve maadodu. In a community, if two people have same gothra they are not supposed to get married since they are considered to be siblings. I was trying to apply a logic to this too.
It may work this way. This community people seems to consider the sapta rishis as their forefathers & the family will have gothra according to which rishi is their representation.
Hence they reason.

This has one more thing, May be the gene pool , chromosome & other DNA related stuff are similar which would cause problems in the next generation..

pls Read the other post Vasudhaiva kutumbam

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